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    Allana Davison
      My Winter Weekend Morning Routine ❄️

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ Use the Promo Code: ALLANA for 20% OFF at (Limited time offer for 20%, afterwards you …


        Ok and I gotta try those protein pancakes ASAP! We need the recipe or box mix! Is it just me or does Allana's weekend morning routines (and life in general lmao) feel like a commercial? lmao I think it's the music but I say that in the best way possible, as in it looks like an absolute dream (like your skin care collection!!!). 

        btw, the way you pat in your skincare products looks so soothing omg. I live in LA yet I still obsess over your cold, dry, candaidian weather beauty/skin hacks because my dry skin is symptom of my autoimmune disease and is worsened by the medications that I take to treat it; which so I am fascinated how you remain so glowy with dry skin in the Canadian winter!

        Ginny Conrad

          love this!!!

          Jennifer Rogers

            I loved this video! (and everything you do)

            Emily Severeid-Geiss

              5 min makeup!!!

              Eden Grazia

                Updated 5 min makeup pleaseee 😗

                Lyz Reyes

                  Very unpopular opinion, but I'm not a fan of briogeo. I tried to the scalp scrub, but it definitely is not great for psoratic scalp. It opened all the wounds. 🙁 I've learned that Nioxin works better.

                  Starr Girl

                    U have the most beautiful skin

                    Tasmia Sheikh

                      EDITING AND VIDEOGRAPHY (AND AS USUAL YOU) ARE BOOOOMB. Blown away this was such a perfect Sunday video to watch (and rewatch lol). More vids – maybe recipe vids? – in this voiceover style pls 😍😍

                      Joanna Nica V

                        love your routine videos Lan!

                        jo_ v80

                          Weekend mornings are the best!

                          Melanie Inch

                            I want the recipe for the protein pancakes!!!!!

                            Gracie Vee


                              Nancy Navarro

                                Please share the protein pancake recipe! 💕

                                Amy Arenare

                                  I might have bought shampoo and conditioner after watching this. To be fair I was in the market for some new product.


                                    great quick video. loved it! I enjoy your "any" routines lol! these put me in a good mood. Now I need me some pancakes….next weekend! Hey Dejan stellar job as usual . xoxo guys


                                      Can you please do a full face Friday where you follow a Katie Jane Hughes makeup tutorial/routine?!?! It would be so amazing!

                                      Agatini Naya

                                        You're so beautiful Allana!


                                          Love the video! Where is your sweater from?

                                          Olga Faynshteyn

                                            Where is your sweater from!!!

                                            gina bobina

                                              That shower scene doe lol 🔥

                                              Transcendental Portal

                                                Your BF really has a knack for filming and editing.

                                                Alejandra Marmolejo

                                                  Oh I was missing this videos on your channel, yours are my fav to watch, love and blessings from an old suscriber from México Allana 💕

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