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      My Calm Morning Routine 🌿

      Hi guys! I wanted to share my calm morning routine and how I relax at home to find inner peace and happiness. Hope you enjoy! This video is sponsored by …

      Htet Htet Lin Kyaw

        I have followed you for awhile back…and the change i see in you, I am so happy for you. You go girl <3

        Janiena Rhae Caluag

          I watch ur videos to relax, duh. 💗


            Oh my goodness this vid is so well made 💖❣️

            mayla Roll

              What is the name of the stipple brush you used.

              Afiqah Rozali

                I love you Karen! You’re my girl crush!

                Cinthia Varela

                  This video made me wanna shower 🚿 lol


                    i love these get ready videos lol

                    Hailey Cardenas

                      I love your videos they’re so good 💗

                      Sophie C

                        Where are those gorgeous pyjamas from?

                        Jonathan T

                          yay r u gonna do a taiwan travel vlog hehe the food is to die for

                          Steffy Rodriguez

                            you want bushy model brows? nothing works better than soap brows 😅

                            Caitlyn Dang

                              you copied jessica vu… exact same thumbnail and title and even the same emojis in the title wtf


                                If you want bushier brows use castor oil

                                Elizabeth Paredes

                                  Great video!! Really enjoyed it!! Xoxoxo❤❤💞💞💞

                                  Фатима Хабиахметова

                                    Asmr ♥️

                                    Jenuine Duo

                                      luv how she remained calm after finding out about her flight x)

                                      Sh P

                                        Sooo cute

                                        Sha -chan

                                          Actually washing your hair everyday is very bad for your skin , it remove the natural oil of your face

                                          just yaya

                                            people are like: how much of an angel
                                            and I'm like "don't call me angel"

                                            Harshee Beauty

                                              smoke a backwood :))

                                              Ellie Yergensen

                                                Love your video, makeup, and everything!! 😊💛🌸 would you be able to make a video on what body skincare you use or routine? Your legs were glowinggggg⭐️✨

                                                Sofia Nova

                                                  Such an angel


                                                    Looooved the video, very calming indeed 🥰
                                                    I'm btw a youtuber myself if someone cares <3

                                                    Harper Ashley

                                                      How calm you remain are when Leo tells you about the flight 😂 love it! I’m sure you were a little stressed still.

                                                      Melissa G.

                                                        So pretty

                                                        grey perry

                                                          To answer the final question at the end of the video: I'll be honest, I took my pill and listen to high volume of music

                                                          omg it’s mi

                                                            Pleaseeee do a video on how you edit your video like this, glowy and dreamy!

                                                            grey perry

                                                              Aesthetic Karen is what we here for


                                                                You have amazing skin ✨✨


                                                                  Her videos are so nice to watch!

                                                                  I’m also a small youtuber trying to hit 1,500 subs by the end of the month, and I would be so appreciative if you could check out my channel!

                                                                  Pretty Mango

                                                                    Omg <3 my angel 😇

                                                                    tracy tran

                                                                      this video is making me sleepy

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