How to dress and look classy & chic in Winter! ~ Freddy My Love

Main How to dress and look classy & chic in Winter! ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love

    How do you stay stylish and cute in Winter? Look no further! Clothes linked below *affiliate links used, and some items bought with a complimentary gift card …


    coral ben ezra

    You are really stunning, you inspire me so much and you have a great style, I regularly following you 😘💗


    Melissa Carne

    Freddy how do you not ruin your clothes and shoes which are in lighter colours? Sorry this is a serious question, I am awful at it! 😂


    Silvia Black

    Just a tip: cashmere jumpers from M&S go on sale on boxing day (not all colours, but most!). I got mine for 40 pounds last year! 🙂


    Molly-Olivia McKenzie

    I don’t know why I put myself through the pain of watching Freddie’s videos knowing I can’t even afford the tights 🤦🏻‍♀️😂


    Khadijah Goodison

    Freddy: don’t go to primark to buy the woolen gloves for £2
    Me: not everyone has money for Louis Vuitton and ted baker


    Elle W.

    Those Gucci tights 💕💕💕 honestly your videos get better every time. So much Inspiration 😘


    Thea Bryant

    you say a lot to wear loads of neutral tones but the thing is though if you’re really pale like me then neutral colours just wash you out!! it’s so annoying i wish i could wear it and look as classy and chic as you freddy!😩


    sarah sandoval

    in love with everything as always but unfortunately the affiliate website is not even remotely affordable so im just out of luck ):



    Stunning Freddy!


    mIssy C

    Freddy, I seriously love your videos so so much! I have taken on so many of your valuable advices and am starting to create content on my YouTube channel to document this transformation. Would love everyone’s comment and feedback. Please check it out and subscribe:)


    Chit Tierra

    Even Im living in a tropical country, I love all the stuff that you've shared and will be my reference for my daughter -in-law whenever she travels abroad in a winter 😍 thanks much for sharing and you are such a lovely lady ❤❤❤



    My heart!!!! You look like Josie!


    Trendy Talia

    Great tips, thank you for sharing, Freddy! I appreciate how much time and effort you put into your videos. It really shows in your videos, they’re beautifully done. 💗



    Thank you so much for this! I am actually going to London this December and was wondering what to pack for the weather! Super helpful ❤️





    Esther Clare Ng Xin Yi

    Hi Freddy, what is your opinion on Teddy Bear Coats?


    G M

    Step 1 – be skinny 🙁


    Tilottama Biswas

    Oh my God!!! My heart cries for those tan Stuart Weizzman😭.Please get them back!They looked absolutely gorgeous on you!♥️


    Minsaya Penthong

    Make up video, please


    Miss Gordon

    I would raid this girls closets like am fashion police cause those clothes are wanted for being too dam cute. She lucky am in the Caribbean. 🌞🌞🌞


    Vianka Chetty

    What music do you use?


    Lori Pena

    What is the style name of your Burberry trench coat? Love it!


    Alicia Djurovic

    Needed these tips as I'm going to England in December from Australia where it is summer and hot all the time. I think I'm going to freeze!



    It’s easy when you’re built like a model…I’m 5’1 and chubby.


    Ben Ben

    Your kinda late or i'm just one day ahead in your time


    Hannah Tran

    Josie must feel so proud that you finally like midi skirts!


    Diane Thompson

    I loved all your looks!! I’m from North Dakota and it gets really cold!!! I’m afraid in -65 degree windchill and -30 degree regular temp—the only way to look is like a potato!!! Very hard to look chic when you’re trying your best to stand upright and not let the wind into your body!!!


    Alaa Nabil

    Freddy pleeeeease do what i got for my birthday video


    Josephine dunning

    Sadly in Canada, even a faux fur coat won’t keep me warm 😫


    Demi P

    “In winter, we must protect ourselves” -GOT

    Thank you for providing me enough reason to splurge on an expensive coat I have been debating on buying. 🥴🥰😳😅


    Andre Ahmad

    It's too much!


    Summer Berkemeier

    You look so cute in hats!



    Freddy I love you so much but you’re lucky to not live in a country where it’s actually winter with -25 degrees..😅 that would never ever work for an everyday life waiting for the bus, walking through ice and meters of snow…



    This video is everything I need right now!! Also wasn’t sure to buy the RI coat but now I know 🥰😍

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