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      Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Joyce and Ryann

      “BFFs Joyce and Ryann swap diets for a week. How will Ryann handle Joyce’s Canada Dry addiction?” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: …

      Queen Me

        Ooo I wana do this


          why did i think Canada Dry wasn’t sold in the us

          jenny K

            Man! now I´m fu*king 🤴🍔 hungry

            Ariel Rodea

              Joyce and Ryann eating Chick-Fil-A:
              Me: ELECTRIC CHAIR!!

              Michaela Hooks

                Joyce has a lot of Bestfriends lol

                Gabby P

                  My love for Joyce grows everyday


                    omg… used to drink 4 ginger ales a day and then 2? I can't even finish 1. I'll drink soft drink maybe once a month. I didn't think I was super healthy but I feel like a fitness guru after this, I can't believe some people eat/drink like this.. every day.

                    Christina T

                      It's water season

                      ANIYA WILLIAMS

                        Imma grown Caucasian man, is honestly a mood!!

                        Sasa Rolett

                          ahhh i love these diet swaps 😂


                            How about swapping lifes for a day?

                            Margot Vdb

                              This was basically “Friends swap drinks for a week”


                                Cute video.

                                Cara Berg

                                  Joyce’s sense of humor is amazing😂 I laugh at what she says in every video she’s in!

                                  Dahemia Graham

                                    I understand Joyce’s love for Ginger Ale it’s soooo good and just make things a lot better in life 😭

                                    Mrs J

                                      Breakfast is the most important thing of the day

                                      Painon Pudotus Dietitian

                                        amazing and special

                                        Eva Hirsch

                                          "it's water season"

                                          Sevon Alexander

                                            I feel Ryan pain on that soda. I accidentally drank a sip of sparkling water when I was in Italy and it burned my whole throat

                                            Maya Moses

                                              He’s been in three videos in the past 24 hours and I support lol


                                                But chick-fil-a isn't even good?! it's so greasy! You're better than this, Joyce.

                                                Donald Trump

                                                  Who even diets? I just eat


                                                    Swap diets? Except for the ginger ale and postmates it's the exact same thing.

                                                    Bald As an egg

                                                      I wonder if anyone would want to swap diet (real one) with me?

                                                      – breakfast: 2 slices of white bread: 1 w/ cheese and 1 w/butter, chocolate bar (like snickers), 500ml of water

                                                      – snack 1: 100g of chips or yogurt

                                                      – lunch: cooked pasta with veggies, meat and ketchup, cookies, water

                                                      – snack 2: 100g choc bar, diet coke

                                                      – dinner: cooked potatoes, 2 sunny side up eggs, ketchup, water

                                                      – snack 3: chips or yogurt, maybe some fruits

                                                      And yes, that's why I'm overweight.

                                                      Ayonnaz Glam


                                                        Andy Inthirasavongsa


                                                          Ruthy Bap

                                                            Well we know why Joyce is the way she is…. Like, I’m not saying my diet is perfect, but that’s excessively unhealthy.

                                                            laura carre

                                                              no offense but how can she eat just this and be heavy/fat ? i mean i eat much more and am way skinnier idk


                                                                Their diets are a mess. Feel so bad for their bodies

                                                                Siham Noor

                                                                  jocye where are your glasses from?

                                                                  Callie Krzyzanowski

                                                                    Maybe the next video needs to be a nutritionist intervention…

                                                                    Ayn Zakira

                                                                      I love that joyce is still plastic free


                                                                      Johanna Fussman

                                                                        I don’t want to be offensive but I don’t understand why Americans are big, I mean, they don’t eat a lot a day and both of them are big and broadly a lot of Americans. How is it possible?

                                                                        Bell Diorite

                                                                          Ginger Ale is VERY good for you especially when there’s not added sugar


                                                                            I wanna be Joyce’s friend so bad


                                                                              So much sugar in their diets 😱

                                                                              Natasha Ferguson

                                                                                get devin and chantel to do this

                                                                                LJ Photography

                                                                                  "I'm a grown Caucasian man" 😂

                                                                                  Human Being

                                                                                    (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ enjoy the video babes
                                                                                    subscribe 👁👅👁
                                                                                    🦵🦵 ♥

                                                                                    Isabelle Thomas

                                                                                      "A beautiful mess, if you will"
                                                                                      "Just like my edges"

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