♡ Are Designer Handbags REALLY…Worth the Price ??

Main ♡ Are Designer Handbags REALLY…Worth the Price ??

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      ♡ Are Designer Handbags REALLY...Worth the Price ??

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          Was about to order an LV Neverfull today, glad I waited, thanks for sharing.

          Angie Nwigwe

            To answer the question in the title…NOPE. Now let’s continue the video…🐸☕️

            Danyel Johnson

              Them Chanel bags is a bad habit 😩


                So does this company/person keep up with the designer season styles?

                nadia b

                  Your make up is popppinggggg

                  jhonnie b

                    How do you feel about dh gate??
                    They have dupes on there as well.🤔

                    Vicky Newsone

                      Your makeup is 💣💣💣 .com!!! All the time!!!😍😍🔥🔥💯💯


                        Louis Vuitton and Chanel already have enough money. I'll give my coins to someone who needs it. I'm part of a group that sells nothing but dips. Ya'll be surprised how many of the people folks walk around imitating who not rocking the real thing


                          The bags darken over time. Its called patina. You can get that look on the duo by coating it with olive oil and sit it in the sun. Voila

                          The K Squad Family

                            Cute bag for the low low thanks for sharing this video


                              Many women are being fooled thinking they're wearing a $5000 bag from a consignment shop. Sorry babes, you're not getting a real Chanel for $500. So, stop judging ppl for wearing reps. These stylist are also getting the reps and charging a ton. Smarten up. Love this video Ivy!


                                People really think they are “better” because they’re spending $1000+ on a bag that’s made by rich White people lol Buy your dupes! If you like the look, and don’t want to spend money on the real thing, buy the dupe!

                                Safiyyah Rasheed

                                  Your hair looks so good

                                  Kiki Dean

                                    Thank you babes I will be checking them out🥰

                                    Dahlia Gardenia

                                      Ivy: Hey Everybody It’s Ivy

                                      Me: Restart it cuz she snapped

                                      Lol Another Great Video ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                      SuperPhdiva SRB

                                        Im here for it! Tfs Ivy! I need a couple

                                        Pisces, The Water Goddess

                                          No they are not. Love your videos girly ❤️

                                          Dee Luther

                                            🌹Great video as uSual🌹
                                            😍ThaT thumbNail tho😍
                                            😗GorgeOus You are😗
                                            Ur makeup Look Good
                                            Pretty Ass EyesHadoW ThO
                                            😚You Have a Lovely WeeK😚


                                              I’ve never really been into dupes, in all honesty I don’t understand why a person would spend hundreds on a dupe instead of spending that on a brand you can actually afford.

                                              Nasirah Segars

                                                You can put olive oil on the dupe bag on the handles to darken it up a lil

                                                Alicia Taylor

                                                  Hey girl! I absolutely love this Haul and please do a makeup tutorial on this look! You look gorge per usual👀😍😘💜

                                                  teresa Hickman

                                                    I would love to buy one of those bag but I’m still to cheap to pay $350 on a fake bag I guess I have to keep going to Chinatown in NY to get my lil $40 bags lmao


                                                      Some of these comments, though!

                                                      More than half of y'all wear Brazilian and Peruvian hair (that barely matches your natural texture), lace fronts that are pulled down too low and looks like a helmet, fake lashes, fake nails, contacts, breast implants, but are coming down on people who decide to wear dupe designer bags?

                                                      If people choose to rock a look (fake or not) for a fraction of the price, what's the problem?

                                                      It shouldn't take going broke or ruining your credit to look good. It's just a bag with a label on it. The difference in the prices is simple marketing strategy. It's just a material item!


                                                        The Chanel dupe is gorgeous!! I have a few auth and reps and I will no longer spend coins on auths, the reps now a days look authentic if you can find a reputable seller I use Nancy and Joy.

                                                        Darrione Dangerfield

                                                          Yes! You just made me an addict! ❤️❤️❤️

                                                          Gail Hopkins

                                                            I receive an original speedy in 1980's. It was $200.at that time. I have had several. I gave them away. I had them for so long. Big mistake. That speedy to day i am told is over$1, 000. Also my speedy did not have stripes on the size. Funny stuff sti around 30 pmus years later. Grace to all. gh.

                                                            RitaBugg Thomas

                                                              So you mean to tell me that the last LOUIS VUITTON bag you displayed with all those additives including the golden lock& key was inauthentic?

                                                              Basira U

                                                                You look so pretty Ivy 😍😍

                                                                Melmagic Washington


                                                                  Maya Guez

                                                                    Urm “nobody will know” but you know right? Then what’s the point. Are you buying bags for others? Or for yourself? Why does it matter what others think… what should matter is what YOU know.. what pleasure is there in owning fake bags?


                                                                      The process is called patina. The more you wear it the more the color turns.

                                                                      Platinum D

                                                                        Link in comments not under the video. YouTube will strike you

                                                                        Platinum D

                                                                          Link in comments not under the video. YouTube will strike you

                                                                          Shaybutter Entertainment

                                                                            Love your latest content sis 😭

                                                                            Jessika Jenky

                                                                              Hi! Those Louis bags are not made with leather hun. That’s their canvas bags. The only leather on that bag is the handle.

                                                                              Natasha Williams

                                                                                So it’s fake ?

                                                                                Kountry Gramma

                                                                                  Please keep these videos coming ❤️

                                                                                  Brandy-Renee Freeman

                                                                                    I just checked to he site out I will be ordering a couple items.

                                                                                    Eve Azriel

                                                                                      I love my lil BOUJEE on a budgets…. I just uploaded on. It’s 🔥


                                                                                        I’m broke and can’t afford to be bougie but I can never wear something if I wasn’t sure of it authenticity. It just don’t sit well with my soul! Lol

                                                                                        Jerricka Jackson

                                                                                          Omg 1st 😭❤️. Love ya ivy! 💕 def gonna check out this company!! I want an LV bag so bad, but the price of the original is cray cray!!


                                                                                            Have several authentic LV bags, but will have to check out a dupe soon

                                                                                            Miss Esha

                                                                                              Your makeup is 💣💥

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