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    Allana Davison

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ Shop the REAL REAL website here & get $25 off of your first order! XOXOXOXOO …


        Didn't Chanel sue the Real Real?! lol

        Ester R

          The real real was sued by Chanel for selling fakes… 😥


            I often don’t watch Chanel related videos because their shade range doesn’t go to my color. I’m a medium brown, so Chanel leaves a lot of us out.

            Dominika Dobruchowska

              Clarins next! 🙂

              Inês Martins

                Loved this!! Big Chanel fan here 🙂 love their ombre premiere eyeshadows, specially ultra fresh, and the stick Blush from Les Beiges collection too. Thanks for the video!

                Heather Hayes

                  Thank you for doing this!!!!!!! 💕

                  The Porcelain Plum

                    the rose blush is my absolute fav!


                      Amazing look!

                      Future SLP

                        Lusting over that jacket sooooooo much! I am so big on classy lady vibes, and that is the ultimate piece for that! Love!!!!!!

                        Pippy Amorin

                          I'm obsessed with this look omg

                          Betty Alex Kollias

                            Really love the look! Just find your videos taking waaaay too long (23mins???)… less chit chat please allana.

                            Alexis Leigh

                              The Tinted moisturizer you used has such a small bottle, because it doesn't have as much excess packaging as most foundations or other similar items. It still has a full 30ml or 1oz, so you're not actually getting less 🤓

                              Fiona Yamamoto

                                Vitalumiere aqua ruined my skin lol hate it

                                Olivia Lates

                                  adding everything to cart bc i’m obsessed w this look

                                  Olivia Lates

                                    omg i literally bought the vitalumiere aqua because of fleur ! still a cult fave to this day

                                    Amazon Aff

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                                      Robin Tar

                                        Favorite look I've seen you do. Love bronzey eyes. Using it as inspo for a wedding I'm in!


                                          They definitely need to extend the shade range. I wanted to purchase it years ago, and I was disappointed that it only came in one shade. My hope was, throughout the years, they would finally "get it" and expand their shade range, but much hasn't changed.

                                          Amy Young

                                            This look is tres chic. Love it. The quality of product is quite obvious. Wonder why Chanel doesn't make a deeper shade of cream bronzer? Or ar least another tone option.

                                            Red Stilletto

                                              I know you don’t care, nor will you see this comment, or you’ll just ignore it. But just know that Chanel and all the other “glamorous “ brands , test on animals in the most inhuman way, google it and you’ll see what it takes to get makeup and clothes to your house,just so you can have a “luxurious “brand logo that makes people think you have money. There’s plenty of other brand out there JUST as good if not better that don’t test nor hurt animals for the sake of experimenting on them. I am a nobody, but if I could make a small difference then I will spread the word, even if people don’t care and give me crap. Please change your habits, change to cruelty free,even if it’s a small percentage.


                                                … ok, i need this gloss 😱😱😱

                                                Alex Feltham

                                                  JUST LOOK AT YOU! ❤️

                                                  Also a youtuber x

                                                  Victoria Lund Lindholm

                                                    Where is the brush you used for highlighter from? 🙂

                                                    kealey windle

                                                      Best bronzer !!!

                                                      Kristen Flores

                                                        Obsessed! Love this FFF Chanel Look! Also what is your nail color in this video???! I love it! xoxo

                                                        Jennifer Taylor

                                                          I'd be interested to see you compare your old favourites to your new favourites. The lipstick looks similar to the YSL lipsticks that you used to rave about.

                                                          Hoo Me

                                                            Chanel lip gloss, especially the ones with the powder formula. Love the jacket. One day I’ll be smart enough to buy one instead of spending all my money on god knows what.

                                                            Chiara Zak

                                                              Did you have an allergic reaction to the 1st product you've applied on your neck?

                                                              Jocelyne L-Fab

                                                                I also fell for the bronzer highlighter duo, in the light and medium versions. One is too light and sheer, the other is too dark and gold toned. I now use them as eyeshadows and that is what they should have been.

                                                                Joanna K

                                                                  Avon actually has amazing dupes for these eyeshadow quads!

                                                                  Jane Gotzmann

                                                                    Hello Allana, which colourname is the lipgloss? you forgot to tell it 🤣✌please tell me…thanx a lot for this vid…luv it 🙂

                                                                    Creative Artist


                                                                      Savannah Cochran

                                                                        I recently discovered your channel and binge watched all your #FFF yesterday. Anyway, caught myself saying wow wowwowwow this morning 😂😂

                                                                        Ivanna Alpizar

                                                                          Can you please do a full face of UD, and try the new simply naked foundatiom!

                                                                          Chelsea Lyons

                                                                            Milk Baked Bronzer is also 1oz and half the price of the Chanel 😉 how do the shades differ?

                                                                            S A

                                                                              is she capable of using drugstore or even high end makeup instead of the avalanche of LUXURIOUS makeup she is using??? most of us aren't staying at home coloring our faces and get paid thousands of dollars per month!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                              Jenna Wygant

                                                                                Love that you did this! Would love to see more of their foundations! They have so many! I picked up the newer full coverage matte one at my Ulta a few months ago-I typically like more dewy too! It’s beautiful! Also interested in the others!

                                                                                Nikki Gutierrez

                                                                                  The Ilusion D’Ombre eye cream things…damn, just damn. ✨🙌🤤

                                                                                  tanja i

                                                                                    Perfect!!!! 👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️🍒🍒🍒

                                                                                    Rafaela goltsman


                                                                                      Heather Nevarez

                                                                                        Loving the hair 👍😊

                                                                                        Big Sexy Aka BS

                                                                                          If you ever want to declutter the Chanel Cream Bronzer ever again, I would be honored to take it off your hands. It's my dream to own that and I am 39😘💯😍. Great video❤️

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