Jawbreaker 🍭 Palette & Summer 2019 Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Main Jawbreaker 🍭 Palette & Summer 2019 Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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      Jawbreaker 🍭 Palette & Summer 2019 Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

      HEY EVERYONE… Summer will officially start when the Jawbreaker Collection by Jeffree Star Cosmetics launches on JUNE 21ST @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST.



        zeenat Ali

          I really love the way u speak 😄😄… Make expressions 😍😘..
          Wish culd see u infrnt of me n talking nonstop… Lv u 😘😘😘

          Generation Cube

            It's a he?


              Me: owns few makeup products


              Thegreat King4life

                Fuck this fuck dude not a girl a dude nigga lol fucking looking like crack hoe lol nigga more gay than gay lol

                WE HATE JAMES CHARLES

                  "I love Sucking Things…"

                  "I love When they are Hard…"

                  *The Reason why Jeffree didn't Want To Share NATES' Cock with James*

                  cherokee brock

                    I'm ssoooooo digging the green hair your fucking hoott 😍

                    Paige Swager

                      Okay this collection is everything !! You are doing the most 😩


                        me: I WANT AND NEED EM ALL!!
                        my bank account: no u dont.

                        Hippyish Slothplayer

                          Freeze tag is awesome

                          WE HATE JAMES CHARLES

                            Jeffree: I LoVe SuCkiNg tHiNgs….

                            *So Do James*

                            mai mago

                              Who wants Jeffree to release his foundation line so that the make-up community will be shocked


                                Omg, the big Jawbreaker palette is sooooo me. It pretty much has all my favorite colors with pastels and bright colors. I need that!


                                  Jeffree you the only positive one in the beauty community left. So happy you left that drama because this is how to beat them is being happy and doing what you love. Everyone is drowning in their drama accept for you.

                                  Vanessa Rubio

                                    as a mother I cant afford those prices

                                    i like Cheez

                                      No wonder this was on my trending🤔

                                      Angelique Perez

                                        Omg. I just got emotional in a kinda sad but also good way when you said what day your launch is going to be…. My grandma passed away on June 21st. And i got all "Aww" and turned to my boyfriend and said "Awww…. My grandma passed away on June 21st…. Now I feel obligated to get the palette to remember this iconic moment." And I mean that in the best way Jeffree. Not because Im sad. Im not sad because i remember the happiness of the memories with my grandma. And I absolutely love your makeup and wish that i didn't have a job that sucks!! They fuck up my pay so i never have money. Because if i got paid more often, i be broke because i would have one of everything of from your makeup like!! Lmaooooo. But you're the best Jeffree!! I'll definitely going to be buying that palette!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                        nokomis birmingham

                                          I wish there was a white/pink tracksuit w the jawbreaker "print" 🙁 would b s'cuteeeeeeeee

                                          Leilani Tennyson

                                            Love this collection! So colorful. But I would love to see a neutral palette from you. Would be my dream come true for my wedding look instead of the Natasha demons palette I was looking to get.


                                              Tf is that on your hands!?

                                              Liliath Luna

                                                You never stop surprising me. I FUCKING LOVE YOU💚💛🧡

                                                Alexis Veal

                                                  I need a go fund me for this launch😭

                                                  Arian Go

                                                    I love love love you jeffree keep shinin'! You're an inspiration! ~Love from Philippines🇵🇭

                                                    Edward M

                                                      Jeffree : Going to the movie theater and getting “freezes”

                                                      Me : ICEE ?

                                                      Kitty GachaLife

                                                        Girl or boy?

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