Doing my makeup with ONLY Charlotte Tilbury products! ✨ ~ Freddy My Love

Main Doing my makeup with ONLY Charlotte Tilbury products! ✨ ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      Doing my makeup with ONLY Charlotte Tilbury products! ✨ ~ Freddy My Love

      Products linked below! *affiliate links used, and some items were either gifted or bought with a press discount/gift card!* Hope you enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe …


        Can you do a hair tutorial

        Emma Eriksson

          a sporty style is maybe not for you, but can you make a video of that? not like workout clothes, but a sporty cute girly style <3

          Eva ramirez24

            I laughed when you said everything is magic with CT😂 but it's true. I loved the look💕

            molly j

              I have a video idea for you 😊 I feel like you could do a round up of all the Zimmerman dupes you found recently. Like a get the look for less video. Xo keep up the lovely content!

              L MMM

                Paris Hilton vibes

                Amber Wish

                  Great video. I own two CT products, they’re very nice. Just a video suggestion, can you do a boyfriend Q&A video? Thought that would be fun. 💞💞

                  Sarah Marze

                    Freddy, could you make a Disney look book?

                    Kirsty McGowan

                      Can you do a wedding 👰🏻 guest outfit video xx

                      Amanda Shugar

                        Don't worry about not having your beauty treatments Freddy! You are so naturally pretty without them!! 😊

                        Robyn Em

                          I went to a charlotte tilbury masterclass and since then I have been obsessed. Since they have repackaged things the brand is so beautiful! Also fixing the eyeliner is me in every video/daily life haha I ALWAYS have a cotton bud ready to go

                          keiry barreiro

                            Hi Freddy I know that you only like brown mascara but the glossier Lashslick is perfect for that fluffy soft lash extension look. right now there is only a black shade but i feel like if you do a quick coat it would look natural! wish i could give another recommendation on that!! i also like that kind of look! If I had lighter hair I would so agree with you! I hope more brands come out with brown mascaras!

                            C schwagerin

                              You look so beautiful without those awful fringes!!!!😍

                              ThyLoverly Vlogs

                                only discovered CT after watching ur vids

                                Eagle Marin

                                  Ma’am, it’s not a good thing if your face is turning bright red. Irritation— whether from a “vigorous facial massage” or a product— is not a “necessary evil.” You seem to have mild rosacea and very sensitive skin— please see a dermatologist and stop rubbing and tugging at your skin.


                                    At first when I saw the title I Was meh I dont do makeup… But then I watched anyways bc youre so relaxing and cool to watch, and ear ☺️☺️

                                    Alessandra Jackson

                                      So gorgeous!!!! I love this look

                                      S Koz

                                        I could NEVER do eyeliner without mascara, it just looks so weird on me. One time I was in a rush and left the house with eyeliner but no mascara and so many people noticed omg

                                        Arya Setiawan

                                          u should share your nanny's moisturizer recipe😍😍


                                            GAL YOUR SKIN IS GLOWING WITHOUT MAKEUP 😍💓 you're so gorgeous i can't believe aaah 🌸

                                            ava curran

                                              can you do your top 10 favourite gossip girl episodes x

                                              Grace Foley

                                                please please please do a tanning routine 🥰🥰

                                                Eleanor Smith

                                                  So sad I can’t afford Charlotte Tilbury! 😢 can’t wait to be able to buy it when I’m older. Love you so much Freddy!!🥰😘

                                                  Hannah M

                                                    Yep. You've done it. Just placed my first Charlotte Tilbury order 🥰 cannot wait!! Xx my wallet… not so much

                                                    girish melkote

                                                      Please do a QUARENTINE routine ⛅🌃


                                                        i dont ever wear mascara either but bc i have the worlds shortest lashes n it just weighs it down. plus its hard to get off


                                                          charlotte should collab w you in a video

                                                          nunya bidness

                                                            …..8 minutes in and I'm totally going to Charlotte Tilbury's website lol


                                                              i wish i could be sent ct products ugh

                                                              kritika jain

                                                                I love your style….!!! It's really suitable for me …..plz upload drugstore makeup tutorial …..

                                                                Ananta Sinha

                                                                  Nice to see Barbie with and without make up. You r flawless both ways Freddie. You r a beauty

                                                                  Juliet Bowen

                                                                    I'd love to see a video from you about how to still feel yourself during this lockdown, as we can't go and get our hair/nails etc done professionally…do you maybe have tips on how to still feel good about ourselves and do our own self care from home x


                                                                      👢👢 🎒

                                                                      Rachelle McLeod

                                                                        I would love to see your skincare and Haircare what you eat in a day fitness routine night routine

                                                                        Kacy Della

                                                                          Beautiful!! I love your makeup style, looks natural but enhances all the beauty. I personally think eye makeup used to be very “IN” but now it’s more about the natural look which you nailed it.

                                                                          Thomas Blaine

                                                                            I. Love. You ❤️❤️

                                                                            Lilla Hrmn

                                                                              Absolutely love Freddy, she’s the prettiest ever! My fav lipstick colour is the same 😍💕 love your self confidence too🥰

                                                                              Celine Ticao

                                                                                you are sooooooo pretty 🥰

                                                                                It’s Sanskriti

                                                                                  I love your make-up videos freddy

                                                                                  souma days

                                                                                    Can you visit my chaine also please🙏🙏❤❤

                                                                                    Mette Bendixen

                                                                                      If you had to choose between Clinique moisturiser surge and the Charlotte magic creme what would u choose?💖

                                                                                      Liberty Fay

                                                                                        I loved the makeup video. Please do some more old style YouTube videos like a q&a 💕💓💕


                                                                                          Hope you're feeling better freddy 🙂

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