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      I Try Self-Adhesive Eyelashes • Bizarre Beauty

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      Katie Waterway

        kudos to whoever edited this video… so much work done

        Nya’s vlogs


          Mackenzie Downs

            Try magnetic lashes!

            Laura Rizzotto

              Did anyone else spot Lindsey’s “HARRY 4 PRESIDENT” sign on 2:59? 😂💜

              Suzi C.

                Did you read the instructions? Just sayin’

                katharine hammond

                  Magnetic eyelashes something to try next lol

                  Mehar Sayeed


                    Johanna nö

                      Ok I like the video but it’s a bit over edited

                      Stealth Mobile Gaming

                        Is this channel still extremely feminist?

                        Olivia Rilatos

                          They look a little long maybe if you would have cut them shorter they wouldn't have fallen off

                          Medina Davis

                            I feel like I’d fail trying to apply these

                            mo oi

                              what‘s up with the editing?
                              a bit too much for me


                                I wanna see you wear fake dreads for a month lol

                                Grace Powell

                                  Whoever edited this deserves a raise 😂

                                  Darla Beese

                                    Adhesive lashes of never heard or seen anything like that

                                    amber edwards

                                      I think maybe if they had been trimmed a little off the end they might work a bit better xx


                                        But if this falls off in front of a boy, it could be the beginning of a meet cute.
                                        Life works just like movies, right?

                                        londahn parker

                                          Anybody else notice how people seemed to be picking at her a bit , I think she looked beautiful good be better application but overall pretty ✨

                                          Karissa Lee

                                            •put them on with tweezersss
                                            •dry the for 20-30 seconds, place in the center of the eye first, then in the inside corner of your eye, and then on the outside (i put them on in that order because the center is easiest to put on, the inside of the eye gets teary, which messed up the glue by making it not sticky anymore)
                                            •cut the eyelash to your specific eye shape, because if it isnt, it can look really wonky and it can poke inside your eye
                                            •if you have eyeliner on you, then after you put your lash on, put the eyeliner between your real lashes and the fake ones so that they can look more connected
                                            •alwayssss curl your lashes and put mascara on them because if you’re gonna have a voluminous fake eyelash and just regular, straight eyelashes, it’s not gonna look good
                                            •hopefully this can help all yall struggling to put on eyelashes!!

                                            S M

                                              How would you sanitize those? That’s my biggest question

                                              The idea itself- great. If they can last one week like normal lashes would be great

                                              Natalya Hansen

                                                Try magnetic lashes! There is a company called minky lash love or something similar that I’ve heard about but I’d be interested to see if they actually worked!!

                                                Tamsin Griffiths

                                                  should have cut them shorter bby

                                                  Mystic Avie

                                                    The magnetic lashes are the only fake lashes I've seen that look good when you do tgem yourself

                                                    Quinita Whitfield

                                                      I've used the one from eyelure and they dry so quickly that if you dont put them low enough on the first try you're screwed. I also dont think they're reusable

                                                      Alishba Rashad

                                                        Is it just me who has already tried some of these from eyelure 🤔?


                                                          try those magnetic lashes xD

                                                          flisha webb

                                                            Try the Magnetic liner eyelashes by moxielashes please

                                                            Ella 747

                                                              Harry 4 president lmao 3:40

                                                              Cora Tolsma

                                                                2:50 the other is also levitating, but on the end

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