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    All Things Adrienne
      My Night Time Rituals | Unwind with Me πŸŒ™

      ad Here are my favorite night time rituals that help me wind down, relax, and most importantly, get the essential vitamins my body needs for a good night’s sleep.

      All Things Adrienne

        What are some of your night time rituals?

        Sarah Graves

          Love this video!!! Would love to see a makeup tutorial for this look!! Love your hair too!


            Did you wash your hands?

            c.r. blei

              Adrienne has really made me realize the importance of self care throughout her series on YouTube. I am a young mom (22 y/o with two kids) who lives on schedules, none of which benefit me or allow me time to just be present and relax. But seeing her journey of healthy clean living, rituals, making time for Jesus and self care tips- it has given me the motivation and inspiration I've been missing. Thanks girl! xoxo

              Maria Zare

                is anyone else having issues with the link? trying to get my hands on those pjs!!!!

                Candace Jones

                  I really love this video. I’m learning that a nighttime wine down is essential. Been working on my routine by bathing, reading my bible, prayer, & journaling.

                  kika kiki

                    When your a mom you'll be to freaking tired to fill a whole tub, believe me a shower at the end of the day when the kids are a sleep is a blessing! And yess I am a girly female who loves candles, pj's en all those things but now a days im just too tired!! πŸ™ˆ

                    Breezy B

                      You should try Maca root for fertility and start taking prenatals before your pregnant, it helps to make the body a hospitable place for your little bean

                      Jay May

                        Where can I find Golden Girls episodes 😭??

                        Asha P

                          Adriana stop it, girl you know you go to bed with your make up on lol

                          LaToya Gilbert

                            Cute pajamas πŸ’

                            AChante Doucette

                              Growing up, my mom and I always went to sleep watching The Nanny.

                              Amy Collett

                                I love you but I DIED when you introduced us to your kettleπŸ˜‚ we in the UK all have kettles and hardly ever use β€œstove top” tea pots. I have never been to a British persons house that does not own a kettle! I love your innocence and how much you appreciate everything in your life including the small things ❀️

                                Cloudy Gray

                                  I can see you doing some meditation videos. Your meditation voice was soothing lol

                                  Patricia Kostantaras

                                    Who is this parrot??? I can't stand her voice…Oh Lord….

                                    Zayda Cortez

                                      Lmao the bath scene πŸ˜‚ cutie

                                      Juliet Eche

                                        Let’s see an updated everyday jewelry! I’m obsessed with you line and every time I watch your videos I’m like β€œwhich one is that?”


                                          i read lot of baby comments,(with is fine) but i believe that after this period of time you will be pregnant, God knows exactly what he is doing for each one of us, what if you would be pregnant atm it would stress you out and you probably would be super scared aswell ( i know i would be ) , watch after this whole world pandemic it will happen ,


                                            i need a steam machine swell

                                            Victoria J. Palmer

                                              Did anyone else catch the orb around 8:49/50 on this video? This was when she was talking about mediation and prayer. I felt it was like a really good omen.


                                                Hey Adrienne πŸ’–looking lovely girl! Just a quick FYI…when you get pregnant, be sure to STOP drinking the raspberry tea, especially near the end of your pregnancy. It's been known to cause premature labor….unless of course, you become "over due" and need labor to be brought on… Love your channel! 😘


                                                  Omg it would be so dope to do this live. Like a live meditation night routine or something.

                                                  Julio Rosario


                                                    Celine Bella Jean

                                                      her pajamas are so cute!!


                                                        Adrienne please tell me where that tea cup is from!?

                                                        Sonia Rodriguez

                                                          Love the Golden Girls . and my phone goes off at 8:00 pm ..that time for me

                                                          Solomia Laba

                                                            I truly hope that you are doing well, mind, body, and spirit!! I can't even explain how calming this was for me, I appreciate you continuing to make content. I find this nostalgic and soothing to watch your videos and you on the Real, I feel like I grew up with my cheetah sister and now I've grown to understand and vibe with you now in my 20s, thank you Adrienne!! All the love xoxo Solo

                                                            Vee In Progress

                                                              Love love you girlπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜˜


                                                                Are the tea mugs plastic or glass?

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