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    Allana Davison

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ Shop the Real Real here for $25 off of your first purchase: * Not an affiliate link, just a sweet lil …

      Martamaria Sellaroli


        Bridget Weiser

          Great video!!! I love that you encourage yourself to get rid of things. Create space for better things. 💯

          Marthe Skoglund

            this video was awesome, and extremely helpful/informative. I think most people fall into the trap of wanting the extremely expensive trend pieces (I'm still drooling over the gucci belt, lol), the only difference, for me at least, is that I can't afford it haha. Also, when you put on those gucci glasses, you gave me maaaajor Amanda Bynes vibes!

            M M

              Allana pleeeeeeeeease make an ASMR makeup tutorial


                I have zero interest in purchasing luxury items, and I still couldn’t wait to watch this video lol

                Vera Leme

                  It’s great to realize that you don’t need some luxury pieces just because they are trendy… and you are so authentic!!!

                  Shanna Berry

                    Lolol…Allana! I'm thinking you should maybe stay away from Gucci….no? Lolol😂😙😃

                    shaheer shujaat

                      It's okay just stay relaxed everything will be good do your best for buying cheaper things that are not quite expensive so i wish you all the best ❤️❤️


                        Yay excited ! I'm at that point in my life where I'm more confident with my style and I'd rather spend more money for good quality, timeless pieces that I can use forever. I'm actually trying to build a capsule wardrobe, I'm just sick of fast fashion and I really want to limit my purchases !

                        Kookie Flavored Cookie

                          I love the way you looked in this video, the hair suits you so much. I was only noticing you😅 😩

                          Trudi Tabone

                            What eyeshadow are you wearing? It's lovely 😍

                            Marit Bos

                              Yess 🙌🏼 I can also use TRR in the Netherlands. Happy shopping to me 💸💸💸

                              Mae Lagumen

                                Video Request: Can you do an everyday make up bag or make up essentials you bring with you everyday?

                                sara saenguthat

                                  Makeup tutorial for this look please! <3

                                  Julia Ra

                                    feeling so proud to have watched your channel since the Dionysus bag times <3 😀

                                    Emily Galster

                                      Why do I watch these kinds of videos it‘s not like I can afford to by any luxury items

                                      Ali V.

                                        Ooh, this was a fun video!
                                        My only qualm is with the sunglasses; whilst it’s not necessary to pay through the nose for style (although I like to, personally), $7-$8 sunglasses will never protect your eyes, which is what they’re really designed for.
                                        I’d say look for 100%UV protection before buying the “dupe”.

                                        Natasa Ma

                                          Allana! Can you get Dejan in your video and style him or do something around man clothing?😄

                                          Shelly H

                                            i love when you talk luxury baby!!! youre the best !! plus youre crazy stunning. love you!


                                              You look amaaaaaaazing girl! <3


                                                moral of the story: don’t waste your money on gucci

                                                Nay C

                                                  Hi Allana, I commented a week ago on your video. You mentioned the Gucci shirt that you tried selling it and now in this video. I’m interested in buying if you still want to sell it 🙂

                                                  Amelia Berry

                                                    I was surprised not to see your Lisa Eldridge rings in the best purchases category! I remember you wearing them all the time. Do you still love them? xx

                                                    Jiaqi Long

                                                      Never go wrong with black or beige.


                                                        I still have my orangey-red Gucci Dionysus bag. I had the chain extended to be a cross body and I don’t care about the color, I wear it with everything. Though I bought it used so I wouldn’t feel so scared to use it. Also, the one bag I have used for the longest and it’s still perfect is my black pebble leather backpack. I got it at Neiman and I have no idea what brand it is because I don’t care, it’s just an amazing backpack that has stood the test of me abusing the shit out of it. No one hate me but the Gucci tees are a bit cringe and a racket.

                                                        Jasmin Blas

                                                          I’ve never been interested in these types of videos…until you posted one! Thanks for sharing your favorites, Allana. I love how you made a note at the beginning of the video saying that luxury isn’t always necessary. I couldn’t agree more 🙂 plus, getting a good deal on an item provides the best “rush.” 😄

                                                          Manyata Patel

                                                            May be not the purse but the gucci belt looks pretty girl.. Love ya ❤️


                                                              Redye the red loafers black! Leather dye. Super simple. Or get it done


                                                                Sometimes when I buy a trendy piece and feel like as you said a poser…I’ll wait even a year or beyond for the trend to die down and whip it back out if I truly loved it. It’ll feel fresh and unique only to you. And you look like that chick rocking the “old school” Gucci loafers! 😆

                                                                Ilina Sandler

                                                                  This is such a great practical video!!!! Thanks 🙂

                                                                  Natascha Whii

                                                                    Never understood the giant gucci belt trend, must admit I thought about getting the small version, happy I didnt😂

                                                                    Dafna Breines

                                                                      Loved this…can you do it with luxury makeup and skincare, too?


                                                                        Video starts at 4:07

                                                                        Mar O

                                                                          YEEEES I had been asking for this, I'm so excited to watch! I had been spotting you rocking luxury pieces on ig for a while and always been curious. I myself have very few luxury pieces, but those I have are all sentimental to me. ❤️

                                                                          Kim Peters

                                                                            I feel like I've done that kind of #ragret on eyeshadow palettes. I do my research, plan all the lewks, splurge only to remember that I wear 1-3 shades of warm brown 😩

                                                                            Olivia Li

                                                                              what's the brand of the combat boot? I think you didn't mention it in the vidoe.

                                                                              Corrie Z

                                                                                I feel like sunglasses are a reasonable luxury purchase, they are on the cheaper side and you can often find them heavily discounted… I always feel like you can tell if sunglasses are cheap copies? Shoes on the other hand, are the one thing that WILL get so worn down after even a few wears, i refuse to buy expensive luxury shoes

                                                                                Mel H

                                                                                  Amazing style ❤️


                                                                                    Your lip color is so goooood

                                                                                    Julia Meudre

                                                                                      So glad you finally let us in your luxury purchase! Love your style. Keep doing your thing girl! 💋

                                                                                      Kimy Salazar

                                                                                        Do you have a site where you sell your items? Like a Poshmark or EBay? It would be really cool to buy some of your items since I freakin love your style 💕

                                                                                        Kimy Salazar

                                                                                          This was such a helpful video. Made me realize I have to actually think thoroughly before I buy something.

                                                                                          I K

                                                                                            A luxury product i would consider buying is a bag since i only have one at a time and wear it until it falls apart, so i guess i would get the most out of my money 😅

                                                                                            Nerissa Vice

                                                                                              When you say you sell them, is it on The Real Real or somewhere else? I am constantly trying to find consignment stores to sell to in Canada

                                                                                              Amber Yogini

                                                                                                Love how Allana says heels and pulls out a kitten heel 😆 love you girl

                                                                                                I K

                                                                                                  I've never bought any luxury products, maybe when i graduate and get a good job (hopefully 😅) but you are the only youtuber i will watch no matter what you post 😀❤️

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