I’M SHOCKED … at How Great this Looked 🤯

Main I’M SHOCKED … at How Great this Looked 🤯

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      I’M SHOCKED ... at How Great this Looked 🤯

      I can’t believe how amazing this turned out, I’m shocked! xo’s ~ Tati SAVE w/ HALO DISCOUNT BUNDLES 🥝 » » » …


        Your skin looks more amazing than usual today! I love

        Shara 0589

          What lashes are those they’re so pretty


            Your eyes were popping so much i love it

            Tracy Lea Beauty

              NYE with Tati! Happy New Year everyone! This will be a great year! My goal is to grow my channel! Love the eyes today! I would love that blue/purple shade! 🌺🌺🌺

              Tela Long

                this was really fun. plus i appreciate you were conscious of your hand mirror position. you are my absolute go to girl for the off beat…love it. your look was amazing. happy new decade. and much success. warmest. t


                  I love the rimmel 2 in 1. The blue one is so pretty

                  Juliana Rizo

                    Why do you put so much product at the beginning of your brow

                    Dave Jordan

                      I just realized I'm eating popcorn and watching Tati.. that's kind of a meme.

                      Alena Vikernes666

                        Tati looks amazing in eyeliner w big wings. Wow 😮😍

                        Aimee Jean

                          I was wondering can you do your top 10 best lashes please.

                          Susan Renee’

                            She has Dumbo ears …kinda shocked me! 🤭🐘

                            Sierra Frances

                              Love, I live in Seattle. I FEEEEEL YOU! Vanilla candles, warm cozy blankets, and a nice mani/pedi. Somebody wake me when it’s Summer again 🙃

                              Elle Diaz-Caamano

                                I loved your eye make up!!! The Rimmel product was so pretty!

                                hannah marie

                                  I wasn’t feeling this look but regardless I love watching you happy new year


                                    i dont like it …:(

                                    Tyffanee Lavely

                                      I love this look. 🙂

                                      Didi Pena

                                        When you see a difference in a comparison on camera with no zoom… that’s how you know

                                        Esme Murillo

                                          You’re so gorgeous Tati!! I love your recommendations and thoughts on any product. Love youuu 💕💫

                                          Elle C.

                                            Like the Rimmel product.

                                            Stacy Nelson

                                              Happy 2020!!!!

                                              Kaylene Renteria

                                                Lol “ we’re just having fun it’s ok if I doesn’t match… wait I need to balance the color of the lip with the color of the eye shadow” -_-

                                                Ann Staniford

                                                  ZOOM IN OH MY GOD

                                                  Cobbiant Miguel

                                                    I loved your makeup so much!!!

                                                    Lindsay Oberle

                                                      Would be awesome to see a video of your daytime/night time skincare routines!

                                                      Karyn Nash Collins

                                                        Can you do a makeup video for women over 50 please? I’m 55 now and I’m having a hard time finding the right powders, foundation, primer, eye shadows, etc… for myself now that my skin is aging. My Skin is oily, with a very dry nose now, large pores (from wearing camouflage grease on my face over the years…retired Army here!) and I have hooded green eyes and getting dark circles underneath. Please help, I need a change! I hope you see this message! Thank you in advance!


                                                          I absolutely LOVE the eyes. That liner/shadow is so pretty.

                                                          Lorinda Howard

                                                            The eyes are definitely my fav!!😍

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