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      ♡ GIRL TALK: Answering Your TMI Questions...

      MERCH ➡️ MERCH ➡️ MERCH In today’s GIRL TALK, I asked you all on Instagram to …

      Keara Villalobos

        Lisette, FINALLY!!!!! every time you'd wear that hoodie in a video id look up on Google curl gang hoodie cause I would be like wear did she get the that I want one lol 🥺🥺😍😁

        sariya powell

          I'm definitely buying the merch

          a e s t h e t i c s jenny

            you are literally very inspiring, your videos your talks, your are like a big sister rn, this helped me a lot to understand some thinks, thank you🖤

            narayan sutradhar

              Plz can u tell how to remove strect marks


                I’m the big sister so like getting this info is always so hard ):

                Liv Mir’a

                  i always wondered if when your cheer pops is if it’s a lot of blood,, mine didn’t pop so i’ll never know😂

                  Sana Al-louzi

                    Great video love the honest advice 👍❤️

                    Majestee T

                      Could you do an update on your laser hair removal? Like how many sessions you’ve had, how frequent, is it worth the price, etc.

                      Nafisa Shama

                        This is the best tips for backne..& I also thought about it but u have assumed me.. thanks dear😍

                        Serenity Nieves

                          She means if it's uploaded you can't get rid of it.

                          Serenity Nieves

                            She's just skipping around and has a different routine.

                            Anne Beaubrun

                              Try sugar wax ppl, no razor bumps or ingrown hairs

                              Anne Beaubrun

                                Try sugar wax people

                                Sophia A

                                  Omg merch!! So proud of you girl, you've come so far! Maybe we could get some different pastel coloured hoodies other than purple sometime in the future? 🙂 love this video

                                  Areana Sanchez


                                    Nikola Berghof

                                      I love that hoodie and the colour of it!!!

                                      ssam ra

                                        10:50 she's cuuuuuuuute 💕

                                        Arianna Dobie

                                          I hope you respond Lushetty but what do you do to get rid of dark knees.

                                          Hali Butler

                                            Q:how do I stop my 🐱from leaking and dripping discharge

                                            Mary M

                                              A pro tip for ingrown hairs is rubbing a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol after you shave. It stains but it works like heaven ❤️ also aloe Vera after you do that so it doesn’t dry your skin. I swear it works.

                                              Lulya Gerez

                                                You actually the best I’ve been watching you for a while and love all your content 🤩💖💖

                                                Jennifer Espinoza

                                                  Mannn I want the merch but I have naturally straight hair and itd be weird if I got that merch hopefully next time make a different "wording" if that makes sense ♥️

                                                  Layla Mendez

                                                    Your my favorite youtuber like your so clean and beautiful and like a big sis to meee

                                                    Meera Alhammadi

                                                      Thanks for sharing this information
                                                      your like a sister to me

                                                      Margareth Teodoro

                                                        do a part 2 pls❤️

                                                        Karlye Maxwell

                                                          I love videos like this theres so informative. And I love how real you get with everything❤


                                                            I’m 27 and I’ve been watching this girl for years and i don’t like how grown she’s gotten. I wasn’t ready for her to know about sex! She’s so mature. 😅

                                                            Charlotte Toombs

                                                              what is a lot of discharge tho? omg, this is so weird asking this. lol. love you Luhhsetty

                                                              baddie nicole

                                                                Omg, I really want more girls talk❤

                                                                jeremiah edwards

                                                                  girl talk


                                                                    literally the big sister i never had

                                                                    It’s me

                                                                      Girls can u help me what's exactly the bio oil I don't know if it's correct I mean the oil that she mentioned ♥️

                                                                      Alana M

                                                                        I do I wash down there during a pried and what should I use??? Sorry for TMI 🤔😬
                                                                        Thank you for like being a big sister I never had.


                                                                          9:55 i CACKLED when she put her two fingers up and realized what she did LOL

                                                                          Brianna Hall

                                                                            Ladies, THROW UR RAZOR AWAY and start waxing! Yes, the first couple times you go it will hurt and you will be super anxious but the results and health of your vagina trump it all. The hair grows back super thin and after a while you will start looking forward to your wax appointments. Your pain tolerance will go up and it will become less painful each time! I can't even think about shaving now, and if the expense of getting a Brazilian is hindering you from getting one there is an alternative like sugar waxing which you can do at home but I suggest getting a Brazilian a couple times before you try this! Love you Lisette and thank you for all the great tips (: ALSO before any wax appointment make sure your exfoliating and rubbing organic coconut oil in that area, this shouldn't stop after your wax either. The exfoliation helps the hair pierce through the skin and not cause any ingrowns and the coconut oil keeps the area hydrated and healthy!

                                                                            CCs Life

                                                                              Love your girl talks, always such a inspiration 💕🙌🏼

                                                                              xo bri


                                                                                Boujee GamerGirls

                                                                                  First of all… Lashes!! YES!!
                                                                                  Merch! YEEESS!!!
                                                                                  Love it!


                                                                                    Thank you so much for this video. I love your girl talk videos ❤️‼️

                                                                                    Janaye Torres

                                                                                      HA i thought the triangle phase was something only I went through and I'm so glad you mentioned it

                                                                                      Adaeze Tv

                                                                                        Love this😍😍

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