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    Tara Michelle
      GO BLONDE WITH ME ☆ brunette to blonde hair transformation

      AFTER SO MANY YEARS, I FINALLY WENT BACK TO BLONDE!!! I filmed the whole transformation (including the journey my hair has been on lol yikes) & hope …

      Tara Michelle

        DO BLONDES REALLY HAVE MORE FUN?! 😉 lol sorry I had to! But I'm soooo excited about my new hair, hope you guys like it too! 🙂

        LUJABEDA Jano

          OMG inever really kept track of how long ive been watching you and when you put the years on each clip i reliazed how i remember each clip and its just crazy for me how long ive been watching your videos!!! ahh hahaha love u tara <3



            Elisabeth Chandler

              You’re so cute omg I’m subscribed now❤️


                I love it! I really feel like it matches your personality.. if that makes any sense lol

                StyleBoy Esposito

                  I'm obessed with your hair 😍😍

                  cheyenne woonsam

                    Your hair looks so bomb and healthy I’m screaming omg😩😍😍😭

                    celestina alfaro

                      You are so freakin beautiful! I love love love your hair Tara!

                      vanessa grace

                        Your hair is amazing!

                        Haley Rutherford

                          we love do it yourself tara!! get ut done bishh


                            Your hair looks so much healthier now! I'm loving the look girly <3

                            TAHMINA BEGUM

                              OMG Tara I love your new hair!! I’m literally obsessed!! ❤️

                              Kim J

                                Can u do a video on how u grew your hair faster??


                                  Blue hair suits you well actually 😂

                                  Giselle Arellano

                                    Dude you pull off both colors so well!


                                      LOVE it 😍😍😍

                                      Samantha Paige

                                        I love your parents lol

                                        Romina Bautista

                                          How did you lose so much weight??????

                                          Rikki_ lasvegaskillers11

                                            Looks really pretty and so healthy Tara!!

                                            Henya Martinez

                                              Omg you have my natural hair color lol it’s so cute though also I want to see a video of how you grew your hair out because your girl is struggling over here lol love you Tara ❤️😉

                                              Gabby Lee

                                                this is so crazy you were the first person that I watched making "vlogs" back when you were in college and my favorite videos was when you did your own hair agghhhhh ily ur amazing


                                                  Looks amazing 🙂 my favorite color you've ever had!

                                                  Tylar Mills

                                                    you deadass can see your body transform too like you look so good

                                                    Kailey Elizabeth

                                                      Blonde looks so good on you!! Love it!

                                                      Madison Previte

                                                        “Look at the curls and shit.” Your dad is too funny!! Blonde looks so good on you!

                                                        Dallas Rxchl

                                                          Did her mom really said you look so trendy?😂❤️

                                                          Kayla Guess

                                                            Did you just get your belly button pierced? I've never noticed it!

                                                            Sarah Watts

                                                              Love the blonde Tara!!!!

                                                              Jessica Cerqueira

                                                                where are the jeans u are wearing

                                                                Molly McArdell

                                                                  I’m a natural blonde! I love being blonde.

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