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    Jackie Aina
      GRWM: Mauritius Edition 🇲🇺

      An amazing experience to be able to explore the beautiful island of Mauritius. Come GRWM for the day!

      Oxide Kimberly

        You are in my country 🤩🤩


          outdoor showering has definitely been on my bucket list

          Shantae Hall-Carder



              A good Classic GRWM never fails! 💕

              Amrita Buttar

                Loveee the 4 seasons resort there

                Jennifer Peralte

                  Definitely watched this more than once!! ☀️🤍

                  Luli Mau

                    Outside Nekkid! That’s what I’m talking about!❤❤❤


                      Adding Mauritius to the list 😍 moments like this pending…


                        That shower is 🔥🔥🔥, and of course you are beautiful as usual ❤

                        Sadity Lip Gloss

                          I do this almost daily. Some parts are imaginary, but it really works. I love this. ❤❤❤



                            Susie shine

                              Fresh is my shiiiiet! Love it

                              Black Women Germany

                                Wonderful 💘

                                Carly Sue


                                  Ndeye Fall

                                    Jackie! You are everything ❤❤

                                    Ree Bryant

                                      Amazing as usual.. what’s the eyebrow gel ur using?

                                      Shanna Brown

                                        I literally could watch you do nothing ♥️

                                        Mz Ebony_Luvz

                                          Looks heavenly.

                                          Yesim Ozerim

                                            Slay u have the best house😩



                                              Allie B.

                                                What a gorgeous scene❤


                                                  I love that you were in my country pampering and enjoying yourself!

                                                  Priya S

                                                    It is a “fresh “ brand trip ? And yes, Mauritius is beautiful!! ❤️I went there for my honeymoon 15 years ago

                                                    Robbin Fernandez

                                                      Ooh u taking a shower outside must be cool

                                                      Nadia Thomas

                                                        You’re so beautiful!! Which blush is that??

                                                        d sallet

                                                          BRAVO QUEEN 👸🏽 👏🏾 🙌🏽 ♥️

                                                          Sal B

                                                            The skin baby!!!

                                                          Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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