It's NOT easy… dealing with Parental Pressures 😓

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      It's NOT easy... dealing with Parental Pressures 😓

      Hey guys! I’ve been thinking alot about growing up and dealing with parental pressures. I’d love to hear your thoughts on your experiences with parental …


        this made me cry, i related SO much with everything you said. i’m so happy for you, hope that i get to be able to fully live my life the way that i want without pushing my loved ones away, even though i know they only want the best for me. the traditions and expectations can just be too much sometimes and i fear that i’ll never be able to break away. thank you for sharing your story, karen 💞

        pickle jar sally

          The other day I told my mum the reason why hobbies she forced me in, careers and plans she made never stuck. It was because I was doing it to please her. Everything I did, things I considered and tried doing is for her. She said we had a good talk. But only time can tell if she did listen.

          Alex T

            As someone who is not certain she wants to marry or have kids, I feel so much societal pressure.. I have a boyfriend and I'm pretty sure he wants that family life. I feel so much pressure, because he'll probably have to leave me to have that life. And of course I don't want that.

            Moom in

              When I left Taiwan for the first time, my mom told me there is one thing I can never do in the United States — Tattoo. I'm fine with that bc I never think of getting one anyway. (I change my mind too fast so having a tattoo is not that appealing to me in the first place) But I totally understand why your family thinks that way and how it was difficult for you to explain to them.

              Moom in

                YES! I want the same thing. I don't really want to plan my wedding. hahaha I feel you.

                Anna Jiselle Ortiz

                  I relate so much with this. I absolutely LOVE these videos. I really appreciate you sharing your truth. Thank you. One thing i need to remember is to speak my truth. And speak out what i want in my life. I have this huge thing about feeling undeserving and like who am i to just ask, but i need to remind myself that with true intention my wants in life are well deserved and that i should go for it.

                  Ahliyah Michelle

                    she said you’re planning and paying for this wedding PERIODT™️🥂

                    Hilda Lie

                      I felt a relief by watching t above since I did nt get a seat in yr Hong Kong wedding; stay true n be open; yr angel Hilda’s prayer always w u; sb. U may forget n what we hv been thro in yr childhood; never mind n I do remember it


                        i feel like my destiny is to pursue music , it’s the only thing i think about and it’s also the thing that scares me the most .

                        kelly cardenas

                          my parental pressures still haunts me, I grew up jehovah witness they still are and i could never be myself.

                          Shalia McGirt

                            I love these heart to hearts <3 never be afraid to make more, i enjoy them a lot!

                            Anique T

                              Omg I hear ya. Mine wasn’t necessarily about marriage but more about achieving. My Japanese mother, love her, but I definitely did feel the pressure. She always wanted me to study and not slack off. I know she’s always wanted the best for me so I don’t hold it against her. I just give her a hard time nowadays (joking about strict asian mother). She’s also accepting of my tattoos and weird hair (since tattoos are still sort of taboo in Japan) so I greatly appreciate her accepting how I am.

                              Preferably Annie

                                I am currently in a relationship with someone that my parents, especially my mom, are completely against because of his occupation (he's a tattoo artist).
                                My mom and I recently had a heated argument about this to the point where she said to me, "if you dare move in with him or continue to see him, I will move back to China, retire, and then you won't have a home or a family to come back to."

                                My mom is the type to speak irrationally from raw emotions when she's angry and will throw empty threats, which used to scare me and hold me back from pursuing anything that I want in my life.
                                I'm at the point where if I stay at home, trying to keep my parents happy, then I'm going to break and my relationship will fall through.

                                This video reaffirms to me to, as cheesy as it sounds, follow my heart. I don't want to live my life in constant fear and in "what if" scenarios.
                                Thank you Karen for your heart-to-hearts <3

                                Demi Aquino

                                  OMG! So relatable !

                                  Pennda Arami

                                    As a first gen american from an African background I totally relate to this

                                    Yeji P

                                      i love videos like these karen!! plz make moe heart to hearts <3


                                        This video hit home wow

                                        Not Limited To

                                          It's so hard to follow your heart when you are financially dependent on your parents

                                          Phoebe Dowling

                                            I went to a Catholic primary school. I remember vividly a teacher saying to me “do you know what you need to do to have children?” I had to answer, so she finished saying, “you must get married” . That stuck with me for years until I released that wasn’t true, and the tradition that women must be married to MEAN something was in the back of my mind for a while. Now I’m going to become a filmmaker and create moving pieces of art, and I’m still waiting for my love to come around. But I am patient because I know my worth, and my time will come, as it always does. I am getting my exam results tomorrow, and I will do great as I tried my hardest.
                                            I am using the present tense to manifest and change my destiny like you said. Thank you so much for this video.

                                            Estephanya Perez

                                              Thank you for this heart to heart Karen. I can totally relate, you've got me crying here Karen but it good to know I'm not alone and that there is hope.

                                              Nika Weller

                                                When you said how it is worth if – to live outside your parents expectations, I genuinely started to cry. My caucasian family was making me believe how kids and marriage are so important, how that supposed to be my final goal in life. And I grew up so… different from them. Appreciating freedom, growth as a person, career and self-investment. A lot of times in my life I felt like I'm a failure just because I couldn't possibly resonate with their opinions. I'm still second-guessing when doing something that will bring me happiness, but won't be approved by my family. And it's a terrible feeling.


                                                  Thanks for this video 💕 by the way I love your room xx

                                                  Yep Its me

                                                    As an Asian American I really related because me and my parents are always not on the same page since we were born in different generations and tho I may not get pressured for marriage since I’m only in highschool but I definitely feel the pressure to not fuck up and to be a perfect daughter bring pride into our family be a doctor have a good job and just take care of them when I get older and it’s scary I don’t even know what I want to do with my life because I used to follow everything they said but since I broke away with not being basically in a way under their control I feel more confused than ever of who am I what is my purpose what am I meant to be in this universe and I don’t it feels amazing to not be the only one so thank you for making this such a safe space for me as well as the other Asian Americans who are struggling with the privilege of enjoying both cultures it is truly a curse and a blessing.

                                                    Egiya Kayy

                                                      these are my favorite type of videos i love from you

                                                      A Pena

                                                        This is amazing, thank you so much for making this. I'm always feeling like a disappointment, but i know i can do this!!


                                                          As a second-generation Pakistani American, I relate to this on a deep level. Thank you for making this video. It will make a lot of people feel less alone.

                                                          Prince Lemongrab

                                                            I’m 18 and going to be 19 next year, my grandma took custody of me at a very young age so I’ve lived with her my whole life and I feel like because of that I’ve never learned how to be independent. My grandma always babied me and never let me do things on my own and I never got to learn how to do teenage things like learning how to drive because she never learned, so at the age of 18 I’m just barely getting my drivers permit. I’ll be 20 in a couple years and I have nothing figured out and I really need some tips for living on my own, I still need a job but my anxiety stops me from getting one because I’m so clumsy I feel like I’m going to mess up. My family tells me I only have myself to blame but I just wish that I had someone older to teach me how to cook and live on my own and drive and everything there is to learn about being independent, I am currently under pressure from my family to move out and live on my own and get a job but I feel like there’s too much coming at me all at once. Please let me know what you think 💖 and any tips would be appreciated ☺️

                                                            Georgia Grs

                                                              i m glad i saw this today…

                                                              Lisa Chen

                                                                Pray for me if I marry someone whose not Chinese

                                                                brenna ann

                                                                  Just crying over here because I relate too much

                                                                  Magical Toyland

                                                                    ooh.. i can relate to this so much

                                                                    Yuria Hattori

                                                                      Thank you so much for making this video Karen. I’ve been struggling with the same issue for quite a while, and this video meant a lot to me. I’m a Japanese and my parental pressures are similar to yours. My parents, especially my dad wanted me to live in japan, get married and have “ordinary” life in japan. On the other hand, I went to Canada after high school and now at 22, I study business in France because i want to work abroad, make money on my own and live my life. The tattoo part was exactly same as what happened to me, since my dad got to know that I got tattoos( which I got them because I knew I wouldn’t work or live in japan ), he told me he’s really disappointed, he didn’t raise me in this way, and I’m failing my life. I’ve been struggling between I want to make them proud of me, but at the same time i want to live a life for myself. This video gave me a little relief. Thank you💜

                                                                      Shanna McLovin

                                                                        such a beautiful video but I garuntee she wouldn't have uploaded if it wasn't sponsored. 🙁

                                                                        Sanem BTSARMY

                                                                          I can really relate to you Im Turkish -German I grew up in Germany with the turkish and German culture My dad is like I will get you married with a nice turkish guy from turkey but I want to choose myself which nationality and guy im going to marry Or I really love to travel but my parents are like what if somethings happen to you the world is not a safe place even if i would go to the store next door it can always happen something bad I decided for myself that in the first Im going to do that what i want and im happy about im just scared to dissapoint my mom

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