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      Couple Styles Each Other In Tokyo For Under $90

      On the busy streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, Kelsey challenges her boyfriend Jared to see who can put together the best outfit in 1 hour for under $100. Subscribe …

      Taylor Macko

        More Videos With Kelsey & Her Boyfriend!!!

        Madison La Bauve

          Omg I love Kelsey! I got to meet her and Jared when he preformed at my school and they are just so awesome! This video was so funny and chaotic I loved it! 😂 I hope we can see more of them!

          Stephanie Schiele

            go team red


              Im pretty sure the DJ did not pick out any of that himself lol

              Monique F

                Yikes Kelsey 's mum is so interfering, in a video where she would have specifically been told that it was boyfriend buys the outfit…. She is gonna be a monster in law for sure.

                Leslie Medina

                  The first thing I said once I saw his outfit was dam he looks like logan paul😂

                  Kim Yoon Yo Taemi

                    Did anyone saw tomorrowxtogether poster?

                    Emma Franken

                      Tbh who would date Kelsey, she isSOOOOOOO annoying

                      Joanna Rodriguez

                        Kelsey’s outfit is so cute! You go Jared

                        Ana Fdez

                          Kelsey's mom really stole the show there

                          Jules Thivent

                            Red’s cute.

                            Vicky Lutran

                              I see txt ❤️❤️❤️😂😄

                              Kat Burgert

                                They look so cute lmao

                                Francis Tang

                                  Maybe they should leave the shopping to Kelsey next time. 🤭

                                  UNDER DOG

                                    Jared did better


                                      "How would you describe your style?"
                                      "I'm kind of a mix between trying hard and… not."

                                      R You Tuned N?

                                        “ it just screams I’m way cooler than you” 😂 great video

                                        elene fiala


                                          Yuri Hosoe

                                            This isn’t Japanese style- Lmao

                                            Moksha Sharma

                                              Kelseyyy won 😂😂

                                              Moksha Sharma

                                                When u see the txt banners, U SEE THE TXT BANNER

                                                Donald Trump

                                                  That guy is probably taller than 80% of the guys there

                                                  Horty Bla

                                                    In 8:28 I found yeonjun poster from txt, am i the only one😂


                                                      Kelsey totally won! Jared's new outfit is amazing


                                                        the thrift stores in Japan are SUPER trendy. of course you can get the more on-point at the more expensive ones, but you can save a lot of money and get a lot of cool clothes

                                                        Umut Acun

                                                          Kelsey looks sooo cutee in that outfitt

                                                          how long can you make your name on here? Damn

                                                            Love her hair


                                                              1:13 me when i realise i have a test the day after and haven’t studied for it

                                                              Kiko Mohammad

                                                                So boyfriends number 14 or 15🤔

                                                                ur mom

                                                                  Kelsey got a boyfriend!!!

                                                                  Max Leong

                                                                    i am her..uhh looks at each other his gf! hahaha! to be fair, i think jared had a difficult time zipping through harajuku with kelsey's mum trying to collab in the competition. plus navigating to seek the perfect look that is in trend and pushing kelsey out of her go to into something fitting. while kelsey literally changed his plain looking bf outfit into a pokemon trainer look, if she had also gotten a cap or those gloves, she would have successfully created to mimic it xD. to both they are winners, but the actual challenge, kelsey won!

                                                                    S H Y R A

                                                                      he’s trying too hard to be funny

                                                                      Faith Notdbruch

                                                                        Anyone else triggered by how she pronounced ASOS….??

                                                                        Virana Khairunnisaa

                                                                          Also i LOVE both of their outfits 🤣

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