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    Allana Davison
      ☀️Trendy Yellow SPRING MAKEUP LOOK ☀️

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ #EverydayMay Day TWENTY! ——————————————————————————————— WATCH MY …

      Vasiliki An.

        I didn’t really expect to like a yellow eyeshadow, but it looks amazing ❤️😮

        Lily Wang

          In Australia drugstore or chemist prices are so high, you might as well save up to buy at Mecca . Only when we have 40% sales , it actually feels like ‘drugstore’ pricing. You’d be lucky to find a foundation under 20 buckaroos.

          Donna Ogden

            Allana next time your in the UK go to Primark they have an exact dupe for your Elf stipple brush and it £3 it doesn’t shed hairs and it washes up lovely x

            Katrin K

              I'm loving this look!! So pretty ☀️☀️

              Nicole S

                yellow eyeshadow??? who is sheeeeeee 😍😍


                  No one:
                  Allana: proceeds to boycott large stipple elf brush

                  Me: gasp SHOOK

                  Ruxandra Mitre

                    Well yes, some brands like l’oreal, maybelline, burjois, revlon etc are drugstore just by name because the prices are close to many high end products. It isn’t a problem if the products are really good but it is a problem when you pay for a product like maybelline eyeshadow, revlon foundation etc and it sucks in comparison with a similar product from essence, nyx or wet and wild that is 3 times cheaper !

                    Ong Yung Her

                      you're so gorggg 😍😍😍😍😍


                        OKAY BUT am I the only person who noticed that red spot on her neck. Girl is that a hickey or am I seeing things 😂

                        nise 52

                          Drugstore $ redonkulous! I would never spend $17 on mascara at the drugstore, when high end starts a around $20 ? I am at a point in my life where I can afford to buy $$$ makeup, BUT as a teen or young adult starting out I would NOT have been able to afford what is now drugstore prices on the better brands. Prices in the USA for makeup in general INSANE!

                          Lianne McMahon

                            I would’ve never thought yellow shadow could be so wearable but I love the way this turned out! I’m not sure I could pull it off… but there’s also only one way to find out 😏


                              Love the photos in the corner!! Also I agree, drugstore prices are getting insane!

                              sally sal

                                I am totally in love with this look! I love yellow so much 💛

                                I agree with you about the drugstore pricing! I spent almost $40 on 2 foundations at the drug store and i was like WHAT THE HECK!
                                They are getting way too crazy with the pricing.

                                P S

                                  uhhhh this makeup look is everything I need for the spring days here in germany! lalalalalove it!

                                  Marlene Heidinger

                                    Zoeva has a great large Stipple brush!!!

                                    Stephanie Vargas

                                      I LOVE THIS LOOK
                                      You look so fresh and pretty


                                        Anytime I use the term “drugstore price” I always use quotations marks with it cause nothing is really as cheap as it once was!😔


                                          BH Cosmetics has a great large stipple brush!!! Their brushes in general are pretty bomb for the price 👍🏼

                                          Jarin Tasnim

                                            The large stipple brush is only available with the brush set!

                                            Ani Isayan

                                              I bought the large ELF stipple brush a few months ago in a standalone ELF store! It might be still available 🤷‍♀️

                                              J Jadot

                                                Beautiful! With just a coat of mascara on the top lashes makes this look so fresh and modern.

                                                Bella Leiberman

                                                  Eco tools has a similar stipple brush I got mine from amazon!

                                                  Natasha Dales

                                                    Your base looks amazing

                                                    My life Over makeuo

                                                      Woooooooooow!!!!!! I love it so much!!!! So stunning, you should feel so good about wearing it out, I bet you’d get so many compliments. Gorgeous, I love yellow. Love you, you’re the best. 💛💛💛


                                                        I agree, some of the drugstore items really are pretty expensive. I tend to stay in the world of wet and wild, essence, elf etc if I purchase drug store. And I love this look on you!!! It's a bright yellow but not overwhelming. So nice!

                                                        Taylor Kajou

                                                          18 dollars for a bronzer at the drugstore…like 30 for a Mac one…

                                                          Taylor Kajou

                                                            Yes!!! Drugstore prices are getting insane. Might as well go for the higher end product

                                                            Creamy Goodness

                                                              Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm palette makes no sense to me. Who needs such drastically different shades? 2 out of 4 shades won't work on any given skin tone. Tacky name too.

                                                              lauren m

                                                                I AGREE!! The drugstore products are so expensive now, I don’t buy unless there’s a decent sale

                                                                Celeste Martinez

                                                                  LOVE THIS

                                                                  Liv Inuk Oldenburg Lynge

                                                                    Soooo pretty!! Also your hair looks great! Loving the colour!

                                                                    Paola’s Messy Corner

                                                                      WHAT NAIL COLOR ARE YOU WEARING!?!?

                                                                      Rafaela goltsman

                                                                        Big Bird

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