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    Allana Davison
      Full Face of 🧡NEW 💗 NEON MAKEUP

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ ——————————————————————————————— COME SAY HELLO! INSTAGRAM …


        I need that neon palette 😍 it reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Neon Nude collection from a while back.

        IG: cardenas_d_

        Ebony Rowena

          LOVE LOVE LOVE the eyeshadow colours…. sooo PRETTY! 😍😍😍
          IG @ebonyrowena


            This neon looks look incredible on you!

            Danielle Lourdes

              I'd never think to put those colours together either, but it looks so beautiful!! 😍 ig: themaindanielle

              Sofia M

                Amazing look Allana! I feel u with the liner, so good looking on others but not for me ^^ Love u! Every day may was a delight <3


                  The liner part cracked me up 😀 But I think it looks good!
                  IG katrileh

                  Anna Madej

                    You make even neon colors look very natural and wearable, kinda magic… I'm obsessed
                    ig: anamadej


                      Want to try out that orange and pink combo! Looks so good!! @ft_katrina ig

                      Lilla Görög

                        I love this look, everything looks good on you.. 🤷🏻‍♀️😄💞
                        IG-handle: lillapetra.gorog

                        Chloe Daniel

                          I'm a new follower and I'm really enjoying your videos!


                            I’ve been eyeing these palettes and neon looks wonderful on you! @makeupwithaheart

                            Alice Pictoria

                              Take a shot every time you say Katie Jane Hughes 😂 Absolutely love this neon look on you, and as a fellow member of the dry skin clan I’m basically buying all of that base because your skin is JLO GOALS in this video 🙌🏼

                              IG: @alicepictoria

                              Danielle Ellis

                                You are to me what Katie is to you!!! Loved you forever, you’re basically the only YouTuber I watch these days. Always inspired by your looks and no rules outlook 🥰


                                Allison Schmocker

                                  Looooove the neon trend right now & wow you have such gorgeous skin (a goal I'm working towards–thank you Accutane)! I find your willingness to take risks and pursue a life that makes you happy very inspiring. Thank you for bringing hope to this recent college grad!
                                  IG @schmalli14220

                                  Sandy Place

                                    I love that you’re experimenting!!! Keep it up girly !!
                                    Insta: @okayest_yogi

                                    Taylor Floyd

                                      Well I guess I have to start doing neon looks because this was stunning!


                                      Erin Wygant

                                        You are my absolute FAVE makeup YouTuber gal, and I’m absolutely living for these bright eyeshadow videos. I would love to win these beautiful eyeshadow palettes! I’m @blushingophelia on IG! 💕

                                        Aashni Patel

                                          Omg so good! Apatel95@bu.edu !!

                                          Ali Paszek

                                            Such a fun look! @alipasz

                                            Giulia Mungiello

                                              Beautiful, love you 😘 ig: giuliamungiello

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