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    Freddy My Love

    I thought you would like to see what a day looks like for me working from home as a Youtuber! Clothes/products linked below! *affiliate links used, and some …

    Drawing Crazy

    Freddie-i cant stand tonsee my self with ni makeup on- Me- whaaaat xx

    That’s What I Like

    Loved this video! So nice to see a YouTuber explain what happens behind the scenes because so many ppl think that being an online influencer is easy when it's not! Keep going Freddy, I think you're amazing xxxz

    Connor C

    I love so much what you’ve been doing regarding black lives matter- I know you normally avoid politics because obviously if you stood up in front of the camera and said “vote tory” or “vote labour” straight away you'd split the audience and either way it’s just not what your channel is even about- it’s about style.
    But black lives matter is beyond politics it’s about humanity and human life and it’s been moving to see you propel black voices and black businesses via Instagram- because I know a lot of influencers just posted a black square and that’s it but you’re really actively doing something good and I just appreciate that

    Daniela Ruiz

    I loved seeing you in a different adn more "casual" way. I would love to see more of your days working at home! It's so interesting and relaxing!


    So EXCITED to see your video about supporting the Black Community and fashion brands owned by black women! <3


    Love the media kit, love the email where you are pitching yourself to Mango. Wish you could have shown more of the emailing.

    Marie Bruce

    You should do a video on the business side of things too, like how you organize yourself ready for tax time, collate ideas and so on, to show that it's not all glamour and lip-gloss!

    Lauren Frates

    hey Freddy pls tell Coco to post again because she has not posted in 4 weeks

    Tahlia Vella

    I love more vlog style videos

    MK MK

    I loooove this video and i love how professional and how serious you take your job

    Loren Tamayo

    Your so awesome

    S Koz

    It's so nice to see how picky and insightful she is for all the branding and sponsorships. Assures me of the legitimacy of her reviews and makes me trust her even more. 🙂

    Kelli Marissa

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us! I'm surprised you respond to all the sponsorship/item inquiries that you're declining. If I'm cc'ed in an email that starts with "hello dear" or "sorry to bother, friend" or offers me a free random product in exchange for an entire video, I just delete it lol

    Bea Theo

    Please do an updated makeup tutorial 💓💓

    Henni Henni

    very interesting video!

    Caitlin McCarthy

    Where is your Mac cade & keypad from?x

    Gill Sargisson

    It's sooooooo interesting to see how you make your vlogs, really enjoyed it. Perhaps you could do one showing us your jewellery collection? Xx

    Jiyah Sahdev

    i literally didn’t want this video to end because that’s how much I enjoyed it! 💞

    It’s Christy, dear

    Loves this video ! Would love to see more Freddy Vlogs 💕

    Semi Country Living

    Just love you Freddy!


    P.S. You don't always have to be smiling and peppy. You are a real human with a full range of emotions and experiences. We are not just interested in two sides of you, one of my favorite vlogs is when you went to…was it NY? and your guy came and left early and you began to cry because you always do when he leaves (so you shared:) . It's what makes you relatable and your viewers love YOU, not just the smiling, peppy person, but all of you. Learning about all facets of what makes you, you will just give us more to love right? 🙂


    This is great Freddie! I really enjoyed seeing what your day to day is like as an influencer/beauty guru. Very interesting, especially to a fellow business woman. It's not easy is it, not as glamorous as some may think sharing a bit of yourself as a brand. Would love to see the links from the black owned businesses you featured (such pretty dresses!) and look forward to seeing your haul. This is probably one of the best examples, REAL EXAMPLES of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement I've seen so far within the beauty community I subscribe too. Most are all talk, but I have yet to witness anything real. Whether big or small, it's a step.
    xo Suzanne

    Michelle Madlener

    I loved the authenticity and honesty of this video!

    susan wojtylo

    Not to be rude but you remind me of Freddy crewger


    i don't think the colour temperature on the lights is backwards, it's black-body radiation (the light emitted by a thing goes from red to blue as the thing gets hotter). So blue corresponds to more energetic radiation and hotter temperature 🙂

    Kristina Grimes

    Supporting black owned businesses is the right way to support! 👏🏻❤️ We need you stop the rioters and give the real protesters a voice.

    Jane Virak

    Thank you Freddy! Please make much more videos like this

    Susy Rojas de pas

    Hi FREDDIE my name is Susy how. Do. You stay so positive during while we are staying at home? and also what laptop do. You have? and thankyou for making videos so much realxing and fun xxxx😍💖💘🙋‍♀️

    Shivani Gogar



    Cool video Freddy!

    Lesley With Love

    Freddy, I’m not sure if it’s within your aesthetics or not. But Malie Organics is an amazing company! It is a Hawaiian company that uses all-natural ingredients. It used in spas and everything they sell smells amazing! 🌺


    So glad to see a YouTuber who sleeps late and wakes up late because I'm also a night owl!!!!

    Ella Aliwell

    Heyy where are your posters from that are on you wall above your dresser?💗

    Kennah Little

    Love the video! Can you please link lights you used? 😊

    Marysia Jozwicka

    You are my favourite youtuber , freddy and you inspired me to pay more attention to fashion.You have great style and I really hope when I get older I will have as much stye as you.

    Star Brown

    Very interesting. I love your commitment to getting it right, Yout videos are upbeat and inspiring. Thank you. ,


    I love to see your more casual natural but also business side of you. Its really refreshing 🥰😘

    Amanda Gaudet

    I love this style of video! It’s such a different type for you and honestly, I found it so refreshing with how mundane life has become lately. I’m a front line worker (2 jobs!) and I watched this in a bubble bath with a glass of wine at 2 pm. Self care 😂💕✨

    Leah Alexandra Vedvik

    Freddie, please make more of these kind of videos!!!! Loved it!!


    Really excited for your black-owned businesses video


    It makes me so happy you're willing to help the black comunity, and so creatively too. I love your content, it's really relaxing and it gives of vibes like I'm talking with my friends 💗

    Victor Relmek

    I like your fringe swept off to the side. Looks good!

    Scarlett x

    I can’t wait for your video about brands owned by black women ahhhhhh <333

    Lisa Ferris

    Freddy, I have been watching you for years and I can honestly say that your sheer hard work shines behind every video. It's such a pleasure to watch them and so interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes! What a refreshing approach also to the BLM position. Very apt for your channel and you've clearly thought carefully about how you can help subjectively which is fabulous 😘 look forward to it! 💕

    Chocolate Perfume

    LOVE the video! Its different and really interesting. U should do more of these! Also love ur idea to help the movement🙌

    Ciara Singer

    I love seeing this other side of YouTube! Very interesting, I always forget this whole other side of the work that you and other you tubers have to do.


    Freddy can you do a video about starting your channel from small to now, relating to working with brands and how to approach them. For you which ones were good as a smaller channel back in the day. Absolutely loved the format of this video 💞

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