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    Allana Davison

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ #EverydayMay Day TWENTY-NINE! Cheers to L’Oréal Paris for hooking it up with the bomb.com Unlimited …

      Krista Hogan

        For some reason every time I wear the glowtion, my eyelids get so swollen & scaly. It takes weeks for them to recover. Makes me so sad because I love all glow enhancers😭

        Lyndsey Bartell-Tamayo

          Love this look! And that winged liner 😍

          Maggie Brousseau

            I bought the Tru Match concealer after your watching your videos and I love the product. But I was shocked at how little product is in it! I feel like if you sue it everyday you can easily go through it. For $12 American it’s a bummer.

            Meredith MacMillan

              lol at the tin man insert. As difficult as that liner thing was, wings look so good on you!


                Love love love your personality! Oh and your so pretty:)


                  eyeliner looks SO GOOD on you oh my GOD

                  Zeinab Saidoun

                    GIRLFRIEND!!! I know you live in Toronto and me, being in the suburbs of Toronto, have Walmart to buy drugstore beauty products at. BUT I CRIIIII every time you say a price of something you bought at Shoppers bc Walmart is always anywhere between $4-$8 cheaper. ALWAYS!!! I'm not a Walmart advocate or anything LOL but fr, shop Walmart online maybe??? You work too hard for that $$$. (I swear even frkn Amazon is cheaper than Shoppers!)


                      I wonder if that stencil would work with hooded eyes ..?

                      Maddie Bee

                        Lol so glad you didn’t use the L’Oréal liquid liner that goes with the lash paradise mascara. I’ve bought it THREE times and every single time, it is practically empty and dried out like the second time I use it

                        Mimi Tatou

                          Listen Allana! U should go for the liner more often, as we say in French :ça te vas super bien 😘😍

                          Kathy Gialdo

                            Omg you look gorgeous


                              its so crazy that always when you put your heavy bronzer on, i'm like shook and after two mins looking at you im like "damn girl, thats so pretty – i should try this as well" 😀

                              Meggie Spaghetti

                                How is the Lumi Glotion different from their Visible Lift Luminous Serum Tint? I've been using it forever but it's almost all gone….stick with my sure thing, or move on to the Glotion??

                                Shari Magby

                                  Love the bronzy look on you! 😍

                                  Britney Paschenko

                                    Can’t stop thinking about all the optimum points you must have got lmao


                                      OBSESSSEEDDD with that lip liner and lipstick!! I need it right now!

                                      Sandra Metcalfe

                                        I have the mascara and love it. 😍

                                        A Chris Jones

                                          Lisa Eldridge made the bendy wand for Lancôme a few years ago, and I think both companies are under the same parent

                                          Nika Vuković

                                            FFF with catrice and essence, drugstore makeup with drugstore pricing haha 🙂 loved everyday May!

                                            Stacey Pleasants

                                              Ohhhhh I'm loving your eye look 😍

                                              spandan patel

                                                'Shading in my SCHEEKS!! " HAHA… 😂😂 you're amazing!


                                                  May I ask what kind of face brushes are you using?

                                                  Logan Ranhofer

                                                    This is one of my favorite looks and makes me want to try Loreal out more. I was SHOOOOK when you applied the mascara 😱 Also well done for making a sponsored video not even feel like a sponsored video AT ALL 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

                                                    ThompsonSquared Xo

                                                      I love the super blendable powder for bronzer.

                                                      Wendy French

                                                        I the US they have a lumi bronzer that has RAVE reviews. Bronzer is your jam.

                                                        Jessica Lynette

                                                          Yup girl keep the drugstore vids coming! Pleaseeee & thank youuuuu sweets! 😘


                                                            I remember there was a similar price fuck up with a revlon concealor (or maybe it was this loreal one), when you worked out how much it cost per ml, it ended up being more expensive than a frickin SISLEY concealer. SISLEY!!!

                                                            A C

                                                              You should try cruelty free products

                                                              Sarah Nolan

                                                                This look is beautiful 👌🏼❤️ eye liner really suits you despite the dramatic application 🤣


                                                                  Gorgeous.❤ Would love to see a full face vegan and cruelty free make up 😊

                                                                  Fenella Smith

                                                                    Please do more drugstore makeup videos? Xoxo

                                                                    kerstin loidolt

                                                                      i just realized that you totally look like amelia from grey‘s anatomy 😳

                                                                      Alexandra Warzee

                                                                        Nope nope nope nope nope. U look great but no frickin waaayyyy am I spending that kinda money on L’Oréal. I remember when that shit was, ya know, actual dRuGsToRe prices.

                                                                        Ruxandra Mitre

                                                                          I love l oreal so much ! Indeed drugstore prices are in some brands ridiculously high but at least investing in l’oreal it worths the money, always l’oreal is a quality choice. I am currently using this foundation, i also have the true match one that i thinks it’s more suitable for you than this one you tried, i had the powder, i have matte lipsticks, rimmels, everything from l’oreal is damn good !!!

                                                                          Bre Reavis

                                                                            You’re looking so good!!


                                                                              Shoppers always jacks up their pricing! I'm not saying drugstore is as affordable as it was, but it's much cheaper at Wall-Mart, or even Amazon. This look is so, so lovely on you!

                                                                              Ayaka Sato

                                                                                You look like a Charlotte Tilbury model.

                                                                                Jacey Mae

                                                                                  You are so fun to watch!!! My favorite part was the eyeliner. Girl, the struggle is real. I'm not great at liner myself. I need that stencil. Lol😂😂😂
                                                                                  You look gorgeous.

                                                                                  By Alyssaa

                                                                                    you are stunning ! where has your channel been my whole life ?!

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