POST-GYM ROUTINE 💦How To NOT Look Like A Puddle

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    Allana Davison



        i'm taking notes furiously so I can look as pretty and decent as you but funny thing is i don't go to the gym lmao, just watching because it's you!

        Shalane Carney

          You are so stunning you always look amazing 👌🏻🙌🏻

          Raya Bahian

            You look pretty as always

            Angela Turner

              I can’t with the hair…two days and four classes dirty? If you are already shower at the gym, and you dry your sweaty hair why not just shampoo??

              Gjejlane Berisa

                Can someone tell me where she bought the vase on 13:10? The white one? Soooo beautiful tell me lord🙏😭


                  do you think farsali spray is sticky ?


                    Living the philippines, i can’t NOT wash my hair everyday

                    Naya Apostolou

                      I'm obsessed with everyday May! But girl I have to comment on the lack of music, especially on the ffw bits… 🙄

                      P S

                        I really love waking up to your everyday may videeeeos! Best feeling ever 🙂


                          This is just a question, but doesn't your hair get a bit smelly from all the sweat?

                          Judith Cortada Solé

                            I hit pan on my Tantastic bronzer last week!!!! A year later👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

                            Tina Germanian

                              Love vlog style videos!

                              Anja654 __

                                You are soooo beautiful😍 love this simple nude look!

                                Faiza Khan


                                  Jenn Parga

                                    Will you do a give away with the Tom Ford mascara


                                      Ok, I need that lip combo! Did u mean 2c? That’s what comes up when I click the link. Or is 5c just not available anymore 😩
                                      I need the blush too! 😭

                                      Love the look!

                                      Klara from Switzerland

                                        Allana, can you try the new bare with me nyx tinted balm stuff?😻

                                        I K

                                          Doesn't your scalp start to itch after a few days of greasy hair? Whenever i try to postpone washing my hair, the itching drives me crazy :/

                                          Kai Binta

                                            you are just so pretty like damn

                                            Kaitlin Murphy

                                              Is the Pillow Talk blush very different to NARS Madly and Hourglass Brilliant Nude? If I'm buying another neutral blush I need to know if its slightly different haha 🙂

                                              Manal El

                                                Definitely needed this! I'm trying to go to the gym and get a good routine. Such a motivation!


                                                  I love your maniacal laugh when talking about your dirty hair/that no one would know 🤣 also I hope you’re using a heat protectant on your hair! I’m sure Armineh has got you, but just making sure since you didn’t mention it 💋


                                                    you are inspiring me to THINK about working out more lol…hey baby steps at least im considering it lol that's progress for my fat ass ha!

                                                    Annah Niram

                                                      Looking gorgeous as always. Loving your hair at the moment!

                                                      Victoria Gorena

                                                        Ok that hair trick is so awesome! I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of working out and as a fellow sweaty gal I will definitely be giving this a shot

                                                        Lauren Nicole

                                                          You are so gorgeous what the heck


                                                            don't forget the sunscreen girl!!

                                                            Handsome by Natasja

                                                              Wash your hair after class with only water! Put some conditioner in your ends, rins it out en blowdry it. Your hair feels so much better! You don’t use shampoo😉


                                                                After the gym I'm pretty much dead , but hey :))

                                                                Liv Inuk Oldenburg Lynge

                                                                  Haha I do the the blowdry trick post workout as well. I use cold air so I don’t kill my hair and it works fiine. In terms of mascara: I have been using the same mascara since 10th grade (I am now finishing my first year of grad school) and dabble with others but I always go back to the Max factor falselash effect waterproof. It is cheap, keeps a curl, volumizing and thickening. I love highend makeup and how luxorious it feels but that mascara is one thing I always stick to no matter what👌🏻

                                                                  Megan Belci /Just The Everyday

                                                                    just add SPF and ur killing it!

                                                                    Zizi from

                                                                      Give your Hair a breack Girl

                                                                      Shandraya Jones

                                                                        this is the best!! everyday may is my fav💕 I want to know if people are really getting the elf large stipple brush!??

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