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    Allana Davison
      Full Face Playing With NEW MAKEUP ⚡️#FFF

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ cool tones who are we ——————————————————————————————— COME SAY HELLO!


        That palette omg 😱


          YES #FFF using elf 😍😍😍🙏💄 xxx

          Bea Lago

            #FFF e.l.f praaaducks 🦆🦆🦆🦆 love you lots forever 🤠🤠🤠

            Julia Milske

              Id love to see an amazon favorite!!!

              J Jadot

                That shimmer shade is stunning ✨✨😍😍✨✨

                Corrie Z

                  This looks SO good on you, give up the warm lyfe for good

                  Edith F

                    Omg I thought that gelee highlight dripped onto the actual blush palette! 😱 Thank goodness just on the package

                    Tiffany Uy


                      Natalie L

                        I was watching this video while on my work break and I had to pause it just to run and get this palette.

                        Valeri Oliva

                          The unlimited mascara is my jam

                          Dommineque Preston

                            yesss full face elf!

                            88keys 10fingers

                              Very pretty! Have you considered testing Mad Hippie products? Just wondering about how well they work?

                              حنان الحربي 11

                                So beautiful look 😍❤️


                                  Elf full faced Friday 100%

                                  Rhiannon Rosskamp

                                    Allana!! I know you love your Kevyn Aucoin contour powder — you haveee to watch the Kevyn Aucoin documentary on Nextflix (if you haven't already seen it of course) (((also, you are as beautiful and as talented as always 😘))).



                                      Dom B

                                        I don’t think these liquid lips are meant to be long lasting. They are hoping for more comfortable wear. The nude ones are great


                                          Do FFF using fenty beauty. Something really glittery but still wearable 🤷‍♀️ like, if you wanna look extra sparkly than usual but without the crazy colors. If that makes sense 😂 love u, xxx

                                          Asma bc

                                            😍😍😍😍😍😍 i love uuu allannaaa

                                            Chris Lecher

                                              You look GORG! But what happened? No wear test? How did everything work out???

                                              Chris Lecher

                                                I could DEFINITELY see the difference after you used the Loreal brow gel. It did add color to your brows, for sure.

                                                Deepika Kunwar

                                                  SO HAWWT!!! you're glowing!!!! love this look on you!! <3

                                                  Quinn Diemer

                                                    Your skin looks SO good.

                                                    Carmela Guilfoyle

                                                      Can you please tell me where in Toronto you get your lips filled? I live in Toronto as well and have no idea where to go and your lips look so natural. I would never have known that you had filler until you said. I am a dry skin girl as well and watch your videos, you give so much good information. Thank you!!!!!



                                                        Kristie Allen

                                                          Omg I burst out laughing when the highlighter dropped out 😂

                                                          Dona youssef

                                                            is she on drugs???? seriously, chill woman !

                                                            Melissa Petzer

                                                              The new setup is fantastic 👏🏻❤️

                                                              Nathalie Caron

                                                                You look amazing with cool tones 😊. I got that palette but I haven't try it yet.

                                                                Schylar R

                                                                  Would love to see a FFF with elf!



                                                                    Svenja Eisele

                                                                      Really liked that look on you!
                                                                      Could you try out the new Mac brow product? It is called the Mac Shape and Shade Brow tint… would love to see how you like it! 🧡


                                                                        Gorgeous eye makeup 😍

                                                                        Julie Redhead

                                                                          Great look, love the eye palette x


                                                                            Please let us know how the primer and mascara held up?? Super interested and looking for a new mascara 👌🏼😘 thanks 🙂

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