CONFESSION: My Favorite ‘Me’ Time Activity… 🤫

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    All Things Adrienne
      CONFESSION: My Favorite ‘Me’ Time Activity… 🤫

      What do I love to do in my downtime…? Nothing. Seriously, NOTHING. Besides hanging out with my girls Olivia Benson and Blanche Devereaux, of course.

      All Things Adrienne

        What do you do for me time?

        Fafa Adam

          Does somebody know where Adrienne's dress come from please ?
          Great video though 😊🌹

          Jessica Trasvina

            I love to have a bubble bath and put a face mask💕

            K T

              Get a little or big dog so you're never home alone! They are the best protectors and they alert you to anything.

              Mamudu Zainab

                You just described me…. Wow except that I am not married

                Jessica Corona

                  Yasss!♥️ golden girls and sex in the city are timeless..forever faves


                    Pretty dress 💕


                      Hey love love 😍 you. Please do a video on your at home spa!!!!

                      Rosa Arellano

                        Love love love your dress !!!
                        Where did u get it?

                        Christine Gonzalez

                          You are like my long lost best friend. I am the same as you in sooo many of these things. You're so fun to watch <3

                          Kayla Marie

                            I love you. Your so beautiful.

                            Jewell Lee

                              I DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU DO!!! I love that I can’t connect to you so easily!

                              Babylanndy Joseph

                                She have wht? A babysitter 🤣🤣🤣 you can be serious?

                                Jay A

                                  We are twins 😩🤣💜

                                  Chelsea Tatum

                                    Me time is soooo essential. You learn so much about yourself in that time! I love this. Me time coming soon! 🤞🏽✨

                                    Ali Na

                                      It‘s almost scary how accurate this describes my me time. CRAZY 🙈 I do not have any problems sleeping on my own though 🤷🏼‍♀️😘

                                      Noemi Gomez

                                        I love your voice!!!❗️❗️

                                        Katie Lucius

                                          Girl yes!! I love the Golden Girls! Its the best! I loved you before but I love you even more now!

                                          Myra Kolii

                                            Am with you on the golden girls…
                                            Love love love your channel Adrienne…

                                            Jessica Reeves

                                              You are such an inspiring person !

                                              Coach Ruby Rojas

                                                Super relatable . Thanks for sharing

                                                Amadi Williams

                                                  I look forward to your videos every Tuesday❤️❤️

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