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      March Monthly Favorites • Nina and Chloe

      What were your faves from March? Distribution Notes: Benefit Cosmetics Cheekleaders Pink Squad Cheek Palette: …

      Melanie Saayman

        Congrats Nina . I am so happy for you guys and I wish you many more wonderful years together


          I need Nina’s make up routine!!! I also have dry skin and her skin be glowing ✨ yasss girl – give the deets. Lol

          swirly nina

            I’m shook I was stupid enough to thought me and my best friend was in a video when I saw the notifications xD


              Moreish is definitely a word or at least a thing

              Ali Bestler

                Next video: Nina’s engagement story, please. Congratulations!! 🍾🎈 💎

                Aria Kim

                  You guys should just quit buzzfeed and become youtubers lol

                  Boo Dat

                    ᴵ ⁿᵉᵉᵈ ˡᶦⁿᵏˢ ᵎᵎ

                    Mskk 2330


                      Kaitlyn Forget

                        Ok so Nina's fav clothes make me think of lilo from lilo and stitch and I'm living and I want ittttt

                        Beth Babski

                          Congratulations Nina!

                          Maya santella


                            Hollie Edwards

                              Is Chloe the only person they can get in their videos anymore 🙄


                                I want both snacks and that gingham shirt.

                                Clara Blaser

                                  If you think American cheese is weak, try Tillamook! We’re world renown and located in Oregon!

                                  Gina Garcia

                                    Look at Chloe rockin' her Jewelry subscription earrings, you go girl 😉

                                    Apryl Owen


                                      Echo Fritch

                                        Congrats Nina!

                                        scarlett evie

                                          nina makes me happy when she doesn’t argue with chloe about how she calls them crisps

                                          Alyssa Devito

                                            Who else thinks Nina looks like Alessia Cara?


                                            Just me?


                                            Larissa Nelson

                                              Lanolin is the same thing that a lot of women put on their nipples when they breastfeed. It's enzymes that help skin grow back and heal. That is why that's such a good hand cream, especially for eczema.

                                              Sydney Of Motunui

                                                Anyone else sick? *cough

                                                Eve Marianna

                                                  I eat the snack packs all the time. I even have them for breakfast sometimes.

                                                  Alexis Schurz

                                                    Awe congrats on getting engaged nina!! Chloe you're amazing as always ♥️😀

                                                    Audrey Marvin

                                                      ANY HOLOSEXUALS!|!?!?

                                                      Faith Bouchelle

                                                        Does anyone know where Chloe got her shirt? It’s really cute!


                                                          Nina's mom sounds like a powerhouse of a person.


                                                            I’m surprised she was happy that her hand cream was against animal testing but her favourite benefit face pallet tests on animals …

                                                            Amanda Taglieri

                                                              Why isn’t anyone asking why Nina‘s favorite accessory of the month isn’t her engagement ring?

                                                              Amanda B

                                                                Love this !!! 💖💖💖💖💖

                                                                〰 melly edits 〰

                                                                  Not so much comments

                                                                  Katalina Rocha

                                                                    The volume is a little low check your levels next time

                                                                    The Bearded Bat

                                                                      Damn it!!! I lost my chance at Nina!!!

                                                                      Chaunique Martinez


                                                                        Aimal Noor

                                                                          Nina cut her hair!!? Lovely 😍


                                                                            “Did anything good happen to you in March?”
                                                                            “Well, I didn’t get retrenched.”

                                                                            memes n stuff

                                                                              2.3k views and 51 comments in 40 minutes? Yikes,, this channel really fell off 💀💀

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