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    Carli Bybel

      hi my loves!!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far!! today I am back with my at home…

      Claudiaaa Pippy

        Your such a humble person😭❤️Your really out here giving us the best advice😊ilysm

        Jade Lexan

          I thought this was a WIG tutorial because you went from no hair to long a$$ hair😂😂😂

          Kimberly Ortiz

            When are you going to drop the workout routine though?? ❤️❤️

            Dara Lynn Hale

              Finally a great tanner at the drug store!!!

              Kylie Campos

                Where did you get your peony flowers behind you???

                cortney wessling

                  I looooo e bondi sands but this aero is horrible. Ive never been more blotchy as when i use that. But i love the ultra dark foam!

                  Naomi Elizabeth

                    I always buy that bondi sands mitt and then I get the ulta dupe for 1 hr express tan. It’s so flawless! I’ll have to try bondi at some point too!

                    lady k

                      Damn girl! That body! 🔥

                      and i oop-

                        I love your nose that’s random but it’s so nice


                          Do you still use Glo by Nicole?

                          Krystal Villanueva

                            Thank you Carli for this updated video. I always get nervous when it is not a foam and now that you showed me this video I’m going to order soon or go to Walgreens tomorrow. You are the best and you look gorgeous as always!

                            Victoria Aguirre

                              Closet tour plssss 😭😭

                              Maria Balasopoulou

                                I am the only one who thinks that when she close her eyes, she looks exactly like Kim?? 😝


                                  When trying to listen and watch Carli but so mesmerize by Chai. Lol

                                  Nicole Rawlings

                                    Just want to add another “you know you’re a fan when you’re black and still watch “ 😂 I’m weak at so many people commenting this . Love you Carli 💯

                                    Alex Orozco

                                      What is your favorite body moisturizer?? I’ve tried so many from Kiehl’s to Nivea but idk maybe it’s just me I just don’t feel like it stays and gets splotchy after a few days… I’m dying to try Bondi, I love my St Tropez but this looks so good on you!!

                                      Lorena Gavidia

                                        I feel so fat right now 😞. That body OMGGGGGGGG

                                        Nida Siddiqui

                                          do you use a Mic? I heard alot of echoing. Love the vid love you too!

                                          Jacqueline M

                                            The last time I used a self Tanner I looked like an oompa loompa…lol

                                            Molly Mae

                                              Lol my husband can’t stand the smell of self tanner 😂😂 he gags

                                              Sammie G

                                                My Walgreens doesn’t have it 🥺😭

                                                Hannah Johnston

                                                  i've tried every bondi sands tan and this one is the most shit you can leave it on for ages and the shite will all come off in the shower

                                                  Kartia 77

                                                    Aww your cat😍

                                                    Aida Babic

                                                      You’re so effing gorgeous

                                                      Ti Bui

                                                        Your nude shoe shelves are goals

                                                        Esther Perepechkin

                                                          The reason why I stopped fake tanning was because of those black dots on my legs! Thank goodness I’m not the only one😂Thanks for the tips, I will try it out again❤️

                                                          Aedan Orr

                                                            If you shave after tan it takes it off tho 😭😭

                                                            My life Over makeuo

                                                              So, when you go to bed after applying the tanner and rinse it off the next morning, does it get all over your sheets? Also, does the tan wash of the towels when you use the tan eraser? Thanks for the updated video!

                                                              Vanessa Lua

                                                                How can someone be THAT perfect! Sheeeshhhh you look amazing! <3

                                                                Sandra Abramova

                                                                  Hey carli!! Wanted to ask does the self tanner stain your bedsheets ?

                                                                  Samantha a.

                                                                    You resemble Jessica Lowndes!!! Both beautiful!

                                                                    Hmm Mmm

                                                                      I know it’s fashion to have underboob, but damn I want to fix it 😂

                                                                      Shannon Holly

                                                                        If you don’t shave prior, you’ll shave after and have to reapply sooner.

                                                                        B L

                                                                          I hide from the sun.. lol


                                                                            Post more on your cats ig!!!!!

                                                                            Melanie M

                                                                              Where do you get your eyelashes done?

                                                                              jess i

                                                                                why does she remind me of kylie jenner? i cant be the only one

                                                                                Kristy Current

                                                                                  Uhhh I could never sleep in self tanners I have to feel clean to sleep


                                                                                    Hi Carli, great video and your makeup looks beautiful in this video. A great look for you! xoLinda

                                                                                    Kayla Fabianna

                                                                                      You’re so gorgeous 😍 I’ve been looking for a self tanner for a while.


                                                                                        Didn’t hear a word you said.. was fixated on that piece of hair that kept falling on your shoulder! 😂

                                                                                        Stephanie Higgins


                                                                                          Monica Ferreras

                                                                                            Love you!!!

                                                                                            Tamera Sutton

                                                                                              Thank you so much for bringing up the black dots. I have been having this problem with it and I couldnt figure out what I was doing wrong. Thank you!! Love this product and think your amazing!!

                                                                                              Zina Haddow

                                                                                                You’re so hot wtf

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