Pregnancy 24 Weeks: Weight Gain, Boobs, Pregnant during Coronavirus 什

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      Pregnancy 24 Weeks: Weight Gain, Boobs, Pregnant during Coronavirus 什

      Did my boobs change? How many pounds have I gained so far? What has it been like being pregnant during coronavirus? I answer your questions about my …

      Natalies Outlet

        congrats on your pregnancy!!


          You look AMAZING!! ahh so happy for you

          Ann Capic繳a

            What is her name? Video please 歹

            ghah kamal

              i always notice pregnant mommies have extra glow from within. 歹

              Hydro Ponic

                I wish I was pregnant

                yoriko sundiam

                  this was so heartwarming to watch :< youre going to be an amazing mommy!!! <3

                  El Lee

                    i heard that you cant breast feed when you get breast implants?? i wonder how karen feels about this since i know some mothers want to breastfeed


                      Did you know swans can be gay?

                      dana gu

                        96 pounds?!?! I was like 12 when I was that weight 唐唐

                        Emily M

                          You are so cute pregnant and so happy it makes me so happy! Congratulations! I am due next month and I have definitely felt emotional with the coronavirus happening at the same time. But I am trying to see everything cup as half full since it took me two years to get pregnant and I want to cherish this time. So excited to see more updates!

                          Denise K.

                            you're radiant ! 朮 aww its so beautiful, you're bringing new life into the world 朮伐 congrats to you and your husband 朮

                            yeah hi

                              i would LOVE to see your yesstyle haul

                              Venus Ang

                                She is gonna be gorgeous!!!


                                  you definitely have the pregnancy glow! <3

                                  Shely Gurung

                                    you had me grinning through the whole vid!!! <3


                                      How have you been taking care of yourself during pregnancy? Besides little workouts, what is your diet? Or if you take vitamins.


                                        How tall are you?

                                        Stacy Tan

                                          Hi Karen, you are such a positive person I have a serious question that I wish to ask for your opinion. I really would like to hear from you. But I do not want to comment it publicly. This is the first time I comment a person in YouTube. I do not know how should I go about it. Thank you!

                                          Tired Tuna

                                            Im so glad this pregnancy is going well for you!!! Im so scared to have a baby in the future because my mum had pretty rough ones

                                            Gabriela Nunez

                                              I love you Im so happy for you 弘弘


                                                Stay healthy and stay safe 歹歹歹

                                                Marissa Holguin

                                                  This is so amazing! Cant wait to see the lil bebe girl 朮歹

                                                  Beth L

                                                    I am just so happy for you.

                                                    talibah guilford

                                                      Congratulations honey


                                                        YAAAAY hi karen!


                                                          I LOVE YOU, cant wait for the beautiful baby!

                                                          50_shades _brighter

                                                            Im so happy for you!!


                                                              Youre glowing <3

                                                              Genisis Garrido

                                                                congrats 戊弘

                                                                Genisis Garrido

                                                                  congrats 戊弘

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