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    Alex Centomo
      ☆ 90s OUTFIT IDEAS ☆

      90s outfits ideas that I would wear today ☆ Follow me on instagram: F○R○I○E○N○D○S Outfit Ideas: …

      Yolanda Howard

        The 90's were one of the best decades for fashion . Love the intro, music & dancing . My fav outfits are #2 #3 & #5 . #GoAlex

        Holly Maria


          N R

            Your videos legit don’t show up on my subscriptions anymore. when I had post notifications on it still didn’t work

            Lizandra Vaca

              can you please do a hair tutorial on the last outfit?? i loveed it! xx

              valerie rocha

                Yes gilmore girls ((-: !!!!

                Pauline Marie

                  Pls more Videos like this 😍
                  80‘s … the breakfast club …❤️

                  Angelic Edery

                    I freaking looove charmed, thats my ideal witch vibeee

                    Chela Jones

                      I was a teenager in the 90s! Graduated 2001. I wore similar outfits to what you put together. I loved hair clips and had tons of doc martens but all were stolen😭 I was a girly grunge chick. A million bands tees. Low waisted flared jeans and high waisted lucky jeans, Levi’s, jncos! Gadzooks and wet seal were the best stores! I love 60s 70s fashion, culture, & music. So my style was s modern hippie very boho with 90s flare days. So like 60s,70s, 90s fashion and music as a teenager in the 90s. No cell phone. No social media. CDs and vinyls only. So grateful I grew up when I did. Always wanted to be 18 in ‘69 though 😂 🎶🌈✌️


                        Love your vids! Make more like these please! Pretty girl 💕


                          I lovvvvve your style you give me so much inspiration! I love these videos!😍

                          Emily Yap

                            Omg I LOVE THESE OUTFITS

                            Vanyshhhh’s World

                              The O.C would be sick or even Dawson creak!

                              Un Chat Sur Les Toits

                                You slay those outfits! 🖤

                                LoveAcrossOceans Mei&Martijn

                                  love all these outfits!! plz Do a 90s inspired hairstyle !!

                                  Sarai Ortega

                                    Full House inspired!!

                                    Prabhdeep Dhaliwal

                                      The overalls outfit and hair reminds me so much of Phoebe from FRIENDS!!!

                                      Claire Isabella

                                        ugh i love this! i discovered your channel through the friends outfits video so i was so excited for this video!

                                        Corey Chatman

                                          Love these outfits. Thanks for sharing this girl.

                                          Madeline VerPlank

                                            I wish I was a teen in the 80s all the time

                                            Laura Rivera

                                              A Seinfeld outfit video would be amazing!


                                                VIBES!! 😍💫


                                                  Absolutely love your style, you look amazing!!💛

                                                  Sarah Balun

                                                    Also the flannel, shorts, crop top one reminded me of Debbie from the Wild Thornberrys!! XD

                                                    Sarah Balun

                                                      Aww I miss the 90s/early 2000s!! Not only are the outfits amazing but your makeup and hair is spot on!

                                                      Déborah Gobinet

                                                        Omg please please pleaaaaaase do one about dynasty style or the bold type ! 😍🌸🌼

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