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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I show you all my favorite makeup products of 2019! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products I …


    Remember when I said this video would be up Wednesday? Lmao I swear the internet gods hate me. ITS FINALLY HERE!! My fav products of the year!!! It’s a long one! Grab a snack !!! Xoxo

    theperfume rain

    Yes!Do a non makeup favourite video!Love you Kathleen!

    Christine Martinez

    Kathleen: I'm not going to talk about my collabs…5 mins later, the only shadows I'm using are my own lol
    It's ok girl, I love your collabs!! Definitely my faves.
    Happy New Year ⚡️


    I got the Diamond Lights Finishers in Spotlight Glitz and Nebula on Black Friday and love them!! Sooo pretty and they have a high shine, almost liquid finish. They’re not ashy so I highly recommend for black girls too! 😊😍

    Ethan mega 1557

    That Glow Recipe Pineapple Serum has cleared up my cystic acne! I love it!!

    Delia Koh

    Please do a tutorial on your eye look <3

    Morgan Gies

    You just look so dang pretty!!!

    Melissa Hernandez

    Ummm eye tutorial for this look pleeeeeeeease 😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️

    Angela DeSilva

    Physicians formula is discontinuing the Healthy Foundation!! Yes sad 😢 isn’t that stupid of them? It’s a lot of people’s favorite including myself. Their new one is sheer to light coverage nothing like Healthy Foundation. My CVS has them on clearance, Ultas website has them for 7.99 and Physicians Formula website has them for $6.99 so everyone stock up and write to PF on all social media telling them what a big mistake they are making!!

    Hey Gurl

    is it just me? but I saw thrive cosmetics in Ulta!! Love you Kathleen!!


    Was about to place an order for so jaded after it was restocked!!! And…. drum rolls. It was out of stock again! Oh my, congrats for the great reception of the so jaded palette. And happy new year! Hope you have a great 2020


    Who else looks up some of the products during the video then comes back to keep watching 👍

    Meredith M. Garza

    Definitely going to give that Dolce&Gabana one, I really like black opium and they're both in the same scent family so I'm pretty sure I'll love this one

    Odeia M

    kathleen what about the glossier brow brush?

    Achi Weng

    ilove you kathleenlights, ur my favorite beauty influencer❤️, watching from philippines

    Sabin Shoptorshi

    The eyeshadow & the sweater 💜💜💜💜💜

    Meredith M. Garza

    I finished 2 bottles of the Dolce and Gabanna L'lmperatrice in 2019, got a new one for Christmas so I'm going to try and save it

    Brenda Barraza

    Show us what’s under those big o’ sleeves girl! Lmbo 😂
    That L’Oréal foundation is the only one I used last year! Love it so much! 😚👌🏼

    Maddie Chandler

    Asked for and received the glow recipe serum for Christmas from my mom based off your recommendation. I’ve been loving it.😍 so glad you mentioned it in this video😋

    Vickie Herrera

    12am & Kathleen made me order off Ulta 10 minutes into the video 😭

    Alyssa Gonzalez

    Kathleen: You are my first favorite of 2019.
    Me: 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺


    Hahahahaaa loved the edits lmao

    Tamanna Rahman

    Do a skincare routine

    Shea Slover




    Alexandra Ward

    The way you feel about pat Mcgrath lip liners is how I feel about Lancôme lipliner bronzelle and ideal. They are the best lip liners in the world 😫

    Kristie Sanchez

    Ok but i thought her shoulder was on fire 💀

    Ong Yung Her

    your eye makeuppp your aesthetic you in general is mesmerising 😍

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