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      EUPHORIA MAKEUP 🖤 no more basic looks ✨

      Lately I’ve been obsessed with the show Euphoria and wanted to do a few quick looks based off the characters. For this Rue look, I’m taking a body glitter gel …


        I just need to know.

        Who’s your favorite character and why?

        Can we agree Nate’s karma is coming for him?

        Lord Douglas

          THE PRODUCTION! THE LEWKS! THE EDITING!!! honestly, this is why I love you so much!


            euphoria rlly out here giving us all ideas for back to school season

            Faduma Yusuf

              Who was the one with the cherry look

              choi sanflower

                looks at title
                me: you are the cause of mY EUPHORIAAAAAA

                also it was very aestheticly pleasing to watch this lmao illyyyyy

                Helen L

                  I LOVE THISSSSS. Could you do more euphoria looks? The show is so good

                  Thalia Kei

                    Amazing video ahhhhhh

                    Inspired me for sure for my channel. Need to branch out more

                    Grande’s Moonlight

                      What filter did you use for the thumbnail? It’s so pretty

                      Julia R

                        AMAZINGG VIDEO😍😧😧 xoxo from 🇫🇷


                          Maddy always serving looks like the bad bitch she is.


                            Finally i have someone who does graphic liners with monolids!! Yesss thank you and love you💜💜

                            kaxandra go

                              yesss i love euphoria and you!!💗

                              miranda lune

                                yes !! so happy about this

                                Monique Nonye

                                  I'm kind of sad Kat got left out, she had some great looks!


                                    So beautiful❗️❗️❗️

                                    jay’s baby girl


                                      NICOLE RENEE

                                        THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED AT 3 AM 💗 you killed the looks. i can’t pick one favorite character from euphoria because i’m indecisive but also bc each of them are very different. (nate’s out the picture though, he can take his fragile masculinity out the door)


                                          your editing style is just WOW


                                            btw where did u get the white liner

                                            May naing

                                              Oooh thinking about doing this for hard summer!


                                                the euphoria twitter account is giving away free merch for makeup looks and fanart!

                                                Mayra Landin

                                                  I literally loved all these looks! I have to try them!


                                                    PLS MAKE THIS A SERIES

                                                    MBM Edit

                                                      Hell, this was a pleasure to watch <3 I love "weird" makeup looks, I get bored so easily with makeup but, at the same time, I feel afraid and insecure about puttin myself out there with unique looks. So, this video was really an amazing inspiration <3


                                                        THANKYOU FOR THISS!! this was much needed and I'm obsessed with Maddie's and Jules' makeup looks

                                                        I L L U S O R Y

                                                          < 3 Jules < 3

                                                          Pearl Fang

                                                            Why can I totally see you as a character on the show 🙄😍 you literally made these into your own, LOOOVEVEEVEE KAREN!!

                                                            The Moon Goddess

                                                              It’s 2 am Karen😅 pls go to sleep , it’s unhealthy

                                                              victory and unitorns

                                                                I love Euphoria and I love you omg 💓💕💞💘💖💗 this made my day

                                                                Sh Liyana

                                                                  I might start watching euphoria thanks to you! 💓

                                                                  Lynn Nguyen

                                                                    Dude!! This is such a creative video! I have not seen anything like this. Please recreate more looks from TV shows, runways, movies, etc. Love your content always ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                    nina isabela

                                                                      this video is so YOU i luv it

                                                                      – I s h i a

                                                                        I love your work and all your dedication. You always bring such beautiful videos. Thank you for everything. By the way, this make-up is so beautiful! 😍

                                                                        Ariel Sepeda

                                                                          OH WE LOVE

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