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    Carli Bybel

    ily❤️ —————————————————————————– hi my babes. I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I’m finally getting over the flu …

    Siddhi Garud

    Love you tooo carli…💗💗💗💗


    Game changer Babe❤️ You just saves me $400 that I would of paid to get them micro bladed. Thank you ❤️

    Sabrina C.

    LOVE LOVE LOOOOVEEE a good DIY from you!😍😍😍😍 the queen

    A Crisafulli

    does anyone ever lighten their eyebrows? I feel mine are so dark – like black – and would love to have them more like a chocolate brown

    Jewel J.

    She's so pretty

    Veronica Rios

    Should I put Vaseline around? Also how often do you need to retouch the dye

    Veronica Rios

    You always open your nostrils like the girl on mean girls in the play the first one to start singing after Gretchen kicks the radio off the stage 😂 your nails look so cute like this

    JENNA LAMBKIN mani_fique

    I’m an esthetician and brow lamination artist. You will absolutely love it!!! Look for someone using the brow code line to laminate yours.

    Heather Graves

    Love this video 😍 I’m excited to try it out
    Learned a lot thank you

    Lindsay N23

    You’re always sick 😷

    Samantha Young

    Hey Carli, sorry to bother you I was one of the giveaway winners from your last vlog and I have tried to dm you on instagram. I know you've been busy and not well I just didn't want to miss out. Btw you have major brow goals wish mine looked like that. Hope you have a lovely day and can't wait for you get ready with me video. Love them videos ❤️😊

    Aleksandra Out of nowhere

    I missed you @Carli Bybel ❤️

    Janaye Penn

    Omg you listened to me! I asked you for this! I love you even more now! ❤️

    Barbara Ribaric

    I remember u used to fill your eyebrows in with whitening lightning 🤗

    Barbara Ribaric

    I love the short nails! It look so classy, the long claws are so 2003 🤣 and i also love you without eyelash extensions because i love the strip lash look on you;) just my opinion, ❤️u

    Sadaf Fallahpour

    It’s so interesting that your eyes looks bigger without the lashesh 😅

    Warda Mosed

    Omg who else remembers model in a bottle!!!!!! Wow its been so long since i heard that product be mentioned

    Beatrice Huscroft

    I like how Carlis voice isnt like too loud it's like a calming voice . I've always loved her videos ❤

    D Hurley

    She did a video on mircoblading.

    Bee Silva

    Haha that’s what I use too!

    Zara M

    You get sick from the aircon and recycled bacteria on the plane. Try not to touch nasty surfaces on board as well 😫

    Asma Khan

    Question for Carli : Why not use shavers / razors?? Instead of tweezers

    Leticia Benitez Lopez

    Carli thank you so much for sharing this awesome tutorial just before Valentine's day week now our eyebrows are going to be on fleek😌😉🥰😍

    Monique Rangel

    I love it 🥰

    Faith Mabe

    Love you girl 💘💕

    Kim Baker

    God if I woke up with those brows I’d toss a spoolie through them and call it a day, girl your truly blessed!

    Vanessa G.

    I think your brows looked best without the die 😖

    Gabby D

    You’re so beautiful with no makeup!

    Heather Elley

    how long did you put the timer for carli? <3


    Wow you rock this natural look! You look ravishing love. I don’t know how it’s possible but you look even more beautiful like this

    Yessy Stark

    I missed you Carli don't let us with no videos 🙁 your eyebrows are beautiful I love your video


    Hi Carli, would you ever consider doing a lash lift at home?


    Nice! I have a very similar brow routine. I also use the Just for Men for my brows but I wipe the area with alcohol so there's no oils (color lasts longer after) and an angled brush for more precision.

    Areya Soukthala

    just for men and jenna😍😍🥰


    I do my brows myself too girl🔥❤️

    Carla Barrick

    Hi Girl! I've always tweezed but I'm gonna try dying them now with this product, excited! Question for anyone who does this, how often do you have to do this?

    Kenia Marjorie

    Love you carli!! Been watching you for years! 💕 please reply lol

    NeS ThE MaKeUp FrEaK

    Australia cant wait to greet you me included 😘😍😍

    Jenn Jenn

    My eyebrows are such a mess right now I can’t even deal😂

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