Makeup Storytime: Breakups and Moving on 💔 #shorts #carlibybel

Main Makeup Storytime: Breakups and Moving on 💔 #shorts #carlibybel

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    Carli Bybel
      Makeup Storytime: Breakups and Moving on 💔 #shorts #carlibybel

      Watch my video about breakups: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: …

      Jess Anuson

        I needed this, thank u

        Maria Gonzalez

          Are you picking out your eyebrows like you do your eyelashes? Pls let them grow out to how they used to be

          MoMo Ramirez

            I needed this so much today thank you goddess ❤🎉

            Yolanda M. Reyes


              J&K Mahesh

                So beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you

                0 O


                    No relationship or person will ever be perfect, especially if you have a fairytale idea of what a relationship is. You might as well stay with the guy who you made a baby with and give your child the best statistical outcome. I just worry that you are so successful and independent that no man will ever measure up in your eyes. I hope this doesn’t come out the wrong way, I’m just one opinion in a sea of millions, I’ve been watching you for over a decade , we are the same age , I’ve been through it all along with you . ❤


                      I can’t believe any men treated Carli like shits, you are so gorgeous and down to earth

                      Janet Guerrero

                        So true! I was in an abusive relationship for 13yrs and finally had the courage to leave. Enjoyed my single life for almost 5yrs and finally met my king when I was 34 years old. Ladies! we got this!! 💗

                        Rachael Grant

                          I was heartbroken that it didn't work out with her last ex they seemed so happy 💔, but obviously things go on behind the camera. Carlis amazing 👏 and it makes me feel less alone being in position I'm in…like everyone around me is getting married n having babies…I'm 34 and have spoken to a couple doctors as there are some signs I may be going through menopause…so just in limbo…single and no kids…which is OK but its scary to kinda have that choice taken away if that makes sense. Anyway thanks carli for being open n honest ❤xxxx


                            I needed this 🥺 I’m turning 30 this year and I feel so much pressure out of nowhere. I was so focused on my menthal issues, I didn’t even think that much about the future. But now it’s like hitting me. What if I want kids? How am I supposed to have them if I haven’t met “him” yet 😫 at the same time I’m trying so hard to be patient, trust the process and that everything is just how it’s supposed to be. Life’s just a crazy roller coaster 😂
                            I’ve been watching your videos since where you used to sit on the floor beside of your bed and do your makeup 🥹
                            Thanks for being such an amazing influence in my life and one of the biggest inspiration to keep going ❤️ so much love from Switzerland 🥰🥰

                            Akesha Chapa

                              Carli is… STUNNING❤

                              Sameerah Khan

                                My sweet Carli God is going to send you the most loving caring wholesome man one who will love ,protect,accept and give you all of your wants and desires ❤🤗

                                Alexandria Costa

                                  People used to judge my cousin for not settling down and having so many "failed" long-term relationships without them ending marriage, but she kept saying they just weren't the right people. She waited, met the love of her life in her 40s, got married, and they are happy, healthy, and stable. She didn't settle, and I love that. I'm 27, and I've been single for a few years following a 4-year toxic relationship, and I get all the "you'll never get married if you don't start dating" type of BS, but just ignore it. I'm vibing with myself, and if someone comes along that matches my energy and deserves me (and only then), I will consider marriage.

                                  Elle Bark

                                    It always gets better 💗 8 months out of another disaster relationship and at 39 I have finally decided enough is enough and I need to invest in me now so I don’t keep having the same outcome with different men who I end up leaving for similar toxic reasons… yes it doesn’t hurt anymore. I encourage anyone younger than we to get help sooner so you’re not nearly 40 and look back thinking shit I could have done this sooner! ❤


                                      I found my guy at 35. And I was really wondering if I will ever meet him.
                                      It will get better. You still have time. <3


                                        Thank you I needed this ❤❤

                                        Perla S.

                                          Thank you for sharing and motivating advice, it’s definitely better to be alone than in bad company.

                                          Annie Maycox MUA

                                            I love you Carli mama xxxx



                                              Ciria Espinosa

                                                I lover her she is always so honest and real

                                                Dixie Dandy

                                                  You need to meet a financially successful man. Not because of you it’s for him. He needs to be secure in every aspect of his life. Men are funny 😊

                                                  1000Sub With No Video

                                                    Carli never disappoints us, she's an incredible Content Creator and always creates masterpieces.Her content is amazing.


                                                      Carli I love you
                                                      But, I’m telling you sis. This hurt is never leaving😢 I just wanna wrap myself in it, and cry all day everyday

                                                      Ally Law

                                                        You’re an inspiration ❤❤❤

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