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    I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty Thank you #FANCL for sponsoring this video! ✨ Get #Unready With Me! From skincare to hair prep, this …


    I feel like there are people who show removing their makeup but very few people actually show the take down on hairstyles🤷🏽‍♀️💛

    Angela Mendoza

    I love having curly hair 👩🏻‍🦱 but omg is a huge problem brushing it 🥺😁.

    Addison Girley



    I loove this vid it’s so well done!! But I do want to point out that because it is sponsored it is not ur legit nighttime skincare routine which we would really love to see! I understand that you tubers need sponsorships but mabye am igtv of ur real skincare or like a vid with ur actuall skincare bc girl u have CLEAR skin

    S A

    What eyelash glue you uses cuz i need something gentle for my skin

    XmadiX Rodriguez

    That was a WEAVE sister Shook

    taryn taylor

    love your videos

    Merisha Alleyne

    Hii Luhhsetty I must say I think your doing a excellent job and I have learned and doing great since I have been watching your videos. Keep it up love you girl 😍

    Cheetahrose Cheetahrose

    In ponytail you look like Ariana grande and it looks so cute 🥰🥰🥰


    Hi Lisette, Can you share what Satin Scrunchies you use and which satin pillowcase you use?


    Love my dyson dryer! I was able to get the professional version <3

    Madinah Corbie

    Seek God during quarantine! Lets start living the way we're meant to🙂

    Stephany Torres

    Your videos are so relaxing 🥺

    Life as a Gymnast

    Not tying to be rude at all but do you brush your hair in the morning or do you just take it out and kinda like style it ? Idk if you will reply but no hate here🙂


    Yessss girl!! Oil cleansing is so underrated ✨

    Ayleen Lopez

    i have the same name as you luhhsett but mine is spelt different mine is spelt lysette

    Casey Kent

    Your so pretty your one of my best youtuber xx

    Tanya Sahota

    i live lisette but i was looking for a good ol unsponsored routine 😞

    Fathima ismail

    My fav routine youtuber

    Temiloluwa O

    So pretty!!😍

    naynay editss

    Hi lisette! You always take such good care of yourself and your an inspiration to me 🙂


    React to this! @Hyram

    Germisha Jean

    that clensar is really good comment if you agree

    Germisha Jean

    she is so pretty comment if you agree

    Jfj Ufjfj

    Ur natural hair is BEAUTIFUL the curls look better than mine 😭😭😭

    Nakiyah English


    eva skye


    Nadia Smith

    Love your ponytail 😍😍

    The Meowmalist

    Your videos always made me going to have a long shower in the middle of the night. 😆

    Jackie Link

    I am literally obsessed with her channel!!!

    joana andujar

    She is the queen of edges

    Aubrey Maria

    At first I thought that was her real long hair!✨

    Louise Kiragu

    Love your videos.

    Shpetim Hoxha

    Can you do a video how you do your morning routine with long nails because i can t do little thing whit it i love youu im italian im 13 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Sara Kay

    Love the look you were wearing! 😍

    Roo’s SunnysideUp

    You look younger and better without make up… 🙂

    Lovely Princess

    Who else agrees that Lissette looks gorg without makeup✨❤️


    Hey Lisette nice video as always😊 Can you do a short video on behind the scene pamper routine ? Where do you set the ring light ? In front of the mirror like behind you ? Thanks for the tips 💋💋

    Aminah Zaman

    Lissete takes really good care of herself and does look after herself because she always does a skincare routine and she does a lot of other routine that make her look good


    Is it me or…. I think you look prettier without makeup!! 🤔… Anyways,. Love your vids

    Malayika J

    What hair brush do you use

    Blonde Rose

    Her hair has been the same length forever, I’m not a regular watcher, does she cut it to be this length? Not bashing just literally asking. Last video I watched of hers was maybe a year ago

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