Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Kelsey and Michelle

Main Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Kelsey and Michelle

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      Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Kelsey and Michelle

      BFFs Kelsey Impicciche and Michelle Khare swap diets for a week. Will these two health nuts go nuts? Subscribe to Michelle Khare’s channel at …

      Michelle Khare

        So fun to collaborate with you again Kelsey!! goes back to eating plain chicken 😂😂😂

        Isaac Pickering

          Kelsey what now

          Christine Mumma

            Seems like both of them have high disposable incomes that are spent on food – they're ordering/eating out multiple times a day and all their grocery shopping is things like $5/container organic coconut yogurt and specialty snacks from Whole Foods. Okay. Meanwhile, in the real world, a lot of us are on a budget

            Chayse Smith

              I guess she doesn't have mushroom for any more of them

              …..Yes I know this was a stupid joke lolz

              Stephanie Cheng

                Ok does Kelsey reminds you of Emma Stone too?

                Kirsten Martin

                  2:52 olive tapenade?

                  Vivien Renée

                    Michelle eats approx. 1500 calories and Kelsey eats approx. 1,039. Is that an appropriate amount of calories? Don't they both work out as well? I'd love to hear what a registered dietitian has to say.

                    MDLourdes Mendez

                      They are defenitely not best friends

                      Fiona Fitt

                        I thought Michelle left buzzfeed?

                        Nina XxX

                          Best friends ?? Umm … sure ☕️

                          crusty bobusty

                            So weird to see people that live without potatoes, pasta and bread… Where I live in Europe, I don't know anyone who doesn't eat those things lmao

                            And as someone who loves cooking, baking and experimenting with flavours from all over the world, the idea of eating the same kind of thing every day is ludicrous to me.

                            I have similar meals on rotation but I never have the same dish more than once a week, which includes takeout or eating out which I only do maximum once a week anyways.

                            Brittani Smith

                              A combination of both of their diets would be perfectttttt

                              Alexa Smith

                                1:51 geeeez I have NO idea what that brand is?lol

                                Melissa Gaita

                                  Kelsey: eats salad
                                  Michelle: eats egg whites and fruit
                                  Me: eats cookies while watching YouTube videos

                                  Cookie toy club


                                    Hockeygirl 05

                                      did anyone realize her diet
                                      6 egg whites…
                                      is what models actually eat?

                                      Lara Fizaine

                                        okayyy but kelsey what is in your diet if you don't do carbs OR protein?? i would have been super hungry too if i was michelle not gonna lie

                                        Lyaina Quinn

                                          I take the eat the rainbow philosophy very seriously. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. My diet is more flexitarian, though I totally agree with Michelle on the cucumbers are just crunchy water. I can't see how she's eating so much carb though. That would make me feel so heavy.

                                          Ellis Rachael Make Up

                                            I can't think of anything worse than eating plain chicken and veggies!!! healthy doesn't have to be bland 🙁

                                            Post Malone Stan

                                              They are so gorgeous

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