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    All Things Adrienne
      ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS 🎄| My Family’s Favorite Traditions

      Shoutout to all the moms out there making Christmas magical! #AllThingsChristmas #FamilyTraditions _ SUBSCRIBE: _ FOLLOW …

      All Things Adrienne

        What should our theme for this Christmas be?

        Lindy Davidson

          growing up my family always went to the Christmas tree farm and cut our own tree down. and we all put Christmas ornaments up together listen to music and watch Christmas movies after. I think it doesn't seem like work because its so fun and sentimental

          Genesis Aguirre

            YES x1000000 to the vlog!!!

            Maria Rivera

              Hell yes love our holiday tradition

              Erica Eldredge

                Vlog away A! I've always wanted to take a DDD roadtrip

                Ms. MJeezy

                  Yes to the bus tour & cross country vlog !! 🥰😘

                  Beronica Lopez

                    No it's not a lot it's actually more fun when you have kids because it's really all about the them. 🎄

                    Kate W

                      Tembleque is amazing!! Have it every year🥰 (half Puerto Rican from the bronxxx)

                      Angie Davis

                        Yes we want to see the bus tour and the Vlog!!! I love your family and how close you all are.

                        Mz Dee Mz Dee

                          Adrienne. Seriously. I’m Curious what do you always do that dance like that every time you walked out on stage ?? you just keep going and going on. I mean it’s cool, but your not in a strip club dear. Just sit down with the rest.

                          Vanessa Michelle

                            Where did you get your blouse omg 😍♥️

                            Diana Hughes

                              As far as the Santa thing goes, I don't think its right to force a child to sit on his lap if they don't want to. I do think it can be traumatizing and not necessary. There are some things that children should be encouraged to do as far as facing their fears, but I don't think this is one of them. It is more for the parent than anything. I think it sends the wrong message to kids. I think there's a lot of things problematic about Santa in general, but I definitely think kids should not be forced to sit on his lap if they don't want to.

                              Are you still vegan or plant-based? I only ask that because you mentioned a lot of foods and going on a food tour, and I was curious if you would still be eating a plant-based diet during this time or not.

                              Paul Sharon

                                My theme this year is red, white and snowflakes, can't imagine what you could do with that.

                                Paul Sharon

                                  I say yes to all questions. I would love to have some of all your coconut drinks and food, I love flan and the coconut pudding, yummmy lol

                                  Eva U

                                    Theme ideas: Xmas angels, Xmas sweater but make it fashion, giftwrap/presents outfits, Ginger bread land…

                                    SophiaLiz tvShow

                                      Did Adrienne forget to removed her shirt tags?

                                      J R

                                        Love your top Adrienne! The tag is still on the back of your shirt. Just FYI girl.. love your videos.. your personality is great!

                                        Victoria Johnson

                                          Where is this shirt from?!

                                          blanche mhonda

                                            Please do a video of your Thanksgiving

                                            Vee Plopez

                                              Adrienne we NEED to know where you’re shirt is from???????😍😍😍😍

                                              Stephanie Mangum

                                                Yes Please do a Cross country vlog

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