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    Allana Davison

      Thank you to BONLOOK for sponsoring a portion of this video! Use my code ALLANA20 to save $$$$ off of your purchase here: …


        I just bought creme colored jeans at H&M! They are a tiny bit culotte style but really cute! You should have a look at them 🙂 they are the straight ankle jeans in natural white

        Mar O

          For high-end trench coats I'd recommend Fay, and for high street ones Zara has recently launched some for spring that look amazing and are surprisingly super well made! Also, that silk blouse looks stunning! Sadly out of my budget but still stunning.

          Hannah Beckett

            Instead of totally limiting yourself to a spring capsule for 3 months, why not do the 10×10 challenge? I've been inspired by Lee Vosburgh (you might have heard of her blog, Style Bee) and she does these challenges where she picks 10 items from her wardrobe, and has to style those 10 items into 10 different looks over the span of 10 days. I've tried mini-runs of this and it's really encouraged me to think outside the box of how I put things together! She has tons of examples on her site of the kinds of pieces she pulls and how she assembles her outfits.

            More deets about 10×10 here on her blog if you're interested!

            Rebecca Cartier

              I feel like you and Anna are looking for the same pant


                I think Samantha Maria bought some cream coloured jeans from Topshop in her latest Haul. Go have a look!

                Joanna Steltmann

                  Speaking of the best trench coat – Burberry is a great investment! 🙂

                  Wanderlust _w

                    Love all these pieces! 😍 Big
                    📢 hell yeah!!! to the capsule wardrobe challenge 👏

                    Emilly Saunders

                      I bought that exact pair of pair of trousers from mango!


                        Vinegar would have probably removed the stains


                          Always dilute or melt the pod completely. I sometimes even grab it and squish it to speed it along once it’s wet. THEN after fully dissolved I add clothes. Don’t follow the company’s directions that you can throw it in together.

                          Lori Kaulback

                            I don't normally comment, but I wanted to say love your channel, especially the fashion videos so of course I'd love to see the Spring capsule wardrobe! Also love all those glasses. I need some reader glasses for work so I might get a pair of the Laurens which are super cute btw 🙂

                            Xander Chen

                              GO TO OAK AND FORT FOR PANTS!

                              Maddie Schmidt

                                I HATE tide pods! The first few times I used them I didn’t have a problem, but after a few washes they stopped bursting all the way. I would end up with a huge gel spot stuck to my clothes and I had to wash it out and it did stain a piece of my clothing once. It’s a different problem than you had, but I had to share my passionate hate for tide pods. I’m a strict believer in liquid detergent and liquid fabric softener.

                                Britte Vermeulen

                                  Don’t they have a cute trench at Zara? I feel like Zara has those, but not sure 🤔

                                  CLAIRE HEWITT

                                    The YouTube queen of capsule wardrobes is 'UseLess'.

                                    Nina Glorioso

                                      I always loved Anna Edit’s capsule wardrobe vlogs. But I started to enjoying your videos as well. Soo cool that you’re both friends. I’m curious how your capsule wardrobe will be like! Xoxo

                                      Ali V.

                                        Don’t hate me forever, but you can’t go past Maxmara and Burberry for amazing coats.
                                        Yes, they are $$$, but buying one that will last you a lifetime (and taking care of it) may actually prove cheaper than purchasing a million “almost right” pieces.

                                        Amber Nelson

                                          switch to a dye-free detergent. I use the "All" brand free and clear detergent. Not sure if it's available in Canada but a free and clear detergent will not stain your clothing.


                                            Lan how do you feel about Burberry trench coats? Definitely an investment but they last forever! ❤️

                                            Sierra Shepard

                                              Trench coat from Abercrombie and fitch is surprisingly my favorite coat ever. It’s the perfect color and material.

                                              Joanna Soriano Hahn

                                                TheAnnaEdit got me into Equipment silk shirts 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️💸💸💸
                                                But I don’t regret them because they’re amazing 😉
                                                P.S. Spring capsule wardrobe please!!!

                                                Jane Robertson

                                                  You should check out the Everlane straight leg pants! Just like the wide leg ones everyone is recommending but with more of a tapered leg!


                                                    -3 in April, wowowowow. (From Australia)


                                                      Yes to the Spring capsule wardrobe challenge!!! 🙏🙏🙌🏻🙌🏻

                                                      Kendall Magby

                                                        Love your videos!!❤️❤️


                                                          Yes to spring capsule wardrobe!!!

                                                          Abigail Haller

                                                            Girl where are you from in Canada? Cause in Alberta its been in the pluses for weeks!


                                                              have your linen garments dry cleaned….it is worth it

                                                              Sandy B

                                                                You have such great style!

                                                                Gigi Larsen

                                                                  I’ve been on a bit of a leopard binge lately & I just might have to order that blouse 💃🏼


                                                                    So jealous of your ShopBop partnership, Ulla Johnson is one of my favorites they make gorgeooooouuuss dresses!

                                                                    Vanessa Friesen

                                                                      Allana! Check out the Wilfred Tie-Front Pants from Aritzia! I love love love the style and fit (high waist, straight leg type of dealio) and they come in so many colours. They definitely have some light, creamy tan shades for your wearing pleasure

                                                                      Bri Hadley

                                                                        My clothes will stain with Tide Pods/blue colored liquid Tide if A) I don't use hot water on light colored items. or B) There's too many clothes in the wash & the pod can't swish around & dissolve completely. If you still have stain problems & prefer Tide their fragrance free, sensitive skin is a clear colored detergent. They also have a cold water, powder detergent that I've never had stain & saves me $$$, bc I don't have to use hot water every load. Hope this helps!! ❤️

                                                                        Siera Manro

                                                                          Why your not trying everything on?!

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