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      DRUGSTORE MAKEUP FAILS | Save Your Money 💰

      I love these brands, but these products just didn’t work for me. xo’s ~ Tati SAVE w/ HALO DISCOUNT BUNDLES …

      Skylar Thibos

        It would be a dream come true too meet you ❤️

        Thats Daze

          Try Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD ! They’re peta approved and it’s amazing!

          Truth In Beauty

            make-up obsession is the same company as make-up revolution/revolution beauty. Their products are and always have been hit and miss, and they're selling the same formula for more under the new name.

            Chrissy 8675309

              Merry Christmas!❤💚❤

              sylvia garza

                Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! Please make a video of what you do to your hair and fav products.


                  i actually got a palette from makeup obsession and its pretty good! idk it might have been just the belle jorden palette but you guys should totally give makeup obsession palettes a chance

                  Molly Mason

                    I was diagnosed with leukemia in March and lost all my eyelashes, I did use the Rodan & fields lash serum and my eyelashes grew INSANELY and I had no irritation or redness. So it’s probably a personal preference and varies from person to person. It did amazing things for me and I know there are other ones that do as well! 💕




                        Use RapidLash! I swear by it and you can get it for an affordable price on Amazon

                        Stephanie Toler

                          Have you chosen a extremely lucky person for the PR Giveaway?

                          Hannah Kayee

                            I've seen so many videos with your palette I just need it.

                            Kry Stead

                              Babe lash!!! It really works!

                              Thrifty Sweets


                                Reb b

                                  Can you please make a dupe for sugar pill poison plum they discontinued it 😭😭😭

                                  Reb b

                                    Can you make a good last serum for either tati beauty or Halo beauty that won't change our eye color

                                    Michelle Exley

                                      Prayers going up for your friend, Angie.

                                      Serenidee hope

                                        when will you be choosing a winner for your pr giveaway?

                                        Sandra Bock

                                          We are praying for your friend to beat this horrible disease 💗🙏

                                          Jenna Mullen

                                            My Dad has been battling cancer for 4 years now.. I know how terrible it is and it tears me up thinking about anyone who’s battling it. Praying for your friend and everyone around her!

                                            Natasha 2019

                                              OMG. your makeup soo beautiful ❣️❣️❣️

                                              v. axa

                                                I can't get over the top ❤❤❤

                                                Karina Carroll

                                                  The briogeo b.well cold pressed castor oil is pretty good. Very thick, so just need a light pump, then brush onto lashes using a spoolie😊 can even mix oils that are known to promote hair growth and health at home to use. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and your beautiful family❤

                                                  Nhia Lor

                                                    You look stunning! You're glowing! 😊

                                                    Jessica’s Lipstick Science

                                                      Hey Tati! You should try the LashExtend by SeneGence! Message me if you'd like to try it! 🙂 It comes in clear for the treatment itself or it comes in black so you can use it as eyeliner & still has the treatment that will grow your natural lashes.

                                                      The Mom Mess

                                                        When you had to work all day, the day before Christmas, then you get home and watch Tati. You just smile. The voice is just like a calming sound machine. LOL. Thank you ma'am. You have helped me so much learn about make ups.

                                                        Natalie Bennion

                                                          I love your earrings Tati!

                                                          Kay Pineapple

                                                            I always think the black/clear to “pink” products look bruise-y

                                                            Alicia Milligan-Biffis

                                                              Try Eyenvy! It has done so much for my lashes. A friend recommended it after I noticed her lashes one day. I went and purchased it almost immediately and have never looked back.


                                                                pls do a review of glossier

                                                                Sicily Easley

                                                                  Try Younique lash serum I love it!! And that top is amazing 😘

                                                                  Shraddha Asthana

                                                                    Use castor oil mixed with aloe vera gel onto ur lashes before u sleep … it helps … personally tested 💯👌👌👌

                                                                    Safa MAG

                                                                      Makeup obsessions does really good single shadows. Give those a try. You can get a custom palette made as well of 6 or 12. I dont like their other stuff.

                                                                      Kenzie May

                                                                        I like the Kush grow house lash and brow serum from milk make up

                                                                        Grace Ahn

                                                                          Are Tati’s nails dip or acrylics? They always look gorgeous

                                                                          Kelly Frost-cook

                                                                            Castor oil for lashes

                                                                            Tracy Roach

                                                                              I use black jamaican castor oil for my eyelashes and eyebrows.

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