NEW Natasha Denona Palettes … Worth the $$$???! 💸

Main NEW Natasha Denona Palettes … Worth the $$$???! 💸

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    Allana Davison
      NEW Natasha Denona Palettes ... Worth the $$$???! 💸

      THANKS FOR WATCHING FAM LOVE U ❤ ——————————————————————————————— COME SAY HELLO! INSTAGRAM …

      Stefania Rahn

        just came across your channel you’re pretty and entertaining and a good makeup artist just subscribed xx

        Amber Barton

          I cracked up at your facial expression at 14:32 – I make that face so freakin much 😂 Annnnd Tom Ford is kinda a brilliant jerk haha. He comes out with the most beautiful stuff (better not discount this mascara TF!!). ❤️❤️ as always. Such for being such a beautiful positive soul and woman!


            What brush do you use to do the liner?

            Rebecca Mitchell

              amazing. you are stunning

              Monique Riverin

                Natasha Denona products are way too expensive for me !

                kodie schroeder

                  That eye look is my everything! 🧡


                    As someone who CANNOT DO WINGED LINER TO SAVE HER LIFE, I love your smokey looks

                    Wendy S.

                      Love the look 😍👌 yes I prefer a more wispy makeup look as well

                      Connie Benka

                        No more orange eye shadow how to. Seems redundant.

                        Daniela Lutea


                          Purple Water Lily

                            Is it worth it? Nope. That eyeshadow better apply itself, with a winged eyeliner… every day for the rest of my life, then I’ll consider it, for that amount of money.

                            Vicky Ch

                              Loccitane swatches!!!

                              Maggie W

                                ugh YE S love this look, seeing this and the look KJH did on Anna recently is making me wanna live the warm smokey eye life! Looking beaut and bronzed gal!!


                                  YES!! …Natasha, we really NEED more smaller, neutral/nude/bronzy glow palettes like Biba.
                                  Versatile every day shades in best formula, but without bankruptcy 😘😘

                                  Hannah Spring

                                    You bronzed beauty!! Would absolutely loooove to see a tutorial with the new Stila after hours palette too!

                                    Rebecca Elaine

                                      I’m (obviously) super pale, and with a light hand the Tan palette is still beautiful on me.

                                      Rosa María Vélez

                                        Awesome I wanted this so bad ❤️

                                        Natalie Bondurant

                                          LOVE the Vichy serum! I use it as a moisturizer (I live in a humid climate), but even when I was living in Toronto, it still worked beautifully! I also mix it into my foundation to sheer it out and give it a more dewy finish, and mixed with the Drunk Elephant bronzing drops as an everyday summer base!


                                            "I've never used like a cream base before" is it not just a cream bronzer?? How is it unique?

                                            Dexter L

                                              You look sickly.

                                              S Jones

                                                I think it's awesome that you're growing your hair out and not slapping in some extensions! Your hair looks great.

                                                Valeri Oliva

                                                  Is anyone else just struck dead by how beautiful she is

                                                  Rhianna Wagster

                                                    I use the Vichy first and then my Smasbox primerizer! SO hydration! haha Or just use the Vichy to sheer out foundation, thankyou Sssamantha for that tip <3

                                                    Kinza Husain

                                                      Wow. I’ve never even been tempted by any ND palettes and now I have both of these palettes in my cart 🤦‍♀️ you created a beautiful look— you so gorg

                                                      City Grave

                                                        I really don’t need another palette….
                                                        watches vide
                                                        I need that palette…..

                                                        حنان الحربي 11

                                                          So beautiful look😍😍❤️


                                                            Gorgeous look on you, Lan! I love the way you do your eye looks, it's similar to how I mine aka no winged liner, more of a glowy look. I currently don't own any ND products but that eyeshadow palette has me drooling.


                                                              Watched this video yesterday, bought the palette today😅 my wallet hates me but I love your videos😍

                                                              Kelsie McPhee

                                                                I tried a sample of the Vichy mineral 89 and the shoppers beauty consultant told me it made a lot of people who had facial hair issues grow hair faster because of all of the vitamins!! Just a heads up!!


                                                                  Loving the face palette! We have the same taste in mascaras too… so you may have talked me into the Tom Ford one! ❤️

                                                                  Holly Bentley

                                                                    Mad flashbacks to the yanny vs. laurel crisis of 2018

                                                                    Gracie Vee

                                                                      The bright shades look so good on you!

                                                                      Hope bukhamseen

                                                                        this is one of my fave looks from you. you look stunning in these colors

                                                                        Shannon Rolfes

                                                                          I bet the bronze and glow on the eyes would have been stunning. Complete bronze goddess!

                                                                          Kat Windjack

                                                                            So gorgeous! You make these colourful eye looks look so wearable!!

                                                                            Anastasia Ulyanitzkiy

                                                                              I say don't fix what ain't broken. I love the "red carpet" looks you do. It's more wearable, doable and flattering on my type of eye shape. I can definitely say that I started getting more compliments on my makeup (especially the eyeshadows) the moment I started using your technique. So thank you and please don't stop. Love this eye look as well, you look absolutely stunning 💕


                                                                                Using hyaluronic acid serums alone will dry out your face more

                                                                                Louise D-F

                                                                                  I want this babyyyyy

                                                                                  Fallingsnowflakes !

                                                                                    Biba palette in a smaller size like the Sunrise palette would be A+++!


                                                                                      You look like Cleopatra with the gold before you use the ridiculous expensive pallet. 😏


                                                                                        I just love watching any and all Allana videos!

                                                                                        Sara Lynch

                                                                                          3:53 😀 ♡♡♡

                                                                                          Nasia Georgakopoulou

                                                                                            AmaZing skin and the eyes are gorgeous kisses from Greece!!!

                                                                                            Lucía Ruibal

                                                                                              I don’t know if its worth the money but it looks GREAT on you 👍🏼

                                                                                              Erin Gassner

                                                                                                Natasha De Not in My Budget….<3

                                                                                                Amena B

                                                                                                  Literally ordered the tan palette while watching this!

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