Blowout Hairstyle I Can ACTUALLY Do?

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    All Things Adrienne

    Hold up. Am I a hair professional now? Thanks to Dyson for sponsoring this video and making this seriously bomb tool! Available now at Sephora!


    Natasha Michael

    I Have the Dyson Airstyler and in my opinion it is not that good. i Have long thick slightly textured hair and it doesn't give you that polished smooth look that a conventional brush and dryer gives you. its is great if you have thinner less textured hair.


    Ruth Hicks

    What about this makeup?!?!? I love love love it!!!!!



    When you mind your business drink water and eat right ,hair flourishing and lose weight Adrienne is living her best life you can jus see the difference from the first hair video how much healthier her hair is now Yass !


    Gina Slay

    I wonder if those brushes work on 4c hair ? πŸ₯Ί


    Jessica Reeves

    Jennifer Lopez vibes ! You’re stunning !!!


    blanche mhonda

    l love it when you say BOOM.



    Damn you Pout your face so much


    Ashley Babson

    Wow 😲😲😲😲😲 that is amazing….so wish I could get this. Time to start saving up.



    You're like the only on YouTube that knows how to use this hair tool lol! Great Job Adrienne!


    Finding Crystal Gail

    I would be Obsessed if Dyson would Provide a coupon code


    S Medina




    Soooo flamingo mama….. 😩😩😩 you didn’t get us a coupon code? I thought you loved us 😭😭 lol jk love you!


    Patricia Ortega

    Pffft I can’t afford a Dyson vacuum much less a hair dryer. LOL the least they could do is give a discount. Geez



    ****Please let us all know how you got your hair healthy and able to grow it ! ******


    sm g

    I started going gray at 19 years old. I embrace the gray. Ain't no body got time to be cloring hair every 4 weeks.


    Bonnie Cox

    Hey Flamingo! Loving you on The Masked Singer! Your voice is too unique! I knew it was you right away!


    Mrs Arrington

    I was cracking up at 11:43! Lol!!!!


    Andres Monroy

    OMG Adrienne is so precious πŸ˜­πŸ’•


    Bianca Rodriguez

    Girl yes I’m with you I own one myself and I’m obsessed I love it it keeps my hair really healthy bouncy and shiny with lots of volume and really easy to use I myself am not really good with tools love this product..


    Karla M

    Damn it looks so good can’t believe it works !!! Xoxo


    Mercedes Fernandez

    Omgoshhhh the hickey burn happened this summer on my bday week !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    But I still have the marks ☹️


    katie jenson

    Adrienne every video is becoming an ad, a paid promotion. I get you gotta make your coin girl I ain’t mad at it but you should make more videos that are genuine …. not always about a paid promotion. You lose your credibility & trust with your fans this way.


    Alyssa Felix

    Need a makeup tutorial on this look!!


    Jenn Gala



    Jenn Gala

    Where is the coupon code


    stephdoll x0x0

    I cant afford that 😒



    Wow amazing product!


    khadra A

    Adrienne giving me leah remini vibes πŸ”₯


    Kyla McCracken

    Adrienne is so beautiful 😍


    Vale Jordan

    That came out superrrrr adorable ,,,, get a discount code!!!!!!🀭πŸ₯°πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘€ loved this tutorial waves / curls on point


    Victoria Delarosa

    Girl you look so freaking good!!!


    Daniella Cruz

    Hey girl how are you? This is so great now I truly believe in this tool. I was skeptical at first but now due to this video I will be purchasing one soon. Thank you Adrienne


    Amarjot Singh

    ur suppose to turn off the machine when u pull it away from your head, so u won't get frizz. lol ppl make this mistake so much it annoys me


    Vale Jordan

    I burnt myself on the forehead lmfao I was that person hahaha


    Felicia B. Free

    Do u think it would work on naturally kinky hair?


    Vale Jordan

    Lollllll ready 4 this


    Angel Newball

    You are so funny and relatable Adrienne!


    Cooking with Eunice

    Dang girl Your future Kids will thank u ❀️ beautiful girl Imagine her Future children πŸ₯°


    Elenora Murray

    You’re amazing πŸ˜‰


    Sia Chang

    For $500….no thank you.


    stephanie blakeman

    LOVE your pj's and robe! Do you mind sharing where you got them from??


    Shelly Bee

    You did a bomb job! Simply beautiful ! Yes GOD IS GOOD, I need one I can't do hair AT ALL !!


    Kae L

    Adrienne please do a video of your shoe collection/where you get your shoes, heels and all!!! because girl, #SMALLFEETGANG help a girl out!!!

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