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    Freddy My Love
      ASOS Spring 2019 Try On Haul 🌸 ~ Spring Fashion Edit ~ Freddy My Love ~

      It’s the Freddy My Love Spring Fashion Edit! Today we shall do an ASOS unboxing and try on! Links to clothes below *affiliate links used!* Don’t forget to …

      Sophie Parker

        I really liked the bow top I think the bow makes the outfit look less plainπŸŽ€ That’s just me thoπŸ‘

        Caitlyn Jackie

          You look like a 70s QUEEN in the midi dress and the dress after it πŸ‘πŸ»

          Lauren Haley

            Where is your pink play suit from? It is adorable!!

            Kylie-Anne Connell

              Ok, you NEED to keep the two piece jungle print outfit, and the milkmaid dress is so devine on you.


                The long-sleeved dress- you look like a blonde, young Kate Jackson or Farrah Fawcett from Charlie's Angels!

                Robert Mccabe

                  I think the Charlie Holiday set is cute but the placement of the flower? in the crotch area is off putting. I loved the video!

                  Haley Ivers

                    Hey Freddy! I know in the past you've mentioned that your purchase things for these kinds of videos and then return what you don't want to keep. I'm not sure if you're aware but ASOS updated their return policy when it comes to purchasing a ton of clothes and then returning them all and wanted to give you a heads up to check that out if you haven't already! <3


                      If you like the body suit otherwise, could you detach the bow? Then you can attach it to a metal hair clip and wear it in your hair. Make a low ponytail and clip it above the hair tie. Or ask Coco if she wants the hair bow. She loves hair bows, as I recall. πŸŽ€

                      Sexy Beast 3000

                        I don’t know if you’ve done this but I feel like it would be really cool if you showed the items you kept after look book week!


                          10:14 and 11:26 The last two dresses resemble sleepwear, lol, a nightgown and a babydoll nightie. πŸ˜„


                            1:37 Nah, I think JoJo Siwa would probably love that shirt, lol. πŸ˜‚

                            Madison Herries

                              Gorgeous !

                              Mari Rose

                                The ASOS Design button-through midi dress looks like something out of the late nineteen-sixties, actually, so in a way you are back in time!

                                Potterclaw 7

                                  Am I the only one who feels like the dress at 10:16 is a little Alice Cooper from Riverdale? Idk it just gives me that vibe for some reason πŸ˜‚ Love the video, Freddy! The hardwork you put into this haulweek is always appreciated πŸ’“

                                  Carol Grant

                                    I love every item , you have such excellent taste. Please do another video of the pieces you kept.

                                    Eunice Maris

                                      I love the way you are showing close-ups on the side! I'm sure it makes editing a lot more time consuming but it definitely helps show the clothes well!


                                        Hi Freddy, is it possible for you to start sharing which sizes you order? It helps for reference. Love your videos! x

                                        Carolina Pinglo

                                          I do actually love the second last dress it’s so pretty !!!


                                            Freddy your style is AMAZING and your so funny! Great job!

                                            Kimmie Nelson

                                              Hi Freddy a bobby pin would work on pinning the belt down !! Hope this is helpful πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

                                              Addie Murray

                                                I would love to see you try clothing items from some fair trade brands!! That would make an interesting video!


                                                  Outfit 1: no the bow is so cute.

                                                  Caitlin Hoffmann-Herbert

                                                    Haul week is the best week 😍😍

                                                    Gabrielle Maimon

                                                      If tour hair was pulled back the vow shirt would look way better


                                                        Freddy, where did you get your pink playsuit from that your wearing in the beginning of the video?

                                                        H. Miller

                                                          My mom gave up ironing because it was a time waister. She does lay the clothes on the back of furniture, to act like basic ironing. Can you do a video all on ironing? Could you be willing to do a video showing your outfits not ironed and later ironed on you, so the viewers (who are not used to ironing) can see the difference?

                                                          Majestic Mountain Living

                                                            Hello, my question for you living in Cali for over 30 years, what is the draw for you to come here for a visit???


                                                              Your style is amazing πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŒˆ


                                                                Where is that pink boiler suit from, I'm obsessed!!

                                                                Alicia Djurovic

                                                                  Love your accent! and all the clothes too!

                                                                  Bella Rose

                                                                    when you like the bow πŸŽ€πŸ˜“πŸ˜₯πŸ˜‚

                                                                    Debbie Gillie

                                                                      Freddy loved this video πŸ™‚ thank you
                                                                      I love the music too
                                                                      And Morgan a blast from the past gosh I not seen a Morgan shop in years on the high street it was always one of my fav shops and was more high end than river island and bay trading etc I think bay trading was on the lower scale of the clothing market Morgan wasn't as high end as Karen millen jigsaw etc but it was much dearer than river Island. I used to have a Morgan cream jacket thing gosh the memories Morgan dressing gown Morgan slippers funny enough I just given one of my Morgan dressing gowns away and had it for years it was one of my favs but didn't wear it much I had two one pink fluffy one with silver writting at back with a hood and then a white one with pink writting and a hood πŸ™‚ had a lot of Morgan jeans and tops and a few dresses my gosh Morgan so old πŸ™‚ and loved it anyone else remembered there nsme n clothes Morgan Paris πŸ™‚

                                                                      Liz Lengyel

                                                                        freddy your style development has me on the floor we stan a queen

                                                                        Ghadeer Alataa

                                                                          Love you pink playsuit ❀️❀️!! Where is it from?

                                                                          beautybythe besties

                                                                            Love ur hairπŸ’•πŸ’•

                                                                            Emma Cloutier

                                                                              Where did you get the pink jumper in the intro? It’s stunning! It would look amazing in a camel colorπŸ’—

                                                                              officially bear

                                                                                So close to one millionnn

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