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    All Things Adrienne

      ✨Get UNREADY with Me ✨

      Tis the season for steam! #ad These little rituals are LIFESAVING when it comes to wintertime dryness and the Aera Ionic Facial Steamer is a must-have!

      Patricia Mora

        Could not go to sleep all greasy.

        Shirley Husar

          Girl they are out of a jelly mask damn damn damn🙄🙄🙄🙄😆😆😆

          Tina Tina

            I love love 😍😍

            Arianna Hernandez

              you’re so gorgeous #chanel4evaaa 🥰🥰


                Unready after masked singer 😢

                Ai Sam

                  Ade-Babe… how are you so cute?
                  Oh la la!

                  Lilian Kamara

                    I love you 💋💋💋

                    Jenny Trampp

                      Your so pretty, I just started watching you videos and I’m obsessed! ❤️I grew up on cheetah girls!

                      Charlie Hinds

                        She looks older

                        Sarah Mahlangu

                          Adrienne you look so youthful without makeup 💗💗💗💗

                          MZ. GOLDEN GLAMOURZON

                            Love how u keep it real and dwn 2 earth☺

                            Sonia Rodriguez

                              It awesome you doing that but although of ppl can't afford to get dome of that stufg

                              Paulina Guzman

                                Thanks A.. if I weren't already in my snuggy air mattress I'd totally be putting on masks on masks on MASKS!! God bless you and Israel as well as The Real Fam ❤️🙏 sweet dreams 🌜

                                Smoked Alive

                                  Your bare face is BEAUTIFUL ♥️

                                  Monica Hernandez

                                    Love it;)

                                    marwa mahira


                                      Paige M.

                                        Awwww we love ya

                                        Foofy Sunshine

                                          When is the thanksgiving dinner video coming. The decor planning one was amazing 🥵I’m so excited to see how it turned out


                                            I've been wearing tight ponytails and noticed a bold spot. Is that from my right ponytails? Love u on the real!! You four ladies are amazing together! Plus grew up watching cheetah girls💕


                                              Hey Adrienne that promo Code doesn't work ..😫😫😫

                                              Victoria Ramirez

                                                I'm getting that steamer

                                                Casie Arriola

                                                  Rub upwards instead of downward 🌺 reduces sagging and wrinckles

                                                  Steve Medinas

                                                    GIRL YOU LOOK SO SKINNY✨ WE LOVE A SKINNY QUEEN 💖👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

                                                    Jackie Gomez

                                                      My favorite person!! You’re so beautiful!!♥️♥️

                                                      Sean Jones

                                                        I like your natural look.

                                                        BMORE MIKE J


                                                          Too bad the facial steamer is sold out 😢😢

                                                          Margaret Lopez

                                                            Your skin 😍

                                                            I love fruit

                                                              Umm love ya Adrienne but for anyone please don’t use products on ur face that bun that means that ur allergic to it there’s a difference between a tingle and a burn but do not use things on ur face that burn ur face kinda random but just needed to give a little psa

                                                              Cin C

                                                                Love the suggestions, thank you and stay blessed🙏🙏🙏

                                                                Toni king

                                                                  Girl get a bonnet 💕

                                                                  Janny DaveJames

                                                                    love! love! love!!!

                                                                    Joseline Orellana

                                                                      I loved this video particularly

                                                                      Amanda Diaz

                                                                        This is when I feel my sexiest. Once I've pampered my body and soul, I light a candle and put a movie on and some fluffy socks 😍


                                                                          if shes insecure about her neck she should look into fillers, it has become a thing now to get fillers there

                                                                          Anna Castillo

                                                                            Don’t you get bored,you need to have a baby sweetie

                                                                            Ann G. Oremor

                                                                              You should apply your skin care on your neck upwards that works better 🥰

                                                                              Luxury Doll

                                                                                Beautiful skin 💖


                                                                                  Flamingo eeeeeeey!

                                                                                  Queen Alena

                                                                                    Very!! entertainment!!💪💖 #selfcare loved ITT!!! This is my time of day!!💆🔥

                                                                                    Bobbi Heath

                                                                                      Beautiful and Exotic like a Flamingo!!

                                                                                      Morgan Taylor

                                                                                        Peeps. Please don’t use steam on rosacea. That is all

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