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    Allana Davison

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ ——————————————————————————————— COME SAY HELLO! INSTAGRAM …

      ida stougaard

        I would love an insight in how you decide where to go and how to be conscious on sustainability all in the same time. Planet earth and its future means a lot to me, and traveling can be a bitch to our future descendants. Not meaning to be a spoilsport, but maybe a talk/video about the subject would be nice?
        Hope you enjoy your vacation, it looks wonderful! 🙂

        sienna x

          You’re gonna be in Bali? Omg so exciting!!!! For temples, you can go to:
          (-) Uluwatu temple: it’s around the same place as seminyak and it’s beautiful and at certain times there’re like dances and music that portrays historical or just legends. Personally i love to watch them in Bali
          (-) Tirta Empul temple: it’s well-known for its holy water and self purification for hindu ppl
          (-) Tanah Lot temple: it’s one of the most well-known temples in Bali so it’s crowded most of the time but it’s beautifulll and should definitely climb up to go to the temple when the stairs are visible at low tide (I haven’t actually visit the temple because the sea level was at high tide so i only enjoyed the sunset and looked at the temple from afar haha shame tho 😭)
          (-) Besakih temple: it’s the biggest temple complex in Bali. It’s the center of hindu’s religious activities. The stairs can be tiring but it’s for you to be able to see the whole temples with their various heights.

          Hopefully this can be helpful for you and have tons of fun in Bali!! ❤️❤️

          Khloe Darling

            Travel vlogs, monthly favorites, hauls. I would watch anything!!

            Gemma Ni

              I had been staying in Ubud for 2 weeks. TBH, Arma resort was the place that I spent the most time in. It was a combination of a resort and a museum where I took some art classes. Furthermore, the owner offered a special ”golden hour” trip that is quite different from those commercial trips you could find from the local travel agency. By contrast, I don’t recommend surfing and swimming in Bali because of the water pollution. And talk about filming ideas, could you film some makeup recommendations for humid weather, especially mascara? My radar is searching for some none-waterproof while none-smudge mascara that can even stay in put in humidity. Also your lip colour is very pretty in this video, maybe you could film a video about spring/summer lip colours?

              Jolie Gang

                Love you look fantastic urghhhhh

                Elena Yeates

                  Food, food and more food, please 🙂

                  Carlie Frevele

                    I'm visiting Vietnam for a week at the end of the month and your posts are getting me so excited for it!! for content it would be great to see how you.get through long flights (do you read, watch movies, etc?) or another in flight skincare routine! or how to pack lightly in regard to makeup, skincare, and hair products! and more vids about your outfits when you guys go out in a city would be cool too. tips on how to cope with jet lag… thanks girly have fun on the rest of your trip and keep posting on insta i love your vids and pics <3

                    Tinah Marzuki

                      If you love animals, I recommend Mara River Safari Lodge in Bali.

                      Bianca Uang

                        Hope you visit the Philippines while you're here in Asia! Philippines has one of the best beaches in the world 🤗❤️

                        sen haruno

                          Looking fab 🏖😍

                          Dinda Divania

                            Hi Alana, I'm currently living in Indonesia (Bali is one of Indonesia's island). You should be visiting Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan (they're two different island around Bali) they have INCREDIBLE view omg I cant get enough of them, I just actually finish my project there. You should visit Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida. Hope you enjoy every moment in your vacay here in Southeast Asia ❤️❤️

                            zoe simone

                              Hope you had enjoyed


                                Honestly have not been enjoying your videos lately. What your wore videos aren't my thing, you haven't been doing enough new released makeup. If your going to vlog make it worth watching. That said I do hope your having a fab time on your trip. I'm not a "kiss your ass" subscriber! I know what I like and don't like.

                                Marieke Snyman

                                  I’m happy with the idea of getting the newsletter on the first Monday of the month.

                                  You use to shoot a lot of videos where you did three looks with one pallet. Could you do that again every once in a while, please?

                                  Julia Ra

                                    just do a voiceover for the declutter with Anna, WE NEED TO SEE THE QUEEN AT WORK

                                    Esther Chow

                                      This is so exciting!! I haven’t been home for two years and can’t wait to see the Malaysia video! 😍

                                      Jade Lees

                                        Bali- Motel Mexicola is the best restaurant!! Shrimp Tacos and Great cocktails.

                                        Katie McG

                                          Bali is life changing and beautiful, you’ll want to go back! Don’t go near Bali swing, it’s over priced and owned by an Australian, but there’s actually a local option for a tiny fraction of the cost of you do wanna go, not sure if the name though! The rice fields are a must see after the temples and I know you love coffee so make sure to go to a coffee plantation too and drink Luwak coffee there (google it) basically a dog like animal eats the coffee beans at night and you drink the surprising amazing coffee that it poops out, it’s roasted so it’s not as filthy as it sounds 😂 we went to Santi Agro Wista, the animals weren’t caged there so it’s a nice option ☺️


                                            Vlogs and style/ outfit videos !! Love love love this look btw , gorgeous as always !


                                              If u like seeing old Temple you should definitely go to Siem Reap in Cambodia next time

                                              Jaisha. K

                                                Soooo dewey n pretttyyyy!!! Oooo love it


                                                  You have to hike up Mt Batur for the sunrise! Its sooooooooo beautiful!

                                                  Eram Khan

                                                    I am from india n i really love u😘😘

                                                    Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce

                                                      Lik3 :b

                                                      Wendy S.

                                                        Aww my dream to travel more 😍 can't wait for my babies to be a little bigger and we could all travel as a family 💕💕

                                                        Taylor Murdock

                                                          Not a temple or anything but my fave restaurant in the WORLD is Cafe Organic in Seminyak!! They have the best breakfast! Eggs/avo toast/smoothie bowls etc. Please check it out! The breakfast criminal was my fave thing on the menu and you have to try the taro cappuccino! Love your videos xx

                                                          Gea Mae Estacio

                                                            Hiii from Philippines 😍😍

                                                            Kate Bickham

                                                              i found you more recently, like within the past two months, and i have binged all of your videos!! You are so fun to watch and I love your makeup tips! love ya!

                                                              Jo Hartley

                                                                If you go to Ubud in Bali there's an amazing shop called Larka with stunning dresses and accessories! Enoy your trip! x

                                                                Shane Aniano

                                                                  Hello too from Asia!💖

                                                                  Nicole Martin

                                                                    Bali is amazing so many things do, Go to La favela and Ultimo Italian (restaurants in Seminyak). Bike ride through Ubud from Volcano down through villages is just beautiful and interesting. Also take a boat to nusa Lembongan such a pretty little island. There is also a facebook page called Bali Bogans, they have great advice and reviews etc . Good place to get some tips hope you enjoy it x

                                                                    McKenzie Lawson

                                                                      hey lady hope youre having fun!!!! i want your life!!!! 🙂 i personally would just love to see vlogs and snippets of what youre eating/seeing/doing! i havent traveled at all so i dont have any great suggestions but have a great time and share with us what you get up to! hope youre soakin up the sun i would def love to see some beach action and outfits and makeup and alla dat. love you!!!

                                                                      june lullaby

                                                                        I’m so happy finally you go to Bali😭😭😭😭😭. Everytime I see you traveling I always wish you’ll visit Bali or any other Indonesia tourist spot (and yesss i’m indonesian and really welcome you hereeeee) HAVE FUN LAN!!!!!!! HOPE YOU ENJOY INDONESIA❣️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💕💞💓💗💖


                                                                          Trying asian good sounds interesting! Greetings from Malaysia!


                                                                            tbh this video is the only video posted in my timezone lol

                                                                            I K

                                                                              Even though i watch Everything you post on ig, i would still love to see a travel vlog. And "warmer weather" outfits from you would be awasome ❤️

                                                                              Ashley Steele

                                                                                Love little updates like this, you bronzed beauty! I'd love to see more content that talks about:

                                                                                1) your wardrobe, maybe a weekly OOTD video,
                                                                                2) routines, literally any kind (workout, night, morning, weekdays),
                                                                                3) recipes you're loving,
                                                                                4) hauls (fashion, grocery, beauty, skincare, home goods),
                                                                                5) self love (what you do when you're feeling down/ how to maintain a positive attitude),
                                                                                6) and finally, day in the life videos!

                                                                                Passion For Fashion

                                                                                  You’re absolutely glowing in this vid! xx

                                                                                  latifah omar

                                                                                    Try uluwantu temple and pendawa beach. Stay at ubud, the best place to live in bali for the nature and laid back mood. Hope you're enjoying Asia.

                                                                                    Ava Ready

                                                                                      hope you guys are having an awesome trip! would love to see a whats in my bag video and more baking (cooking) with lan vids in da future please XOXOXO

                                                                                      Mali Brown

                                                                                        I’m from Australia so I have been to Bali LOADS. My recommendations are restaurants: Gado Gado (get the degustation) in Seminyak and kitchenette in Kuta for the best crepes ever. Enjoy 🙌

                                                                                        Chelsea W

                                                                                          I really enjoy the #lanmonthly My suggestion is the last day of every month. It seems kind of odd getting the February #lanmonthly in March

                                                                                          Lin Kelly

                                                                                            Taiwan has some of the best Asian food for sure and you won’t be disappointed!

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