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    Allana Davison



        Calling Malaysia and Bali “Asia” is a strange generalisation… yes they’re in Asia but Asia is a continent that covers like half the world with tens of countries. This feels like extremely Western-centric language

        kiah murphy

          glossier play! por favor


            I love Bali <3

            Gal Cohen

              Omg I looove your style so much!!! It is sooo classic and feminine and most importantly practical! I want to live in your closet loll😅🤩 I started to adopt this style a year or two ago and I love it! With the same clothes as materials by the way..😄 tnx for this one 🤗❤

              Breazy Vera

                Living for "Linen Lan".
                Also that pink linen dress on you is perfection <3

                Ruhela Begum

                  Can you PLEASE do a Q&A with Dejan 🙏🙏🙏

                  L Iris

                    Well won’t be buying any of that, sooooo pricey 😭

                    Urvi Pathak

                      Hi, this is rather nit picky, but I saw the title and I was so confused by what you meant by “Asia”. Asia is a huge continent, and the area you went to, from what I understand, is south east Asia.

                      Nancy Brafford

                        Can you please share specific information as to what earrings you wear in your second and third holes and where you purchased them from? Love them and you!


                          im crazy abt co-ords that's all im buying and wearing can't wait to try the posse sets


                            Your linen outfits definitely inspired me. I’m going to Hawaii next month and I hear it’s quite humid(I wouldn’t know it’ll be my first time going) so I purchased all linen clothing, plus, I love the look and feel and know I can incorporate all the pieces in my regular wardrobe so nothing is a one and done item.

                            Rita Meshreky

                              I just can’t get over that pink dress on you 😍😍😍😍😍


                                I grew up in India grew up Hindu and wow never heard of any of these terms or any of these festivities how cool and new for me as well!


                                  I think the Hindu close down/ celebration is pretty cool, wish Christianity did something similar, rather than just being associated with consumerism I.e. Christmas/Easter

                                  Zoe Buchli

                                    Could you review Glossier Play and then also Zara's new makeup products? They just launched lipsticks and I'm so curious! XO

                                    Dina Daglas

                                      what size are you typically in posse? I too am a sweaty bitch and need that linen good good.

                                      Yi Hui

                                        i was hoping to see more of KL especially since i saw on IG that you went around and to KLCC 🙁

                                        Amanda Weldon

                                          Love all of these outfits! Oh man it must have been so hot and humid there but you rocked it! ❤️❤️❤️

                                          Aleisha kelly

                                            Classic Barbie vibes 😘

                                            Diana Ocampo

                                              You look absolutely stunning pink looks good 😍😁 💖

                                              Sofia Chacon

                                                i feel like all your outfits always are on point

                                                Lizzlebottom W

                                                  You are not alone girl, I am HORRIBLE in the heat. Like seriously, I’m a wildebeest.


                                                    In “Asia”? It’s a big fucking continent with a diverse collection of countries. You’re so ignorant Allana. Just recently you kept referring to the DR as the “Dominican”. Yuck. Do better, it’s actually pathetic.

                                                    ShaRae Burr

                                                      You thought you could get this one by me, nope. Thanks notifications ❤️❤️❤️

                                                      ShaRae Burr

                                                        Ahh my little Lanny Rammy❤️❤️❤️

                                                        Annah Niram

                                                          most gorgeous gal
                                                          (also pink is your color!)

                                                          Stephanie L

                                                            Allana posted a video…I can sleep later 😉😴

                                                            Corey Chatman

                                                              Love these looks. Thanks again girl.

                                                              Jana Michele

                                                                I absolutely love your sense of style! It's like the perfect blend of comfy yet still unique. Meanwhile I wear the same jeans for a week straight 😂

                                                                Jen C

                                                                  Tan Lam, Girl you so Pretty…! <3

                                                                  Nea Horton

                                                                    WHOOP WHOOOOP SHALOM BACK IN THE HOME!!!!!

                                                                    Elva González

                                                                      Omg! Im early! Love the pink lipstick !

                                                                      Meagan Angidlik

                                                                        OK SO 1AM UPLOAD?? WHATS SLEEP NEVER HEARD OF HER 👯

                                                                        Ashni Gill

                                                                          😍 that pink lip in the intro

                                                                          Claire Gueissaz

                                                                            am I early ?

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