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    HEY EVERYONE… HAPPY NEW YEAR ANDDDDDD Welcome BACK to my channel! Today we’re giving you all the official Jeffree Star Family dream home …

    Not really.

    My jaw dropped when I saw the first second of the video but then I thought it’s Jeffery of course it’s gonna be amazing 😭.

    vera ella

    Jeffree can I pleasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee have a sleep over 😭😭😭like I’m srsly homeless

    maka dao

    Flawwwlasss bish! Congrats! 🙌👏😘😘

    Heather Cuv

    His kitchen is as big as my house

    the one and only

    Salute to anyone who had a dream.and turned it into reality 👏

    Bumbum Mubmub

    Moonton should consider jefree's look in this video and put it in Lunox's new skin survey.

    Bethany Gervasio

    This whole house is INSANE

    wenderful :D

    akdhklfjh one of jeffree's 'smaller' rooms is bigger than my whole house omg

    ruby rodz

    Im so happy for you Jeffree you're the definition of hard work pays off. Very deserving


    Okay but can someone tell me why did I start crying like showing the first couple rooms seeing the kitchen and just the home movie theatre I totally just starting bawling!!!! 😭😭😭🤩🤩 my baby star has made it! He fucking made it!!! I been following since the music era and just the make up and to see this and I just can’t omg I can’t I totally just lost myself full on bawling so proud of you!!!! Jeffree!!!! Oh my god!!! Jeffree you just 😭😭😭 you did it! Nate stunning to beside Jeffree making this memorable and just ahh I’m fucking speechless honey!!!! Omg!!!

    Sarai O’Jon

    Literally you’re my biggest inspiration

    Gabriela Rodríguez

    How did Ryland’s juice last till the end of the tour?!

    Ezebelle Frazier

    And ppl say gay and bi are bad but I'm bi be urself

    Kaitlyn Cressy

    i wanna be jeffree when im older

    Kay Private

    I'll take the pool and the movie theatre, you can keep the rest.

    Radoveine Zhoh

    So proud of u 😊

    what is this

    dear jeffree and nate, wanna take me for adoption?

    Agos Belen

    I can’t wait for them to play hide and seek


    Holy shit, I am speechless, this house is insane.


    This is THE HOUSE. Happy for dreamers who succeed!

    celine labuyo

    imagine playing hide and seek in that mansion

    Ezebelle Frazier

    Jeffree star was himself and became ritch I am a hudge fan

    Evely C

    The pink bathroom is a amazing


    Stunning and super fun home!!!


    i feel poorer than ever

    Hanna Vance

    jeffree needs a damn directory or two displayed throughout like a shopping mall to figure out what’s where and where’s what .



    *me making my Sims dream house with 'motherlode'*:

    Michael Jared

    Ill be lost to his mansion. Its so huge 🙂👍

    Nicole Browne

    A eyeliner now needs to be called “maddies wing” 100%


    I’d be happy if I had a house in general 😱 this is goals my kids need a better environment


    shook, very shook. it's so beautiful !!!

    Nathan King Lee

    Congrats my dear. I am so happy for you. You totally deserve all the best. You worked your ass off. So so happy for u❤️❤️

    tandy fernandez

    Congratulations on your amazing house you deserve it


    Jeffree: it's my new house
    Me: that is not just house! It's palace!!!!

    Chhangte 22

    I feel so small ughh


    Jeffree: 6 years ago I had 500$ in my bank account.
    Me: I have less than 300$ in my bank account. I need to figure out how to make money off of my weirdness.

    wussup ser

    Lost member of blackpink lmao


    Okay but if this is a house..

    I live in a fucking trash can.


    So your telling me, if I change my gender and become an open homosexual I can buy a crib like this? Yo who did your surgery….


    The biggest reason I don’t want a big house like this is that you need staff living with you. Lots of them. And camera’s everywhere. I’m way too much of an introvert to let that happen.


    How can you not love jeffree?

    Rose Tate

    Ok but imagine playing hide and seek in this house tho

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