Episode 1 | a day in my life 🤍 #shorts #dailyvlog

Main Episode 1 | a day in my life 🤍 #shorts #dailyvlog

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    Freddy My Love
      Episode 1 | a day in my life 🤍 #shorts #dailyvlog

      Faranak T

        I love this style of shorts from you. Please do more💓💖

        Gizele Fucanan

          what is that game Freddy looks nice and relaxing

          Miral Ak

            Oh my god i just I can't wait 🥰🥰🥰🥰

            Steph’s Tiny Life

              Love your vlogs but what the heck was the meal with the bananas and milk? Just really curious because I’ve never seen anything like that before🙈

              Ekta S

                Can’t wait to see her behind the shoot vlogz

                Ekta S

                  Hope Freddy would do daily vlogz on YouTube


                    So random..but how many times a day do you feed Cinderella? And what do you feed her. She looks very fit!😻

                    Katelin Norman

                      Eee! I'm so excited to see the new collection! Thankyou for sharing your day before the shoot, i love the insight

                      Klara Barunović

                        A real life princess🤍 and then there's Freddy… 😂jk, you're both a royalty👸🏼🐈(I wish there's an emoji of a white cat wearing a crown😕)

                        pablo escobar’s chanclas

                          “pretty stressful” lmao

                          Rafaella Martins

                            Ooh, such a glam day! I hope there's a full video coming up for us to watch and enjoy this amazing glam routine. 🌸✨

                            Sydney Kasmar

                              A new Flossy collection – I hope so!

                              Poised with Purpose Co.

                                How precious! 🥺💗🎀 What was the name of the game you played, I keep missing it!

                              Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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