TRYING THE $500 DYSON FLAT IRON……underwhelming?

Main TRYING THE $500 DYSON FLAT IRON……underwhelming?

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    Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video were I try out the super espensive Dyson flat iron and compare it to my GHD flat iron! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for …


    Hi friends!!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy this video! Ily so much!!

    Marie Dongiapon

    that was the cutest intro ever hahahahaha love you sm kathleen!!♥️

    nicola offert

    Your hair looks lovely straight and I think the GHD side looked slightly better.

    H Hargreaves

    I think the ghd side is better, plus it’s not as flat to your head. It looks smoother.

    William Taylor

    You can probably duct tape it and it’ll survive

    Ashley Taylor

    I honestly think the bioionic 10x is probably better

    Ashley Taylor

    If you want to speed up the healing journey of your hair, I would highly recommend getting a keratin treatment

    Daulton Venglar

    If dyson released a corded version that was lighter but still had the same technology, and it sold around the $300 mark, it would fly off shelves.

    Janet Escobedo

    I’m the 38% 😡 because you were doing sooooo gggoooooooooodddd 😭😭😭

    Allie Christenberry

    Remington 1” Flat Iron with Anti-Static Technology, Hair Straightener, Purple, S5500F. That’s what I have and I have literally had it for like 15 years. It does amazing curls too. I love it and it’s only $17.84 at Walmart right now

    Wendy Parfait

    For years I did not like my natural hair but the past 3-4 years I’ve embraced the curls. I may use heat like 2-3 times a year when I let my stylist do what she wants to style it 🤷🏻‍♀️ so glad it made you love your natural hair more though!

    Leslie Morin

    I was literally waiting for this!!


    GHD did look straighter but that heat smoke got me worried for you. I was like nooooo!!!!

    Elizabeth Alvarez

    I noticed that i didnt see any steam coming out of the dyson which is good cuz its not burning your hair. And when you used the ghd i saw stream

    Sydney P

    No one cares if you straighten your hair lol this is your journey not ours



    Hannah Hawley

    It looks the same

    Lisa T.

    I’ve had my GHD for probably 10 years and it’s still going strong. I absolutely love it. I’ve had two backups in my closet for a long while now but have yet to use either. Why open a new one when the old one still works perfectly? It’ll probably outlive me and the two new ones will just sit there unopened. BTW, one is for my daughter but she also has a GHD that she’s been using for about five years.

    Madeline Lewis

    It is totally true! I had to get rid of my Chi flat iron that I had for around 10 years and it just wasn't getting as hot anymore. So I bought a new Chi, and it is awful compared to the amazing original flat iron that I had.

    Selina Li Beauty

    What heat setting did you have it on o:

    Elisa H

    In NZ we call it hair straighteners

    Avril Li


    Sydney Morgan

    Totally agree with the Chi thing! I still have a red one from high school and I use it every time I straighten my hair. That bad boy is still going strong! 😂


    The beginning. I love you haha

    Ghd smoked alot. The dyson never did.
    Ghd straighter. Dyson healthy bouncier

    Carrie Wynott

    I still have my revlon straightener from high school. I graduated in 05 lol


    you need to try cloud nine flat iron, its expensive but really good and not damaging


    Omg!! Yes!!! They changed the chi hair straighteners!! After my first one broke.. which lasted me years.. YEARS!! I bought a new one.. had it for a couple of months and it broke 😑

    Dina Pino

    Kathleen… the whole point of the dyson is that you use it without a cord, yours was charged so you could’ve unplugged it lol

    alysa berry

    We Stan curly hair Kat 😍 your natural hair is GORGEOUS

    Grace Johns

    My favorite straightener is the Remington 2 inch because it gets it done quickly

    Ariana P.

    Lights Label Merch that says “Pretty Freakin Epic” on it? Anyone?🤪

    Inês Reixa Ribeiro

    I’m one of the 38% buuuuut you don’t upset me ♥️ do what you want!!! 💪🏼

    Sending Love_333

    Going to stick to my ol’ass chi and call it a day. Thanks for the compare/contrast. Its a no for both tho! 😁

    Char D.

    I have a red chi from 2008 that works great. I bought a new chi from ulta last year just bc I wanted a new one. But I returned it bc it didn’t make my hair as flat


    So I think if you fully charged the dyson it would’ve performed better. Also was the ghd flat iron on its highest setting?


    I find Dyson to be overrated. I’ve never been impressed with any of their products. The GHD side looked much more sleek, and less frizz at the ends.
    I hated my chi flat iron, the old school one. It didn’t do a good job at actually flattening my hair. I got better results with a knock off brand I got on eBay. Now I use a mini iron, because I have short hair, it’s by Plugged In.

    Kimberly & Hector

    Omg Kathleen !!! I literally stopped putting heat in my hair too because you got me inspired lol! But it’s okay one time one hurt lol! Love you ! ❤️

    Micaela Hernandez

    The GHD side looks way better. Plus the weight of the wand would kill me since I have so much hair

    Alejandra Figueroa

    GHD for sure, your hair looks amazing on the GHD side 💕

    Sarah Griert

    50% less heat damage is bullshit. If it is getting the same temp, its going the same damage. No special technology will change that

    Eleni Holloway

    I volunteer as tribute for the donation of a flat iron 😂

    Paola Brown

    I never experience any “skipping”
    with my nume flat iron- platinum, I swear it’s the best and it’s so affordable when you use discount! they are always available

    Daniela Rivera

    The curly hair journey has ended 😢


    Clearly you've been watching Raw Beauty Kristi lately, you've done the tongue thing she does in your last couple of videos lol. I love your straight hair, your curly hair is amazing at its length!!

    Marilyn Alvarez

    Like an alcoholic "just one drink and then I'm back on the wagon" Kathleen: One day of straight hair then I'm back to curly" LOL!

    Sarah Griert

    Dyson "technology" sounds like a bunch of gimmicks but I do remember Chi used to be the best. I wish I still had my old one.

    Lora Lee

    Great review & comparison! Your hair looks the same on both sides. Both sides look straight, healthy, & shiny. But for the price GHD wins!

    Camron Thompson

    Look up Flur de force she has a video on it!!!

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