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    Allana Davison

    Happy #EverydayMay Day 18! I can’t handle my eyebrows omg the glasses hid nothing the BLINKS REIGN SUPREME D: My Big Box of Faves Giveaway deets: …

    Karole Mazeika

    Your tips video and introducing me to Celine Bernaerts sp?! made my day kmazeika@gmail.com


    Loved the pro makeup tricks! Also loved your night and morning skin care routine!
    IG @cristinaadsilva


    Cooking, vlog, and morning routine videos!!

    Kathrine Luk

    I looove the video where you were answering the Qs :)) especially it was lovely to see Vanessa! both of you are so cute to each other ) 👯‍♀️ Love on distance))
    but anyway I like all of your videos. every time I wake up I'm happy that I will see you happy face! you are such a beam of light 🥰😇

    Bec San Diego

    Really enjoyed the 10 things I Can’t live without video! I love black pepper too! @bectorralba

    Roni Ivanova

    I really enjoyed the vid where you recreated Sophie Turner's look – I found these videos a good fun : )
    IG: impactfulpositivity

    Trisha Mason

    My favorite was the very recent Victoria Beckham review! I have been interested in making some purchases from this brand for a while, so this video was very helpful and the look you did was beautiful! 😍@trishmason1645

    Inês Xavier

    My favourite video was things I can’t leave without! My favourite sneakers are the same! I have one pair and they are really warned, have a hole on the back part….I tried to find them everywhere as well…was really sad. Loved to know about the Bose earplugs! I can’t fall asleep even with the clock ticking!!
    All the best !!

    Ryea Caughill

    Fav part: the fact that it was still happening 🥺 and more specifically…. day 50 of quarantine!!!! ig: ryeacaughill

    Klara Kotabova

    oooh i ADORED your v extra nighttime routine since i relate so so much hahaha i spend wayyyyy too much money on skincare that my skin doesnt really need but i just really enjoy 🥺💖 @klara.kotabova on ig

    Nevra Dogan

    My favourite is definitely the 50 days of quarantine celebration 😂😂 intagram: @nevradogann

    Mallory M

    I just genuinely look forward to my morning when I get to drink my coffee and watch your uploads 🙂 @malmoze

    Zoe Ibrahim

    I love your channel, love your cool personality & style
    My favourite Everyday May video was the cream bronzer showdown bc I love a sun kissed, bronzy makeup look.
    ig: zoee.ibrahim

    Shannon Gregory

    My favorite thing has been all the new types of content and editing style. @shannong1107

    Nicole Drys

    My favourite part of every may is when you answered our burning q's!!! Love getting to know more about you and updates on your life! Your videos bring me so much joy during this crazy time.
    IG: nicoledrys
    email: nicole.drys28@gmail.com

    Meg Spindler

    My favourite thing has probably been the honest chats, it’s so nice to see someone so publicly talking about how this has been such a weird time, and how it’s affecting them. Thank you, it really helps!! ♥️ (also LOVED the ASMR) ig: @megspindler

    Kinga P

    My favourite part of everyday may has to be the fact that I know I'm going to get some good laughs in when I watch your videos. Best part of my day lol
    You're absolutely hilarious and you're a breath of fresh air, love everything you do

    Krysta Renee

    My favorite was the products you used up and what you replaced them with! I might have purchased the Kate Somerville DeliKate cleanser after that video 😅. IG @krystaxrenee

    Carter McAlister

    my fave was the painting nails and chat!! i painted mine at the same time heeheee ig:@cart3rr

    Sabrina Larivière

    This is a craazy giveaway 😍 I really liked your video about new makeup tips or your skincare routines ! 🧖🏼‍♀️
    Ig : sabrina_lariviere


    I really enjoyed “painting my nails and having a chat”. I really enjoy your content, so relatable and calming.. thanks for some relaxing times during this crazy times!!

    Kelsey Leigh

    Loved the she’s the man intro! 😂 ig: kelseyaleigh

    Andrea Hernandez

    My favorite about this is definitely this one because of the sunglasses 😂😂😂. IG: @anhahappyplace

    DL P

    I love Meryl (is that how you spell it?) and how you take allergy meds to prove your love. 😻

    Casey Apt

    Thank you for keeping everyday May during this madness. I love the q&as and chill videos. Love you lan! @caseyapt

    Hilari MacLeod

    10 things I cant live without! @hilariwithaneye

    Ariana Velazquez

    It's so hard to choose but maybe just out of shock, the ASMR one! I actually thought I wouldn't be able to watch it since those videos normally creep me out, but maybe seeing someone I like do it made me give it a chance and enjoy it. I always love a good favorites video so the 10 Things I Can't Live Without is a great one (also, allergies and the weather are killing me too, stay strong!) IG: ariananaria | email: velazquez3k@hotmail.com

    Clemence Morin

    Oh my god the FaceHalo! Love you’re approach, everyday you make me laugh 🧡


    idk why I find it so hilarious, but you wearing sunglasses in this video cracked me up!! Maybe it reminds me of that scene on Mean Girls? (you know the one, the SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE)
    ig: sofiestorhus

    Haley Marsh

    My favorite part of everyday may is just getting to watch you everyday! I’ve been working thru all this and it has been very stressful so I love getting to unwind with you ❤️❤️
    Insta- @haley_marsh

    Cristina Ramos

    My favorite was the Sophie turner magazine cover you recreated!!!! You made it looked so simple to do and encourage me to do it!!!!!! You are amazing @cristy2101 cristinaramos9119@gmail.com


    Fav part of every day may is waking up to watch a new video from your when I put on my morning makeup. Thanks for everything you do ig: trentz324

    Simone Storm

    I absolutely loved the “Let’s be real, let’s be honest” song from “Painting my nails black”-video 😂 I kinda want that song as my future motivational song. Besides the always comic perfection you provide I think you continue to bring up some really important issues and values in your videos. In the before mentioned video you talk about important SoMe issues that is so relevant and important to see that even you as an influencer goes through these kind of thoughts. I also really love and get inspired by your focus and thoughts about consumerism even when you work in the beauty community. And lastly: I love videos (IG or youtube) with Merryl!!

    Thank you so much for your loving and inspiring personality and videos! 💕

    IG: simoneestorm

    Emily Xiao

    Favorite videos: top recommendations for bronzers/beauty products and trying new things!

    Jenna Latiok

    Post lockdown club look was my favourite video so far!! Really fun idea!!

    kelsey p

    I love having a video every day to look forward to! Loving them all! 😊 Insta: kelphil93

    Maia Medhurst

    i have just been really enjoying being able 2 see ur cute face everyday!! really helping me get through this time n i love all ur product recommendations 🥰 ig: tiny.cream

    Shelby Wilks

    It’s hard to pic just one. I have been loving that I have a video to watch everyday when I’m stuck inside at this crazy time. It’s nice to be able to just escape for a little and watch your videos and think about makeup:) thank you

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