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    Allana Davison



        Try makeup revolution! I have their chocolate orange palette and it is everything

        tanya porter

          I was at Walmart and checked out that lipstick. It’s looks soooo good on you , but ugly in the tube. How do you make it look so good ? I got the liner instead 😜😜😜. It’s good !! Thanks. And yah. The foundation is great. Love it.

          Raneem Fathy

            Just started the video but thought I’d put this here before I forget hahaha, maybe the primer spray is just fragranced with coconut but doesn’t actually have any coconut oil or whatever else in it? Could be just the scent

            Liv Inuk Oldenburg Lynge

              Full face of Nyx😍😍 Wet n wild is soo hard to get a hold of in denmark. It is sold in one store, but everything is often sold out.. But would love to see a full face of Nyx! 😍😍

              teresa williams

                Glad I waited for the end 😉 #fff


                  Absolutely stunning 💕

                  Pauline Acerbis

                    Hi Allana! Thanks For your amazing work! I love your you tube Channel and every saturday when i woke up i'm so excited with new full face friday! (I'm in France)
                    I'd loved To see a vidéo with your favorite bases and foundation for dry and sensitive skin. I didn't see that for a long time on your Channel (may be 2 years if i'm right) . That would be so great To have your updates! (I hope my english is ok… my Phone changes every word in weird french words😅) have a Nice day! 😍

                    It’s Trish

                      I thought you were really gonna deprive us of the FFF opening jingle and I was so sad it wasn't there! But you came in HAWT with the save and LOVED that it ended on that note. Fridays cant start for me until you serenade me girl! Love ya!


                        Allanaaaaaa y u no sing intro song? O.O

                        Greta Elsh

                          You inspired me to set out my wet'n'wild palette so I'd remember to use it to do my makeup in the morning. My first experience with the palette wasn't good, but then I tried a different primer (the covergirl one in white and black packaging) and the shadows worked better. I would rather do what I normally prefer and use my concealer as a primer, but this reminded me I want to use that palette (the one with the orangey shades and the bright turquoise-blue). Maybe I'll figure out how I like to use it/how it works for me in the next couple of applications


                            A really great video… like Always ❤️ you are just the best youtuber out there 🍀

                            Jody C

                              Well now Im going to have to try the foundation!

                              Andrea Gabrielle

                                Allana get the concealer!! It’s a MUST HAVE!!!


                                  that's so annoying how you can buy a bunch of makeup that you never used and creat such a stunning look and every time I do it I end up looking like 2005 jersey shore snookie

                                  Britte Vermeulen

                                    Going to buy everything from this look, brb.

                                    Taisha Curtis

                                      Love drugstoreeeeee

                                      tanja i

                                        Superb look!!!

                                        kristine hatcher

                                          i LOVE this foundation but it made me break out so badly

                                          Jessa Mariano

                                            They have the liquid catsuit lipgloss that Jamie loves! You should pick it up!😋😁

                                            Brooke Sosa

                                              Looking gorgeous! I loooove the foundation stick! Can’t get over how good it is. So tempted to get that primer. 💕

                                              Andrea Flores

                                                i loved everything about this!!!! your reactions are so cute!!!!!

                                                Larrah Rice

                                                  Oh Allana, you're gorgeous without makeup but then such a stunner after your seemingly effortless application… truly you're one of a kind! Love your beauty and humor. Now, I must try that stick foundation for myself!❤😍😘

                                                  Brooke Allington

                                                    Luhuhuhuhuve wet n wild makeup! You used my fave blush from them and I like to use their contour palette as a bronzer. I wish you had used the concealer because I love it! Not a toooon of coverage but blends so nice and I use it every day. Love you Lan!!!! Thanks for being the realest. ❤️😘

                                                    Josefina Langevin

                                                      Yeeeii!!! Drugstoree 🎉🎉🎉!!! Love the "intro" at the end 😂😂😂!!

                                                      Marieke Snyman

                                                        Nice! Will you please do a look with the other pallet too?

                                                        Jaime Bush

                                                          Lan, this look is absolutely stunning! 😍The base, the eyes, the lips! IT’S.SO.DAMN. GOOD!!!! 🔥😤🥵 I’ve been debating on picking up the stick foundation, but after this videoI am going straight to the drugstore in the morning! 👌


                                                            I think you're the first person I've ever seen that didn't totally bash those glitter singles 😂

                                                            Gigi Larsen

                                                              Another gorgeous look! You’re the youtuber that converted me from cool tones to oranges & reds, I’ve never looked back! Thank you xo

                                                              Rachel Benzing

                                                                I see the Katie Jane Hughes rubbing off 😂😂😊♥️ Beautiful look, Allana!


                                                                  Honestly, I don’t think anyone could tell that you used a cheaper drugstore brand to do your face. You ARE more talented, however, than the average bird. It seems like the difference is in the formulation and the fallout. That being said, we’ve all used expensive makeup with tons of fallout. (Stila, I’m looking at you!) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


                                                                    Have you done an all Physicians Formula video yet? I can’t remember. If not, that’d be a great video!

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