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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) So I decided to buy abuncha stuff at Target & do a full face with them! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! Products I Used: …

    Cynthia Borough

    I feel like JKissa’s eyeliner with ELF looks like that teal shade.

    Abbie Lou

    I used to have oily skin, but it's gotten dryer throughout my 20's so now I have dry skin. (I turned 29 last month.) I think I prefer my dry skin that I have now, but if it keeps getting dryer I won't be thrilled.

    Ashley Taylor

    You’re such a classic beauty; simple but elegant. 💜


    Those are seriously sexy eyes!

    dany. beez

    So cute!

    Mel 21

    Seriously who doesn't love Target. I'm there every weekend 😅 😍 and thanks for doing this I had been wanting u to do a target haul 🙂

    Iman Nurai

    Can you do a video where you show your top 5 of each makeup product from the drugstore. For example, top 5 drugstore blushes, foundations, concealers etc.
    And then you could do another video with the same concept but with high end makeup.

    Btw I’m a small YouTuber 🙂

    Mia Bischoff

    The song though ..!??
    ❤️❤️ what’s the song called

    Colline Cummins

    Love you! This video was so adorable!!

    Zahin Ahmed

    Did Kathleen get an editor?!?!

    Candy P

    Kathleen ilu girl but MUG is….not affordable. 20 bucks for a blush is nuts.


    🤗🙂 you are literally the best! Favorite!!!

    Dafna Cohen

    How can someone be so beautiful??? Ugh

    Manuel Castro

    Omg Kathleen PLEASEEEEE you need to try the makeup revolution BAKING OIL. It’s hydrating and it’s amazing everything you recommend I love and I’m thinking if this oil worked for me it will prolly work for you!!!!

    Amamda Carroll

    Omg loved this vid!! Love ya kat xoxo

    Dawn Killian

    How about makeup from Walmart or CVS!!!

    Leddy FM

    When the ad before your video is an ad starring you, you know you’ve made it 👍🏽😂

    Tamra Smith

    I have received W3LL people samples from Birchbox in the past, but don’t know if they still carry the brand.


    Had a BoxyCharm ad of Kathleen right before this video 🙂

    chailey baskins

    Def would love to see all of your favorite makeup!!

    Luciana Derartinian

    Can you do the one take video that Allie Glines did? It would be so fun to see you do a video in one take

    Isä Flores

    They use to sell essence at my target but they stopped and I don't know why.


    Omg this eye look tho

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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