Nail Artists Guess The Cost Of Manicures • Part 2

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      Nail Artists Guess The Cost Of Manicures • Part 2

      “That’s like, such a shameful question in nail world!” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

      Bobbi Holmes

        I get acrylic and basic nail color nothing crazy and I pay $45 and that is it


          4:30 Is that HoLOooo


            The last one looks like Holosexual.


              That girl during 2:00 has a really huge diamond ring just saying

              Delia Vela

                Where are they getting their nails done because I got dip powder for $40 with acrylics and gel top coat in PALOS VERDES 🤦🏽‍♀️

                Pawnns Gg


                  Chyori Jang

                    $35 for acrylic is really cheap tho

                    Dusti Dunn

                      For just a gel polish on regular nails… these girls are paying too much

                      Destini Gray

                        Buggin Lmfaoooo I pay 45 for long n design and i leave in ny


                          Was that Holo Taco on the last girl?! 😍

                          Lauren Gaspar

                            In the Philippines its like less than 10 dollars

                            k khan

                              I have my own gel nail machine (same one they use in fancy salons) — ladies buy yourself your own machine, polishes & supplies…it'll cost over $200 but imagine how much you'll save in the long run!

                              Rachael McInnes

                                Is it always so expensive to get your nails done in America?! In the UK I pay £35 for full acrylics with gel and £20 for just gel.

                                Alice Kelly

                                  In scotland you can get a gel polish for £8!

                                  George Curious

                                    Maybe it’s because I live in NYC but I pay $80-90 for full length acrylic with gel. I WISH I could find a lower price. If anyone knows somewhere in Manhattan that’s less plz let me know tho🤣


                                      “Oh wowwwwww” translation “You got ripped off”

                                      Johannes Halberstadt

                                        Organic nail polish? Girl, you got ripped off! There is nothing organic about nail polish. It'a by definition a bunch of chemicals wirh pigment. Have you ever heard about organic car polish? It's the same thing.

                                        Johannes Halberstadt

                                          I think it wasn't clear to them, if they had to judge the price of only polish or polish and extensions, if there were any.

                                          Taunts_ Life

                                            bro.. i have like gel extensions and get intricate designs without tip its like $45. which is like great for what i get done. These girls are getting scammed


                                              I pay 15€ for gel manicure in my city and they last me for at least 25 days. Why are you paying so much money for manicure in the USA?

                                              Lydia Peacock

                                                Y’all forget these girls live in California. EVERYTHING is overpriced there die to socialist values trying to be implanted

                                                Charlotte bunbun

                                                  My acrylics cost £25 and they look so much nicer then some of these £30 for ombre


                                                    They should have an episode where the people do their own nails and the techs guess if its DIY or professional


                                                      I am a cali girl & I pay around 50 for my tips

                                                      100subs before February ends

                                                        Omg US looks really expensive!In most places in Europe you pay 20-25€ for a long sparkly full bling nails

                                                        Lea Tran Thanh

                                                          I mean that’s expensiiiive, I live in Vietnam acrylics are 20$ soooo yhh


                                                            Jesus the prices they pay make me consider going into the nail business.. I mean I already do my own and I enjoy it while saving $$$ 😅

                                                            Sip da RM’s Tea

                                                              Holo? Bish where

                                                              All the holosexuals will know that's not Holo WHERES THE RAINBOW

                                                              TD 2020 Panika Twist

                                                                TD 2020 Panika Twist



                                                                  Yall complaining about these prices like damn… in finland acrylics cost like 100€

                                                                  Selin Line

                                                                    Over here in Germany we pay like 30-40 € for a full set acrylics and most of us think even this is quite expensive 😂😂😂 I couldn't even imagine to pay that much for an boring gel manicure 😫

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